Skynet,, Microsoft does it again.

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Image by Getty Images via @daylife

The acquisition of  technology from another company is typical for Microsoft.  Yes Skype for $8.5 billion USD, has become a Microsoft product.  There have been rumors for months that Skype was up for sale, or being ‘acquired’ by the likes of Google or Facebook.  Yet this ‘land snatch’ was on Microsoft’s side.

Does this mean Skype will be seen on Xbox live, replace MSN Messenger, will IT be a .net product, because that could only mane or, after the self aware computer network talked up in the Terminator movies.  If you remember these computers became aware that humans were a threat to its ‘network’ and we became the hunted.  Hope this isn’t the case with Skype.  I surly hope that this product becomes better, but at the same time is NOT tightly integrated  into the Microsoft products like Windows, and Xbox live.

This could be both good and bad for users of skype like me.  One of the benefits of Skype is it is free for computer to computer, and very cost effective for calls to regular phone (under $3 US) a month.  However I still worry that it could grow beyond the capabilities  of the Skype network.

Thank heavens we are beyond August 29, 1997 and isn’t aware, or is it?