Introducing Bubby Jackson

Wanna Know from Bubby Jackson This artist sent me an email with a few tracks to sample from his recent release.  I think it some good music and suggest that listeners here check it out.  But first a little about Bubby, from his bio:   My name is Bubby Jackson. I’m a guitar player and […]

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Symfinity – Growing Younger Video

Good News from a Great Band Symfinity is one of the many bands we actively follow here at Indie Nation.  The reason is simple, this symphonic rock group just great. Just check it out. You can find out more about this awesome band, and get their music at: Facebook Reverb Nation Twitter MySpace YouTube […]

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The Colored Parade

The Colored Parade - … And the Walls of the City Will Shake As usual I am way behind on my album reviews. My inbox is overflowing.  Artists and agents please be patient, I am listening and typing as fast as I can. Today, I am pleased to introduce you to The Colored Parade.  The album … […]

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Cobary Jam

A Hard Hitting Rock Band One of the problems I have is that I get far too many emails with music submissions to review all of them…  All I can do is try.

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Melvoy – Irrelevant Elephant

Introducing Melvoy – A Great Mix of Sound I am on my third full listen of Melvoy’s new album.  I am as pleased with it as I was on the first listen.  The music is a nice blend of surf, rock, and Latin.  The music and vocals are wonderfully solid and full.  The work is well […]

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Phil Johnson is Doing a Podcast!

Being Blackbeard A Podcast about Crossbones I am not into Crossbones at all.  That said, I doubt I will be much into this podcast. However, I have e-known Phil Johnson for years.  I am certain that this is going to be a great podcast. He is a talented man and a professional performer.  Add to it, he […]

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Eternally Dizzy

Introducing Eternally Dizzy, A Powerful Trio I don’t know much about this new band from Columbus, Ohio. What I do know is that I like what I hear very much.  I first heard of this band over at Record, Rewind, Play.  I checked out what they had to offer over at Bandcamp and liked the 90s […]

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Tony Memmel “Lord Knows We’ve Got Time” – New Video

Great Song, Great Video, and a Source of Inspiration First off, kudos to @SeriouslySheila for bringing this artist to our attention.  Second, get a hold of us Sheila we would like to hear more from this talented artist.  Sheila sent us a tweet asking us to re-tweet this artist’s video.  After checking it out, we decided […]

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Press Release – EGrooves Vol. 1

An Album to Promote the Music of Africa Most people are barely aware or completely unaware of African music.  I honestly wonder how many people actually know which instruments commonly attributed to Spanish and Cuban music are in fact African in origin.  This is why I was glad to get the following press release in […]

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Skinny Bitches

From Toronto, Skinny Bitches I don’t know much about this band.  I never heard of them before they contacted us.  However, I am damn glad they contacted us.

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A Hulk Hand Rap?

Especially with the Internet, There is Something Out There for Everyone I found this via io9… Be warned it may not be safe for work.

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