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2012.06.08 – Stupid As Charged

Bardus est ut Bardus Does

This week’s “Stupid As Charged” consists of three stories which all share the theme of stupid, dumb, strange, weird or in some other manner are worthy of a dunce cap rating. In particular this episode..; You are free to go; wait; you stole our handcuffs, When shoplifting don’t forget the baby, and When pregnant the best plan is to be drunk, and get pierced.

We are also pleased to have Knowles join us for this episode.  So strap on your head phones, check your funny bone and get ready to hear about some less than intelligent crooks.

A Free Man….Oh, Wait

From: UPI.Com


Handcuffs (Photo credit: Alesa Dam)

An unnamed Aberdeen, Washington man who had just been released on charges of  outstanding theft and trespassing; was rearrested shortly after his initial release.Police said he was released from custody and arrested again when he stole the jail’s handcuffs and tried to pawn them. Corrections officers noticed the handcuffs the man had been wearing were missing and soon after received a call from a pawn shop owner who said a man had attempted to pawn the cuffs.The man was found and arrested on a charge of trafficking  stolen property.

This one came in at a 4.5 on the Dunce-O-Meter.

We thought Sticky Fingers by John Huldt would be a fitting song for this story.

When Shoplifting, Don’t Forget the Baby



infant (Photo credit: soupboy)

Police in Spain report that a pair of  shoplifters who fled from store workers were arrested when they returned for their left-behind baby. the man and woman were seen in a Barcelona book store  hiding items in their bags and clothing and they fled when the store manager spotted them, but left behind the stroller with their baby.The baby was turned over to police and the couple were arrested when they returned to the store later in the day to ask about their child.

This story also metered out to be 4.5 dunce caps.

Got to Find My Baby by Johnny Heartsman seemed a fitting end for this story.


Drunk, Pregnant and Toting Around a 1 Year Old? Sounds like Piercing Time!

From: Blog.Chron.Com

English: Wife pregnancy at 9 months, the baby ...

English: Wife pregnancy at 9 months, the baby was born the same day the father took this picture. How amazing!! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A pregnant woman who police said was drunk was arrested when she was found asleep behind the steering wheel of her idling car after she had gone to a tattoo parlour in  Houston, Texas  left her 1-year-old girl in the car and went inside to get a piercing.A patrol officer was dispatched to the scene on a call about a woman sleeping in her car when the officer arrived She was found asleep in the car behind the wheel and the engine was running.Police found beer bottles and what appeared to be Xanax in the car.State Child Protective Services were called to the scene for the child.Stephanie Santana, 20, was charged  with driving while intoxicated and endangering a child.

We felt this one, missing unanimous by one, to peak the meter at 5.0 caps.

We closed this one with I’m a Better Drunk than I Used to Be by Andy, Steve, and Andy and, as an educational public service to those to be charge with stupidity in the future, The Miranda Lullaby by Paul and Storm.

Background music provided by Gavin Salkeld. Gavin is kind enough and with the new media order well enough to provide Indie Nation with all it’s background music for IDs, themes and promos. You can find out more about Gavin and his music at Salkeld Music.

The song “Stupid as Charged” is by Carrie Dahbny (also check out Bad Rapport) and Devo Spice (also at The FuMP) of The FuMP which is short for Funny Music Project. Also, many of the artists we feature on Indie Nation can be found at Mevio’s Music Alley.

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