Aliens invade!

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Nibbler wants your head!

We all know the show Futurama, well any self respecting sci-fi fan does.  If you are not familiar with the show.  It takes place a 1,o00 years in the future, with a man that was froze over that time period.  There are one eyed mutants, martians, robots, and of course aliens.   My favorite alien is Lord Nibbler the Nibblonian.  ALL HAIL LORD NIBBLER!

Sorry I digress…I think I am fast turning into one of these crazed fans, only with a crochet hook!  I have been thinking of adding new hats my shop.  One that came to mind was a Nibbler hat.  He has become my favorite hat, until I get a new made I am sure.   In fact I am looking for ideas for new hats, if you have ideas for a hat drop me a line and maybe you will see your hat in crochet soon.

Watch for the Dr. Who hats coming soon!!


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