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I thought I might take a few minutes to scribe a post regarding Humble Bundle. Brian and I often talk about bundles on the Tech Net News and Opinion show.  It certainly is in the spirit of what we believe in here at  Originally The Humble Indie Bundle, the company offers packages, aka bundles, with a pay-what-you-like model. The company is now a huge success.

Megabox, Back with Exclusive Artists

Image representing Megaupload Limited as depic...

Image via CrunchBase

Being in the news is nothing new for Kim Dotcom.  I recall the YouTube take down fiasco, his song to the president, the raid, and, as almost all of us at Indie Nation News believed, learning the raids were very likely illegal.  If you need to catch up on this ongoing adventure, I suggest this page at TechDirt with lots of articles on Dotcom, otherwise wait for the movie.  I am sure that someone is going to do one soon.

However, I wonder how many others remember “Megabox” and Mr. Dotcom’s pledge to take down the modern music industry?

2012.06.04 – Tech Net News and Opinion


2012.06.04 – Tech Net News and Opinion

Greetings listeners,

English: Wil Wheaton at the 2011 Phoenix Comic...

English: Wil Wheaton at the 2011 Phoenix Comicon in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to this week’s episode of Tech Net News and Opinion.  This week we accidentally/intentionally did things a bit differently.  For those of you who have been asking for more news and less music, you got it.  Brian, Knowles, Meshelly, Knunez (iPhone at Geekshed), OmniDragon and Lumpy start and end this week’s show with music but the rest is all news talk.

Remember listeners and readers, if you wish to participate, the way to do so is to get on over to the Geekshed IRC Network and join us in #indienation.  We do the news live almost every Monday from 8-10 PM EST.  (As a general rule, if a Monday is a holiday in the USA, we do NOT do the news.)  If you have items you think we should cover as news, shoot us an email at or tweet us @indienationfm.

Tech and Net – News and Opinion – Episode 001


Google Music Launches

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Although pretty much everywhere, I caught the news of this via my EnGadget RSS feed.  Google Music has launched and offered over 8 million tracks the first day.  The selection of music will soon increase to over 13 million.

While the music program has been known and in beta, there was speculation as to which and how many labels would be on board, EnGadget reports that 3 major labels and 23 independents have signed on.

In conversation, we discussed how the MPAA likely cost Hollywood more than Torrents, MP3 vs Physical Media, why do people pirate and how these items relate.

Motorola Approve Google Purchase

Motorola Xoom + Atrix + Lapdock [49]

Image by bigdigo via Flickr

Following up on recent old news, more specifically the recent “Google bought Motorola” stories.  First off, to clarify what I have too often heard, Google did not buy Motorola in entirety,  specifically only Motorola Mobility.  In Lumpy’s opinion, likely for patents to defend the Droid phone.

They announced sticking to a “hands off” approach regarding operations.  The purchase, however likely, needed final approval from the “actual” owners of Motorola.

According to a post at, Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility was given final approval by the Motorola stock holders.  The deal was valued at 12.5 billion dollars.  Of note however, though no problem is expected, the regulators has still not officially approved this purchase.

RIAA Does Not Like The Used Digital Music Sale Business

Recording Industry Association of America

Image via Wikipedia

This is one we may wish to file under “no surprise”… After all other than there outdated-make-no-sense-lobby-and-sue-to-make-it-our-way business model what part of the music business does the music industry actually love?  This is the same organization that tried to stop 8-tracks, cassettes and used record stores for they were all certainly going to destroy the music business.

Thanks to the ingenious strategy of “sue em all” and total alienation of their customers, the Racketeering Idiots Association of Absurdity has kept this dying business alive for decades.  Unfortunately, when they are done paying the organization’s officers, legal fees and lawyers, there is nothing left for the artists.

Slashdot points to a few good articles relevant to ReDigi, a company which is claiming to re-sell digital music.  The RIAA has sent ReDigi a letter, more or less telling them to stop. This one should be an interesting one to follow.  Will it reverse the decision of Vernor v. Autodesk, Inc. or will the industries stance of “first sale” win?

Unfortunately, with both the US legal system and the RIAA involved, one has no clue what a court may decide.  While I am not too sure, “re-selling” digital media is actually legal. The case referenced was more specifically involving software not music… software purchased and physically resold. As for music, sooner or later a line must be drawn in the litigious sand that fills the litter box of the current war over content, distribution and ownership.

 SOPA Not Well Liked By Many


NYC signing September 1,2009 Nintendo Store - NYC

Image via Wikipedia

Mike Masnick of TechDirt posted that many have been expressing a dislike for SOPA.  The “Stop On-line Piracy Act” or H.R. 3261 is currently in committee hearings. One of the more popular news stories which came out of the public reaction to this potential law was “Free Justin Beiber”.  The bill would make on-line streaming copyright offenses a felony, with up to 5 years prison time.  Ironically, Beiber sent a cease and dessist order to Free Beiber which was started by Fight for the Future.

The TechDirt article lists the following as opposing this bill:

The EFF lists even more who oppose this bill, “including Facebook, Google, Twitter, eBay, Yahoo, AOL and Mozilla”.


Image by ElectronicFrontierFoundation via Flickr

The process of approving this bill has also come under scrutiny, TechDirt discusses that the committee is perceived as biased and, add to that, those opposed to the bill have not been permitted to attend the hearings.  The EFF has more on those who are not permitted to attend and states that many of those who are permitted to attend actually helped draft the bill.

