2014.02.24 – Some Google News Stories

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Four Stories About Google

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Brian and I both like Google very much.  Very often on Monday nights, we end up with many Google news stories.  This week was one of those weeks and we decided we would wrap the four of them into a downloadable news podcast.

Google Looking to Expand Fiber Optic Network

Retro Cell Phone

Retro Cell Phone (Photo credits: Giphy)

From The Google Blog reports they are exploring more cities to expand their high-speed fiber network to.  Not only are 34 other cities possibly getting Internet 100 times faster than the United States average but, best of all, Google plans on sharing what they have and will learn. After digressing to the weather for a bit…

Google Adds an Unsubscribe Button to Gmail

Lifehacker is reporting that Google has added a “unsubscribe” link to Gmail.  While it is obvious why that is a very kewl and useful feature, Brian and I both think there is more to it than just convenience.

After the curse of the Boise net drops Brian we try to drive on.

Google Makes a “Slick” Move

According to ARStechnica, Google has bought SlickLogin, an authentication service which uses audio over your cell phone.  Lumpy thinks it is great and disagrees with some of the negative points in the article.

Google “Project Tango”

ARStechnica is reporting about “Project Tango” which gives your cell phone Kinect-style ability.  We go on for a good while about all the possible ramifications from this type of tech.

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