Brian Eno on Music

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Brian Eno on Music

In the video below, electronic music pioneer, Brian Eno gives his opinion on music. In particular, he discusses how technology has changed music… in today’s era, he states that it “.. with software-based instruments we have a revolution equivelent to the grand piano every day”. It is an excellent perspective from someone who has not only witnessed the changes in music but lived them as well.  It is an interview about the John Peel Lecture by Brian Eno on music on culture.

Brian Eno at the Museo Madre di Napoli

Brian Eno at the Museo Madre di Napoli (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even today, some people argue that synths and computers are not “real” musical instruments. In my humble opinion, their illogical argument is simply stupid.  One facet of it is that there is no interaction between the instrument and the human musician. As if some type of barrier exist to make the music soulless and, thereby, not real music. As if because it wasn’t blown into, struck or strummed, the output is not real.  I wonder what Leon Theremin would have to say about that?  Furthermore, show me a machine that spontaneously produced music without a human first initiating the action.

Others argue that it is not real music because it takes less effort to play. You really don’t need much practice to “program” a machine. That said, what does ease of making music have to with creativity? Beethoven was deaf by his famous Fifth Symphony. How well do you think he could have played? Regarding innovation and creativity, Eno states “…cheating is all that I ever do”. If you enjoy this short video there are more links afterwards.

Brian Eno on Music

You can find out more at an article about his John Peel lecture on art and you can actually download the lecture at the BBC site.

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