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Don’t Grope Me.  Least not at an airport.

Found this one at a post over at Boing! Boing!

It is an opinion on the TSA, the Transportation Security Administration, (maybe better put Touch, Stroke All?).

I don’t know why but this one reminds me of that old tune, well not that old, “Right Place Wrong Time”.  Just be honest, who wouldn’t enjoy a good grope in the right place at the right time… Maybe we should also add with the right person.

I have heard of sensitivity training.. maybe the TSA employees should have to randomly “search” each other and pass through radiation, would they grasp it better then?  Is it not a reasonable request?  Don’t grope me dude, or dudette!

I am one who might like my genitals fondled by the right person in the right place, does not care to go through the process at an airport.  While I may not be opposed to a good groping and some kink, the airport is not on my list of “where to do its”.  I am also TOTALLY not into being photographed nude.

Let’s not even get into the fact that it is a radiation photo.  Point 02, or whatever, shouldn’t you need my permission to dose me?

Sorry, folks… this is just total BS.   What the <insert your own word here> happened to “Innocent until proven guilty”?

Kudos to Jonathan Mann for this video on the topic of getting groped, scanned and/or detained at the airport.  You can listen to it and download it for a buck at his site.

Greyhound and Amtrak are looking good to this yank.

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