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Perfect for Gen Con, A Star Trek Themed Quintet

Five Year Mission

Five Year Mission

While I am into Star Trek, these five men take it to a higher level.  Not only did they form a band which pledged to do one song for each episode in the original series which, quoting Fark, “Is one song plus a whole butt-load more” but they also are insanely popular to the point where they just returned from playing the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. I confess that I felt a tad jealous when I heard they got to meet William Shatner.

Five Year Mission Rocking it Out at Gen Con 2014

Five Year Mission Rocking it Out at Gen Con 2014

I was fortunate enough to catch the band for two different performances at Gen Con 2014.  The first was at Georgia Street, an outdoor venue.  While the sound was far from perfect as it often is in outdoor venues, one could immediately tell that these were some very talented musicians.  Despite sound problems, they syncopated well and really rocked out.  The other thing one could not notice is just how fanatical their fans are. They knew every line to every song!  In fact, when one of the band’s members took ill between the first and second set, the band still performed and, on a few songs, had some of the fans fill in on vocals. I was genuinely impressed by the five men and how they persevered and still gave the audience a show that, while obviously less than it should have been, was still excellent.

The second performance was, in one word, excellent. The crowd was great, the sound was much better and it was an absolute pleasure to experience.  It was immediately after that show that they were nice enough to give me some of their time.

The members of the band are:

Noah Butler – Guitar/Bass/Keys/Vocals/Songwriter
Andy Fark – Percussion/Songwriter
Patrick O’Connor – Guitar/Bass/Keys/Vocals/Songwriter
Mike Rittenhouse – Guitar/Bass/Keys/Vocals/Songwriter
Chris Spurgin – Guitar/Bass/Keys/Vocals/Songwriter

They are all veterans of the Indianapolis music scene.  In fact, one of the thrills of the Gen Con was that you could also catch the various members as members of other bands performing.  It is clear that these are serious musicians who are the same about Star Trek.  I only wish that they would decide to do a song of every Star Trek episode period and not just the original series.  It is that hard to get enough of their rocking music.

Unfortunately, the audio in this interview is rather poor.  Thus is the problem when you are in a building with fifty thousand other people. (We were practically shouting at each other.) However, the content makes it worth the struggle to listen to. Listen in as we talk about:

  • The band’s origins
  • Why Lumpy shouldn’t make red shirt comments until he examines the officer’s sleeve
  • Trek friendly and Trek aware
  • Who the Trekie is, or better put, was
  • Their musical influences
  • Advice to aspiring musicians
  • The “hat draw” method of song writing
  • Why they switch instruments all the time
  • The Tribbles and Spock’s Brain albums
  • How many episode they have left to cover
  • Future concert dates

You can find this band at:

They are also kewl charitable dudes, watch below as they take the challenge

You can also find them at CD Baby below:

Five Year Mission: Year One
Five Year Mission: Year Two
Five Year Mission: The Trouble With Tribbles
Five Year Mission: Year Three

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