2012.02.20 -Monday Night Tech Net News and Opinion – Episode 10

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2012.02.20 -Monday Night Tech Net News and Opinion – Episode 10

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We started off tonight with some music from Sick of Sarah that was, recorded live at The Pirates Cove in Ohio.

  • Kick Back
  • Over Exposed
  • Hello, Good Morning (Sent out to Lumpy)

You can find Sick of Sarah at:
Sick Of Sarah.com

We started the news with a, article from Arstechnica.com

Future Chrome Version May Choose Your Passwords, and Change Them when You’ve Been Hacked

In a story from Ars Technia.com they report that in a future release of Chrome users will be able to generate passwords and change them if you’ve been hacked. You will be able to create and change the passwords on a site by site basis, but, they are looking to create a system where the user will be able to change all of their passwords at once. Currently Google is looking for a way to “authenticate to the browser to enable this feature”.

We have some more news from Cnet.com

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Google Public Dns Prevails as the World’s Largest Service

According to cnet.com Google’s Public DNS service is handling more than 70 billion DNS request per day. This makes it the largest public DNS service on earth according to Google. Their Public DNS service was, launched in December of 2009 in order to encourage a faster Internet experience to users of the service. Google has also expanded their servers to new countries such as Australia, India, Japan, and Nigeria.

We played some music by Nigel Passey From his new EP The Lights, The Sound and The People

  • Change
  • Don’t Run
  • Pick up the pieces

You can find Nigel Passey at:

We had another news story from Arstechnica.com

Anonymous Antisec Hackers Break into and Bring Down Ftc Website

In this story from Arstechnica they report that members of Anonymous’s “Antisec” have attacked the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection website server. They were able to hack into the server and deface the sites that are, hosted on it. The members of Anonymous posted a log from the hack to pastebin.com and it shows the server’s directories, user account names, encrypted passwords, and the MySQL databases. In an announcement, from Anonymous they state “if ACTA is,signed by all participating negotiating countries… We will systematically knock all evil corporations and governments off of the Internet”.

Our next news story tonight was from Arstechnica.com

Malicious Backdoor in Open-source Messaging Apps Not Spotted for 3 Months

Arstechnica.com has reported that a backdoor has been found in the Horde Groupware and Webmail application. The malicious code has been in the Horde version 3.3.12 product, Horde Groupware 1.2.10, and Horde Groupware Webmail 1.2.10 for the past 3 months. It allowed hackers to run remote commands on the server. Horde says that the releases were altered, after unidentified hackers breached the FTP server that was used, to distribute the installation packages.

We had another news segment from Arstechnica.com

High Orbits and Slowlorised: understanding the Anonymous attack tools

In another story from arstechnica.com they discuss how Anonymous is staying away from their product known as Low Orbit Ion Cannon and are starting to use a new product names High Orbit Ion Cannon. The Low Orbit Ion Cannon or L.O.I.C. was a website and the new H.O.I.C. is an actual application. The main power of H.O.I.C. is that it can be, customized for each attack target easily using their simple GUI.

We moved on to some music by Jamie Gray from his new EP Anywhere

  • With you
  • Everytime you fall
  • On A Sunny Day

You can find Jamie Gray at:
Reverb Nation

We then moved to a news story from Arstechnica.com

Takedowns Run Amok? the Strange Secret Service/Godaddy Assault on Jotform

A popular site named JotForm was taken, down recently by the US Secret Service without any warning. The site became unreachable which made over two million user-created forms unusable. Customers blasted the site and many cancelled their subscriptions. Many commenters blame the company for using GoDaddy and are now on NameCheap and Hover. The Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary has tools Ars Technica that they are launching and internal investigation to verify that proper procedures were, followed.

Then we had another article from Cnet.com

Verizon Turns on 4g Lte in Five New Cities

On January 19th Verizon customers in 5 U.S. cities will have access to their 4G network. The nations largest LTE carrier has added service in Glen Falls and Utica New York, Lawton Oklahoma, Brownsville and McAllen Texas. Also Spokane, Atlanta, and Houston will see expanded service. Verizon’s LTE blankets more than 200 million users in 195 markets. Verizon is on track to complete its 4G rollout by the end of 2013

We played some music by Boggie

  • Cheesecake Blues
  • Crosscut and Saw Blues
  • East Chicago Blues
  • Snatch It and Hold It Blues

You can find Boggie at:
Mevio’s Music Alley
And next we covered a, article from Cnet.com

Hot Nanotubes Blast Chemo-resistant Cancer Cells into Oblivion

Cnet.com has an encouraging article about nanotubes and using them to blast chemo resistant cancer cells. This particularly diffuclt to control breed called Cancer Stem Cells are difficult to kill because the divide so slowly.Cancer drugs have been proven to, be ineffective and they are also resistant to heat therapies. Tests of nanotubes being injected into tumors and then being exposed to laser light for 30 seconds from outside the body have shown promising results. This causes the nanotubes to vibrate and create heat which stop the growth of the cancer stem cells.

Our next news article was from Centives.net

How Much Would It Cost to Build the Death Star?

On a lighter note some geeks have taken the time to calculate how much it would cost to build an actual Death Star. They modeled warship. According to calculations it would take 833,315 years to produce the amount of steel and the final cost would be 852 quadrillion American dollars at 2012 prices. Their would be 13,000 times the current world’s GDP. I would not expect to see a Death Star being built, in the near future.
Our last news tonight was from Cnet.com

Online Role-playing Can Zap Marital Happiness, Survey Finds

Researchers have found that gaming has an effect on marital satisfaction. Among couples that were willing to, be studied, researchers found the biggest problem when gaming enters a relationship is not so much the time spent, but the arguments resulting from the disrupted bedtime routines and the lost time spent doing activities or engaging in serious conversation.

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