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2012.05.11-Stupid As Charged

Bardus est ut Bardus Does

This week’s “Stupid As Charged” consists of four stories which all share the theme of stupid, dumb, strange, weird, or in some other way are worthy of a dunce cap rating. In particular this episode; a no money robbery, a police station hold up, a hot dog honey, and stealing from a police charity event.

Give me all your money, just kidding you can keep it!

From The Chicago Tribune

Deutsch: Polizeihauptmeister MZ (mit Zulage) a...

Deutsch: Polizeihauptmeister MZ (mit Zulage) am Hamburger Rathaus. English: A senior police officer of the Hamburg police on assignment at Hamburg city hall, Germany. Français : Capitaine de la police de Hambourg en faction devant l'hôtel de ville de Hambourg, en Allemagne. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chicago area police are searching for a man who robbed a local branch of CitiBank, The man walked into the bank with a bag and informed the teller that he had a bomb and that she was to fill the bag with money. The man then fled the bank, but left the money behind. Investigators from the bomb and arson unit were called in to check the bag but no explosives were found.

We all agreed on this one!  A solid 4.0 on the dunce-o-meter!

All things considered, No Money by SimCut seemed like a fiitting title to close this story out with.

Teen Robber, Brave or Stupid?  Attempts to Rob Police Officer

I happened on this one over at Stupid Criminals and followed it back to the local Dallas/Fort Worth CBS news site. A story which must make one decide if the act was really bold or simply stupid. Keithan Manuel is in jail, charged with, along with other charges, robbery and bond has been set at 200,000 dollars. What did he do?

  1. He walked into a police station with a towel covering his hands.
  2. He walked up to the dispatch window and said “give me all your money”
  3. After that he then claimed he was there to get some information
  4. He also supposedly said “you do know I have a gun”
  5. Also claims that it was only a joke
  6. He did not, after all of that, actually have a gun

Lumpy played the bad guy and only gave this dude a 4…  However, it jumps in the lead with the rest of the panel all agreeing on 4.5!

We thought Jail by Robert Lund would be a good tune for this story… since that is where he is spending some time.

Just Can’t Keep Her Hands Off Those Weiners


Hot dog icon

Hot dog icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One might say this lady has a reputation for being good with weiners.  Dubbed the “Hot Dog Hooker” this mother of four has a rather interesting way to spice up the dogs she sells.

She has been charged with misdemeanor prostitution after she offered to, let us just say, stimulate the condiments out of an undercover officer’s dog for a mere 50 bucks.

The article quotes the dog vendor to say:

“I have a permit. It’s going to be hot dogs and t-ts.”

and also

“I’m 45. I want to enjoy what I have left,” she said. “I’ve been a stripper all my life and I enjoy it. I want to shake my boobs and have a little fun before I die.

I wonder if her menu includes any special sauces?

Peaking the meter with unanimous 5s!

While she may be thinking she is having fun, one must wonder if she may be  Hookin’ for Drugs in All the Wrong Places (from Moneyshot Cosmonauts).

Alan Golden, ‘Dine And Dash’ Suspect, Arrested During Police Fund-raiser

Robbery not allowed

Robbery not allowed (Photo credit: Arenamontanus)

From From the Huffington Post:

Alan Golden, 22, ate dinner at the restaurant with two women and left without paying his entire bill –- leaving a $30 balance, police said.

Golden might have got away with the alleged act, had he not picked a restaurant that was holding a “Tip-A-Cop” fundraiser. During the event, the wait staff was replaced by local police officers who served patrons their dinners in an effort to raise money for the New Mexico Special Olympics.

The fund-raiser was being held for the Special Olympics in New Mexico. Despite Golden not being able to pay his entire bill, Applebee’s and the Las Cruces police were still able to raise more than $3,000 during their annual fund raiser.

This one ended up being a 4.5, Again, Lumpy played Scrooge giving it a 4 while the others concurred on 4.5 despite his dissent.  It seemed that The Prices Suck At Whole Foods by Project Sisyphus would be a good one to close with.

Background music provided by Gavin Salkeld. Gavin is kind enough and with the new media order well enough to provide Indie Nation with all it’s background music for IDs, themes and promos. You can find out more about Gavin and his music at Salkeld Music.

The song “Stupid as Charged” is by Carrie Dahbny (also check out Bad Rapport) and Devo Spice (also at The FuMP) of The FuMP which is short for Funny Music Project. Also, many of the artists we feature on Indie Nation can be found at Mevio’s Music Alley.

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