2012.04.05 – Stupid As Charged Episode 0012

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Stupid As Charged Episode 012

Bardus est ut Bardus Does

This week’s “Stupid As Charged” consists of three stories which all share the theme of stupid, dumb, strange, weird or in some other manner are worthy of a dunce cap rating. In particular this episode; a dumb mother driver, what NOT to take to court and, last but not least, how NOT to pay for your warrant.

Mother of the Year or Driver of the Year?

A sign that states "No Texting While Driv...

A sign that states "No Texting While Driving" in West University Place, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, this one is just too much for a paragraph… a bullet list about a mother and driver, Shawndeeia Bowen, a mother of six, according to The Consumerist, did the following while driving down the highway:

  • Child number one, in the back seat with no seat belt
  • Also in the back seat, also unstrapped, child number two
  • On wonder mom’s lap, a one year old
  • In mom’s hand a cell phone for texting
  • Not in mom’s possession, a valid driver’s license seems it was suspended
  • According to the news video, on mom’s record nine traffic citations
  • Also according to the video, the mother has had her children taken from her before

While drafting this article, I was not sure how to spell her name so I Googled for some other sources and, oddly, I found an article at a Fox news station. Ironically, the photo at that article shows that mom is wearing a seat belt!  The same article also states:

The citations include: not having insurance, not wearing a seat belt, not having a valid driver’s license, driving with a missing license plate, not obeying traffic signals, not using child restraints, having defective lights and having a defective windshield or rear window.

Bowen has been in two car accidents, was cited several times for driving with a suspended license and failed to appear in court nine times.

Wonder Mom is being held on 130,000 dollars bail.  Also, sticking with irony, this is “Distracted Driver Month” in the state of California where she was busted.  My only question is, did the police check the trunk for the other 3 of the 6 kids?
This story won the five Dunce meter award with 2 votes.

It Won't Go Any Higher!!!




Let’s close this one with a song from Project Sisyphus.

  • OMG

You can find them at:


Tawanya Rabb Picked wrong place to try to pay with funny money

According to the Houston Press, the 26 year old woman had a traffic warrant. So, on Monday afternoon, she walked up to the pay window inside municipal courthouse, dug deep in her purse, pulled out a wad of bills, and handed them over to the clerk. Unfortunately, police say, several of the $20 bills she attempted to pay her fine with were crude, obvious fakes. The clerk could tell at a glance that the bills were bogus and pretended nothing was amiss while she secretly summoned police to come get her. Rabb was arrested at the window and charged with forgery of a commercial instrument, which could net her two to ten years in prison. And she still has that warrant to deal with.
This story won the four Dunce meter award with 2 votes.

And we went with this song by Rob Balder.

  • Crazy Me

You can find Rob at:



Don’t Take Your Drugs To Court, Son.

It’s probably good advice to just empty your pockets before taking a trip into a court room building, rather than waiting until you get to the metal detector, emptying your pockets into a tray, and risking having to go back through because of something you forgot to leave in the basket. I try to just make sure I’m not carrying anything. It just makes it easier. Not everybody takes that advice, according to an article over on trutv.com’s blog. The article states that:

When visitors go the courthouse in St. Lucie, FL they must surrender their personal items for inspection.

Clinton J. Gordon, pictured, went to the courthouse Tuesday and surprised the security checkpoint guard by allegedly placing his marijuana pipe in the tray.

This story won the four Dunce meter award with 2 votes.

We ended the story with a song from by Moneyshot Cosmonauts.

  • Hookin For Drugs In All The Wrong Places

You can find the Moneyshot Cosmonauts at:

Background music provided by Gavin Salkeld. Gavin is kind enough and with the new media order well enough to offer Indie Nation with all it’s background music for IDs, themes and promos. You can find out more about Gavin and his music at Salkeld Music.
The song “Stupid as Charged” is by Carrie Dahbny (also check out Bad Rapport) and Devo Spice (also at The FuMP) of The FuMP which is short for Funny Music Project. Also, many of the artists we feature on Indie Nation can be found at Mevio’s Music Alley.

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