The Geeks Behind Indie Nation…

John “Lumpy” Lemke – Founder, Owner, UnBoss, DJ : Lump is a happily aging hippie who loves indie music and hates organizations that sue their customers.  Otherwise, he is completely normal, least the voices in his head tell him so.  He has been a long time blogger at his personal site Lumpy’s Corner.  You can follow Lumpy and voices via @lumpy on Twitter.  You can contact him at You can call him at (216) 245-1704.

OmniDragon – Director, Broadcaster, and “Fill”: Omni helps us out in many, many ways.  He is almost always with us for news shows and on Friday nights.  While soft-spoken and often quiet, DO NOT under-estimate a being that can breathe fire!  Omni is super-duper active as an editor, administrator, in IRC and often as an object for Lumpy to harass.You can contact him

Zack “The Mothman” DaggyDirector and Consultant: Zack is a very successful podcaster considered by many one of the best resources for the hugely successful “Mothpod”, a music podcast he has done for years. He is known and respected by just about everyone involved in podcasting and “the new media order”. (We thought it might be easier to compile a list of what he doesn’t know about this topic but came up empty.)  He is currently streaming a weekly podcast Midnight Spookshow every Wednesday at 10 PM EST.  He serves as a tremendous source of knowledge and inspiration for all here at

Managing Editors: These folks go largely unnoticed and deserve more credit than our output can show.  This is especially true for the posts authored by Lumpy who often admits that “hukt on foniks wurkt for hyme”.  They are the folks who check and proofread our blog content.

  • Matt is a total game geek.  In the past he owned and operated a cards and comic shop and wrote for several game magazines.  Currently he blogs often at Through Gamer’s Goggles.  He often edits his brother’s post and anonymously catches his Miss Spullings.  You can follow him on Twitter at @gamequest_games and contact him at
  • Cleta helps out here and is one of us who deals with the XHTML/HTML sudo geeky goobly gook that make our show notes look the way they do.
  • OmniDragon, as his twitter says, is a tech enthusiast, Mac & PC user, and movie lover. He doesn’t know anything about long walks on the beach, as he’s never taken one of those before. But hey, maybe some day he will.  Omni’s strong grammar and spelling skills help us deal with Lumpy’s strong fonik stile of righting.  He helps much in “eroars and korektshuns”.  He is also one of our website administrators.

Brian Aldridge – Tech Support, News Director, Podcaster:  is a savvy computer geek who owns and operates Boise Computer Services. You can contact him at or  Brian helps us out with tech support and by coordinating, scripting and doing news podcasts.

Gavin Salkeld – In House Music Man:  Gavin is the man responsible for most of the background music you hear in our IDs, promos and newscasts.  He is also one of the musicians on our bot, does film scores and some great scary music which Lumpy often spins around Halloween time.  You can check out more of his music at and contact him at

Eric Leiser – Staff Photographer: Eric is a professional cinematographer and photographer.  He is the one responsible for the photos and videos at many of the Indie Nation live gigs and interviews.  You can check out more of his photos at Lieser Photography.  He also occasionally does podcasts with Lumpy.  He also does work with FNA Productions.  You can follow him on Twitter at @leiserphoto and contact him at

Last but not least, there are many more not mentioned here. Interested in becoming involved? If so, hit us up at

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