What is Indie Nation? Darn good question, I will let you know when I have a darn good answer. For now, allow me to ramble on through it. Well, more of how it formed. I am still not sure myself exactly what it is and we shall be. To be honest, we are rather hoping our listeners help with that.

For me, it started with a serious love for music. Growing up fast in the 60’s and living through the 70s about the only thing I remember as a constant was music and, in my area, some of the best local radio on the planet. Later in life, I happened on things called “indie” music and “podcasting”. Now would be a good time to pause and answer a few FAQs.

“Podcasting” is the act of producing a “podcast” and it has nothing to do with casting a pod from a fly rod. I reckon it started with an association to some type of new fangled audio device with a pronoun and pod in the name made by a company named after a fruit. (The same fruit had a music label named after it as well and has sued the said company several time.) Nonetheless, it is nothing more than a pre-recorded show. It might be audio only or it could be a “vidcast”. Yeah, another term but I think you get it.

Now “indie” is another term entirely. It does not mean music from India or Indiana, industrial music or involve Native American music. It is a term we use for “independent” music. Most of the artist we feature and play are not signed to a label or the label is independent of the major labels. These artist are of all genre. It is not the same music you will hear on broadcast radio. It is just as good, but not the stuff they shove in your ears.

Some of those involved with Indie Nation started out with a commercial streaming Internet radio station, Geeks Radio. Lumpy, the author of this particular page was, ironically, was one of the original broadcasters. I certainly felt like the odd man out. The only all indie show on the station. Certainly the old guy at the station and, mostly, an enthusiast and hobbyist with little professional background.

Time passed and things changed, Geeks Radio became all Indie and I became more involved. I started doing the news, ads and more voice overs. I really liked it. Others didn’t like it and left. More time passed and Ryan decided he no longer wanted to be involved. Those who remained wanted it to continue.

After more debate about the name being Geeks Radio, Michelle, and I decided a new name might be better. Thus, Indie Nation it shall be. Being rather vague on our purpose is intentional. We wiil be about community. We want to hear from you in IRC, on Twitter, on Skype, in our forums, on our Google Voice which is (818)81-INDIE, and in comments here. We want to hear you as well as you hear us.

We are going to focus on independent artist and podcasts. We seek any and all genre of independent artist and wish to offer you podcast on any topic, not just independent music. we wish to keep our stream commercial free and use ads only for public service and show promotions.

So listen in, send us feedback and see what this actually turns into. Suggest bands, podcast, or get involved yourself. Feel free to hit us up on our contact page.

Leave us a voice mail 1-818-81-INDIE

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