Artist Spotlight – Corissa Bragg

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Spotlight on Corissa Bragg


Recently, Georgie interviewed  her friend Corissa Bragg, a local singer/songwriter and actress. They discussed acting, music, her upcoming journey to India, and her last hurrah here in Cleveland before the big trip.

More recently we attended the “last hurrah”.. That being the screen of the movie Corissa  stared in,  “My City”. The film was written and directed by local filmmaker Kyle Retter and was shot in partnership with Shoot It Already Films this summer.

Later Corissa performed her last show here in Cleveland down the street at The Beachland Tavern along with Polina Kourakina and Carley Tanchon. Three acts for 8 bucks is a deal in any city.

Join Georgie and I as we discuss the film, the concert at the Tavern and spin some of the tracks we recorded at the Tavern.

The songs we played were:

  • I Would Die For You
  • Bad Woman
  • Everything I Own

You can purchase her music at Amazon.



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