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2012.04.23 – Monday Night Tech Net News and Opinion

Hello Indienation listeners join us as Brian, Lumpy, OmniDragon and Cleta bring you tonight’s Tech Net news and Opinion and as always Knowles217 joins us in Teamspeak. Tonight’s news consists of Tech, Copyright, Hacking and Prize worthty news. As always you can find us over on in #indienation you can join us there.

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Tech Net News

From Arstechnica:

Android Keystroke Logger Hack

Computer scientists have devised an attack that logs phone numbers, Social Security IDs, and personal identification numbers entered into smartphones by monitoring the devices’ integrated motion sensors. TapLogger, as their proof-of-concept application for phones running Google’s Android operating system is called, masquerades as a benign game that challenges the end user to identify identical icons from a collection of similar-looking images. In the background, the trojan monitors readings returned by the phone’s built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, and orientation sensors to infer phone numbers and other digits entered into the device. This then surreptitiously uploads them to a computer under the control of the attackers.

From Cnet:

The “Mann”, the Ultimate Domain Speculator

According to Mann he is not greedy he just wants to own the world he buys new Dot-com names
that aren’t registered evening though over 100 million plus already are then he sells them for
a few hundred bucks sometimes lots more he first started his dot-com buy and sell early in the
late 90’s he has owned his own domain businesses through the years and had great success then sold them and moved to bigger investments he said he does a lot of the work personally but has a filter that looks for keywords and machines that take over and buy the domains.

From Lifehacker:

iPhone Unlocker

iOS (Jailbroken): Getting your iphone unlocked and taking it to another carrier has always been quite easy but wasn’t always foolproof and didn’t always work on some models but now there is a new jailbreak tool called SAM that makes unlocking easy to do on any iPhone model that is capable of running iOS 5 regardless of the baseband. The process is a little more complicated and you need a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 5 or newer. It’s not for the novice user but if you have an iphone you you need to unlock and the older unlock utilities didn’t support your
baseband or your model, SAM is worth a try.

From Arstechnica:

Adobe Cloud Suite

Adobe is redoing its pricing strategy with the launch of Adobe Creative Cloud and the CS6 software suite. The Creative Cloud -priced at $50 per month on a yearly subscription, or $75 month-to-month—offers unfettered access to all 14 of Adobe’s new CS6 applications. Adobe had started a subscription service last year when it offered versions of CS5.5 however, the company has opted against tiered pricing, and is offering the entire CS6 suite for more than half the price. Some individual apps, however, such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro, can still be licensed for $19.99 per month on a one-year contract.

Then we played Idiots On Parade by American Heartbreak

Copyright, or Maybe Better Said, Copywrong News

From Techdirt:

UltraViolet Code Not to Be Sold

You have probably heard many times about one of Hollywood’s latest attempts at adapting to the modern digital age, Ultraviolet but Unfortunately this service is not well liked by people who have tried to use it. So what should someone do with all these unwanted free Ultraviolet codes that come in movie combo packs? Well one consumer decided he was going to sell his on Ebay but Unfortunately for him, eBay flagged his auction as copyright infringement and threatened his account if he listed it again but that was confusing to him as he was the legal owner of the code.

From Techdirt:

Download Links are Illegal

Dropbox has the ability to share stuff in your Dropbox with a link which this is very common and quite usefull for file sharing But, this is part of the reason that Megaupload was accused of criminal conspiracy. The fact that Megaupload did not provide a “search” feature to find all the content in its cloud, but merely let people link in that was seen as a way to “hide” the fact that infringing material was available. This update quoted from the article

Update: As some have pointed out in the comments, the specific feature is more about viewing content via the link, not downloading. Sorry, we should have been clearer. However, again, this fits with the Megavideo style offering of providing access to content without necessarily downloading it. Still appears to be exactly the part that so concerned the Justice Dept…

From Techdirt:

MegaUpload be Problematic Case to Proceed with

The ever so growing number of mistakes by law enforcement in the Megaupload case the latest one being a big mistake. The US judge on the domestic part of the trial he has noted that the mistake may mean the trail never actually moves forward. US officials never served Megaupload and you have to actually serve criminal charges but that never happened and due to some specifics, the concern is that Megaupload can’t actually be served as a foreign company this case seems to be full of “Errors”.

