A Sleeping Cap for Insomnia

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It seems that a special sleeping cap may well help fight insomnia.  An article at Discovery News reports that research is being done on just such a cap.  The article states that it has been known that insomniacs have a more hyperactive frontal cortex.  This means that when the rest of the brain and body are ready for rest, the frontal lobe area is not.  Cooling the brain, reduces this hyperactivity and thereby resolves the insomnia.  Quoting the article:

In the latest experiment, the sleep researchers recruited 12 women to receive treatment with the caps. The participants had primary insomnia, meaning their disorders were not caused by mental or physical problems (unlike two-thirds of people with forms of the disorder).

The women wore the plastic caps before and during sleep, with tubes circulating cool water pressed to their foreheads. The effectiveness of the treatment — how well the women fell and stayed asleep — depended on the intensity and frequency of the treatment administered.

The article also points out that this is a rather small sample size and readers should not jump off to design their own cap just yet.  It seems like a good one to close this with is insomniac by the Greg Spero Trio.  You can find the trio at www.gregspero.com and, along with many other podsafe artist, over at Mevio’s Music Ally.  You can follow and friend Greg Spiro at MySpace, FaceBook, YouTube and Twitter.  Also of note, he will be playing a few gigs this July in the Chicago area, check his web site for more information.

Clickable links will be in the show notes and this post will be tagged with insomnia, Greg Spero and research.  Thank you for listening, reading and downloading.  Comments and feedback are welcome.  Our station voicemail is 818-81-INDIE.

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