An additional link was also brought up during the live discussion:

If you would like to participate in this show’s live discussion, contact us at 818-81-INDIE or

News – Steve Jobs resigns from Apple as CEO

POSTED ON August 25th  - POSTED IN Apple, Business, iphone, news, Technology

Steve Jobs resigns from Apple as CEO, this comes to no surprise to me actually.

Steve Jobs shows off iPhone 4 at the 2010 Worl...

Image via Wikipedia


Although Steve Jobs did not mention his health being a factor with the decision to step down as CEO, only one can assume that is in part the reason why.  Apple will survive on its own merit, its excellent customer service and its product lines.  The tech industry is fickle, Apple’s stock (APPL) did fall out 7% after this announcement, but it should be noted the entire market was down as a whole.   Change in companies happen all the time, this too is not the first time that Steve Jobs left apple (shortly after the release of Macintosh in 1984), but I don’t see him returning in the same capacity as before.

What impact does this have on us, the consumer?  Possible little to nothing actually,  Apple will remain strong in the market as a whole.

Did you like this article? Let us know! Comments are welcome,  you can send use a  tweet on Twitter @indienationfm with the hashtag of #apple or comment below.

an Apple a day, keeps the fanboys happy..



News – New Google Jobs: Thanks to the Purchase of Motorola Mobility

POSTED ON August 25th  - POSTED IN android, Business, Hardware, news

Want to work for Google?, on Motorola well..

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - FEBRUARY 02:  Google's And...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife


Motorola Mobility was bought by Google . this give Google another ‘leg up’ in the tech market as the Motorola Mobility division now will be branded Google.  This also opens the doors to more tech jobs,  as of July 2011 it is estimated that there are just over 4 million jobs in the tech market, up over 120,000 from this same time in 2010.  This is sure a good thing,  however the sale of Motorola Mobility  to Google has yet to be approved by regulators, but nothing to indicate that is wont happen.   More details on shed some light on what this could mean for the job market.

Imaging having the ability to develop the Android (Google’s Linux based OS for handsets and tablets) using Motorola‘s amazing hardware!   I see this as plus for the tech market as well as the job market. Win win, but of course right now it is wait and see.  Did you like this article? We would love to hear from you comments about this,  just comment below or send a twitter message with the hash tag of #motorola to us @indienationfm.


Live long and be tech..

Google Buys Motorola

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Just in case you just crawled out from under a rock,  TechCrunch (and the rest of the world) reports that Google has dropped 12.5 billions dollars and bought Motorola.  The entire Internet is buzzing about why, what and and whatever but ARS Technica likely has it right.. they needed the patents.  It is rather sad that patent trolls have turned net survival into a matter of preemptive strikes but in my opinion that is what it is.

Dropbox security bug temporarily allowed logins without authentication

POSTED ON June 21st  - POSTED IN Business, Community, Technology
Image representing Dropbox as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

According to a article on Tuaw Dropbox security bug temporarily allowed logins without authentication. According to the article at Tuaw.

Earlier today, A code update to Dropbox introduced a bug that temporarily allowed access to users’ accounts and files without authentication via the company’s web interface.For approximately four hours, from the time that Dropbox made the changes until the service’s developers were able to correct the error, user accounts were accessible by merely typing in the email address associated with the account.

On their own blog Dropbox said this never should have happen and they are conducting a thorough investigation of related activity to understand whether any accounts were improperly accessed. And if  they identify any specific instances of unusual activity, we’ll immediately notify the account owner.

If you’re concerned about any activity that has occurred in your account, you can contact them at


Cleta :)

Netflix Rocks the Internet Traffic Charts

POSTED ON May 17th  - POSTED IN Business, Entertainment, Movies, news, Technology
Image representing Netflix as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

To further prove how popular Netflix is becoming, TechCrunch reported today that Netflix is now the largest single source of Internet traffic in North America, accounting for 29.7% of peak downstream traffic – up from 21% last fall.

That’s more than YouTube, BitTorrent, iTunes, and Facebook…COMBINED. Hulu – which has tried to compete with Netflix for streaming video customers – accounts for a meager 1.09%.

No matter how you slice it, this is an impressive feat and it indicates just how popular Netflix’s streaming on demand video service – starting at only $8 per month – has become.

Netflix has even recently announced that it will start exclusively carrying original video shows and content much like television networks do.

It will only be a matter of time before all our video and music content is delivered via the Internet, and Netflix is blazing the trail…right along with!!

Skype up for sale. Google or Facebook

POSTED ON May 5th  - POSTED IN Business, Community, news
Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Will Skype have a new owner? Will it be Google or Facebook ?

According to a Reuters report Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been engaged in internal discussions with Skype about possibly acquiring the video chat service. Google has also held early talks for a joint venture with Skype . A Skype deal could be valued at $3 billion to $4 billion . According to their S.1 Skype has 663 million registered users so this would be a great investment for Facebook or Google . All companies involved decline to comment on rumors and speculation.

Word of a partnership between Facebook and Skype has been rumored as far back as September 2010, when multiple sources said the two companies were amping up to announce an extensive partnership  involving SMS, voice calls and Facebook Connect. The announcement never came, but Skype 5.0–the company’s latest major software release–did give users the ability to call and text their Facebook friends . Then there’s Google, increasingly seeking to bolster its Google Voice service, which has much more in common with Skype than any offering from Facebook.  Skype originally was bought by Ebay Inc. before being spun off to a group of investors.While both Skype and Facebook have massive user communities, neither has put together a business plan the way Google has. Who knows who will be the new owner will be we can hope it will be a good merger for who ever buys Skype and it can be improved to even better standards.

Until next time

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