Black Satellite – Don’t Forget My Name

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The Black Satellites – Don’t Forget My Name

BlackSatellite-DontForgetMyName-CoverIf you like driving get-jam-on rock and roll, you will love the four track release, Don’t Forget My Name, from the New York City-based group, Black Satellite. It is driving, hard-hitting, fantastically energetic, and leaves one wanting more.

As I almost always do, let me have the band speak for themselves. According to their bio:

“Delivering a fusion of hearty blues, hard rock with a pop undercurrent that doesn’t undermine its complexity and originality. Melodic, fragile, authentic, built with emotion and groove before giving way to powerhouse vocals and screaming guitars. In a nutshell a sound with every song to make your heart beat a little bit harder”

Every track on this release is, at the least, great. With an offering of four tracks, the members do well to mix it up and showcase their talent well. Additionally, they have a few acoustic gems for their fans on YouTube.

Black Night immediately grabs your ear with its driving beat and groove guitar. Then the vocals kick in, all in all, a great first track, an excellent groove and jam.

Red Light is another great tune. Mixing a groovy bass line with some sweet guitar riffs and emotional vocals. The rhythm guitar carries the chorus wonderfully. The song moves back and forth nicely between more mellow verses and a dynamic chorus. One can not comment on the song without mentioning some great guitar work on the bridge. Again, this band is about energy.

Awake is a bit of a change but a great tune. The track has a swingy, jazzy feel with, again, an explosive chorus. An explosive chorus done extremely well. The bass and guitar really work well to drive this tune forward. Another great bridge, another great tune.

Shame a great bluesy intro carried by the vocals and guitar. A nice backing vocal effect with a perfect guitar, both rhythm and lead, really carry this ballad. I might take this one my favorite on the release.

If I have anything bad to say about this release. It would be that I want more tracks. I am thirsty for more with only four.

This talented band consists of:

  • Petar Krsikapa on vocals
  • Juan Cardenas on guitars
  • Rik Cava on bass
  • Frank Juan on drums

You can find, friend and follow The Black Satellites at:

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment. Remember to support the indie musicians by buying their material, seeing them live or simply by spreading the word. Check out the video below for a different look at this talented band.

NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest Entry – Awake by Black Satellite


Don’t Miss a Chance To See Black Satellite Live!

Also of note, be sure and watch their website, as they do play out.  At the time of this draft, they were doing a show along with three other acts on December 18th at  The Slake in New York City.  The headliner is The Things They Carried and will also feature The Walking Tree, and Gotham City Riot.  Tickets are only 10 dollars at The Things They Carried Store.

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