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It was previously reported that the recording industry (RIAA or Racketeering Idiots Association of Absurdity) was not going to give any of the money awarded in the recent LimeWire settlement to the artists.  The story at The Huffington Post referenced a post at Torrent Freak and reading it today it reminds me of the news re-writes in 1984.  Strangely the Huffinton Post now claims that the Torrent Freak article was incorrect.  The original Torrent Freak article reads:

RIAA spokesman Jonathan Lamy previously told TorrentFreak that the ‘damages’ accrued from piracy-related lawsuits will not go to any of the artists, but towards funding more anti-piracy campaigns. “Any funds recouped are re-invested into our ongoing education and anti-piracy programs,” he said.

Hmmm…. seems like a pretty clear to me.  Based on the track record of the RIAA have any artist actually received anything from these lawsuits?  Remember they announced the end of the “sue em all” campaign?  Now if they announced the end of it, why do they need to “re-invest” any of the settlement money?  It seems that what he previously said was taken out of context… Or is it just being re-written?

An article over a TechDirt breaks the news, Jonathan Lamy claims that above quote was used out of context and is not an accurate report of this particular settlement.  In this authors opinion, I would trust any statement from this organization of litigation about as much as a hug from Judas.  In a related news story, it is reported the the RIAA boss, is hit so hard by this industry dieing due to new technology  is only able to earn a paltry 3 million per year.

This author wishes that they would just get with the new media order, give up on the lawsuits, spend some money on objective market research and give the fans what they want.  I am sorry, we want downloads and not CDs.  I still say assert your independence, support the independent artists and new media order by sticking us your ears.  Lets close with “Independence Day” (the clean podcast version)  by Jesta.

You can find Jesta at Mevio’s Music Alley, and (currently offering 2 free downloads at his site).  Jesta seems to be on almost every social an music network there is, check out his links page for more information. His music can be purchased at Amazon, Jesta and elsewhere.

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