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Tech Net News and Opinion Gaming Edition

Most of us at are gamers of one type or another.  In fact we have had several gaming news shows in the past.  Some will be returning in the future and a few new ones to be added.  Of course there are a lot of variants to gaming.  For the tech news show, we tend to focus on video and online gaming.  However, keep your browser and podcatcher tuned here as we roll out more shows themed around RPGs and tabletop games as we head into 2015.

Doom s level of graphic violence made the game...

Doom s level of graphic violence made the game highly controversial (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gaming News Items Covered in this Show

This show is part of our weekly Tech Net News and Opinion live stream.  We encourage listener participation.  You are more than welcome to join us at our listen page or, if you prefer a client, we’re #indienation on the Geek Shed IRC Network.  We stream live every Monday from 8-10 PM DST except the second Monday of each month and legal US holidays.


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