From Arstechnica:

GEMA Wants Google to do More

The courts ruled on Friday that Google, YouTube’s corporate parent, will need to prevent users from re-posting flagged copyrighted material without express consent. The ruling states that once a post on YouTube has been flagged the company must montior to make sure no more copyright infringement occurs. GEMA, which represents the interests of over 64,000 composers, lyricists and music publishers in Germany alone, and over two million rights owners globally, is one of the largest such organisations in the world. This suit was filed over 2 years ago by GEMA and could have implications not only for Google, but also for other websites that publish music, videos, and other content online in Europe, and possibly around the world. There was a update on the article

Update: The post language has been clarified to note that Google has no duty to determine copyright infringement on its own; only after a video is flagged by a rights-holder must Google take action to prevent repeated uploads.

We played Untethered by Gabriel Redding

Hacker News

From Arstechnica:


The well known Hacker group Anonymous and People’s Liberation Front have created a data-sharing site called AnonPaste that will host paste of codes and other messages without any moderation or censorship of what is posted. The site uses free .tk web address, allows users to set a time for the paste to expire and they claim that data is encrypted and decrypted in the browser using 256 bit AES, so the server doesn’t see any of the information included in the paste. They launched AnonPaste as an alternative to the popular code-sharing site Pastebin. The owner of Pastebin isn’t worried about the popularity of his own site with an ever climbing growth in users.

From Arstechnica:

Malicious Android Apps

More malicious andriod apps have shown up and had to be removed by Google there were 15 that had to be removed this time. The apps reported here McAfee They masqueraded as video players offering trailers of Android games and anime content but in the background were stealing the phone number and a unique identifier of the infected device. This makes the second time Google has had problems with Malicious Android Apps the apps this time had been downloaded 70,000 times according to McAfee Japanese researchers appear to have been the first to uncover the malicious apps.

From Cnet:

Anonymous Hacks Telecomm Companies

Anonymous has certainly been busy as of late First China, now the telecom and tech industry. The group has claimed responsibility for leading denial-of-service attacks on two technology trade association Web sites USTelecom and TechAmerica, users were unable to log into the sites. The legislation that Anonymous is opposed to is a bipartisan bill referred to as the Rogers-Ruppersberger Cyber Security Bill.

From Arstechnica:

Central Database for Stolen Phones

Major US wireless providers—Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile—are joining forces with the US government in an effort to combat phone theft. The Wall Street Journal reports the wireless companies will build and maintain a centralised database to track phones reported as lost or stolen. Phones on the list will then be denied voice and data service. Ideally, this makes the stolen phone virtually useless and drastically reduces resale value

We played Talk To The Face by Gabriel Redding

Prize Worthy News

Linux Creator Honoured

Linux Creator Linus Torvalds is one of two laureates for the Millennium Technology Prize this award is the closes thing to a Nobel Prize in technology. This prize which is determined by the Technology Academy of Finland, is one of the world’s largest such prizes with candidates sought from across the world and from all fields of technology.Since Torvalds created Linux in 1991, it has become the world’s most ubiquitous operating system Congratulations Linus!

From Techdirt:

Netflix Not to Implement Algorithm

One of the reasons our focus in the recommendation algorithms has changed is because Netflix as a whole has changed dramatically in the last few years. Netflix launched an instant streaming service in 2007, one year after the Netflix Prize began. Streaming has not only changed the way our members interact with the service, but also the type of data available to use in our algorithms. For DVDs our goal is to help people fill their queue with titles to receive in the mail over the coming days and weeks; selection is distant in time from viewing, people select carefully because exchanging a DVD for another takes more than a day, and we get no feedback during viewing. For streaming members are looking for something great to watch right now; they can sample a few videos before settling on one, they can consume several in one session, and we can observe viewing statistics such as whether a video was watched fully or only partially.

From Extremetech:

Biomechanical Device Can Bypass Separated Nerves

Scientists at Northwestern University in Chicago have successfully bypassed the spinal cord and restored fine motor control to paralysed limbs using a brain-computer interface.

The researchers have created a neuroprosthesis that combines a brain-computer interface (BCI) that’s wired directly into 100 neurons in the motor cortex of the subject, and a functional electrical stimulation (FES) device that’s wired into the muscles of the subject’s arm. When the subject tries to move his arm or hand, that cluster of around 100 neurons activates, creating a stream of data which can then be read and analysed by the BCI to predict what muscles the subject is trying to move, and with what level of force. This interpreted data is passed to the FES, which then triggers the right muscles to perform the desired movement.

We closed with Wonderlust by Gabriel Redding

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