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2012.01.03 – Pick of the Day – Rob Montague


Rob Montague and The Flat Earth Society, January 4, 2012  at The House of Blues, Cleveland, Ohio

Rob Montague photo by Eric Leiser Photography

We don’t really need a reason to do a pick of the day, short of having a reason to do one.

It could be that the artists is just good, they might have a track that is relevant to what day it is, or they might be doing a show.  Maybe we just felt like it… The only standard is the, same as at the station, it must be great independent music.

In the cast of Rob Montague and The Flat Earth Society, it is a case of two out of three. He is playing a live gig in Cleveland tomorrow and he is a very good musician. Join us for this pick of the day as we feature his songs; And She Said Hello and Brand New Day from his Album “Farewell Song”.

Happy New Year!!!

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Cover of "Happy New Year! (Schulz, Charle...

Hey Everyone

David Here from just stopping by to wish everyone of you a Happy New year.

I hope it’s filled with cheer and good times.


From and  Happy New Year!!!!



2011 Indie Nation Impromptu Christmas Party


Greetings and Happy Christmas Listeners,

Welcome to our first annual Christmas party, held both on-line and in the Cold Crank Studio in Cleveland, Ohio. At one point in time during this three and a half hour live stream almost every member of the staff was able to join us.

The party thought started rather impromptu when some of us locally got together to do some Christmas IDs for the stream. Then Cleta got busy at geekshed and got in touch with a few of the other regulars. Regrettably we did not manage to contact everyone due to the impromptu nature of it. So if you didn’t get and invite, don’t be offended, that is just the way it worked out this time.

Amber Ojeda to Play Venice Tomorrow

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Venice Beach and Boardwalk

I am busy digging out my always over-stuffed inbox.  As a station manager, I reckon that is a nice problem to have…  I know that more than a few of you dig every time we play Amber Ojeda.  She has a gig tomorrow and I thought a quick post was in order. I am just going to quote the email:

On 11.11.11 I will be performing an ALL AGES SHOW along side some of my favorite musician’s Mic Holden & Bryce Wilson. This is my first time at The Witz End so come out and show this new venue some love with me!!

Also performing is the vibrant Adam Stern who is releasing his sophomore album “Cosmicology”. I can’t say enough about this performer. Not only is he a good friend, but a brilliant musician and songwriter whom I respect very much.

I have a feeling this is going to be a very special evening. I hope you can make it out to share it with us.

The doors open at 7 PM and Amber goes on at 9 PM.  Admission is 10 dollars.  Again it is at

Witz End
1717 Lincoln Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291
Corner of Lincoln Blvd. & Superba

Get tickets here

Warehouse 13 Season 4???

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SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 22:  Actress Allison Scag...

Hello David here from CustomPC48809.comAs a big fan of the Show Warehouse 13 On Syfy I finished watching season 3 and almost ended up in tears with this Funny but yet heart touching show I do not want to see it end, But some things I had to know like most fans is if there was going to be a season 4 well guess what.....Image via Wikipedia


While Syfy viewers are still getting over the news that Eureka was canceled, fans can rest easy in knowing that their Monday night viewing schedule will stay somewhat intact – as Warehouse 13 was just renewed for a fourth season.

Returning in 2012 with a 13 episode order for season 4, the announcement of Warehouse 13’s renewal was all but expected – though after the surprising cancellation of Eureka, anything could happen.


Since the third season of Warehouse 13 premiered this summer, ratings have been upon the popular series 15% in the coveted demographic of adults 18-49, with an average of 3.2 million viewers (including the +7 DVR ratings data) per episode.

While all popular data collectors love to point to the 18-49 demographic, Warehouse 13 star Saul Rubinek told us recently why he believes the series is so successful:

There are very few hour-long shows that a family can watch together. We’re on at the right time; violence is kept to a minimum. If something works for a 7-year old, something else will work on a whit level [for everyone else].

The other thing that our show has done is that it’s attracted women in ways that other Syfy shows have not. You know how? By making the show wittier – by raising the bar. Smart women are sexy – and our show is filled with smart women.

Here’s what Syfy president of original content Mark Stern had to say about Warehouse 13’s renewal:

“Under executive producer Jack Kenny’s leadership, this superlative team of writers, cast, and crew continue to turn out a series that only gets better and better with every episode. Warehouse 13 is deservedly the most popular series in our history and we’re delighted to renew it for a fourth season.”

While fans of Warehouse 13 will certainly be excited to hear about its renewal, many may still be wondering whatever happened to the H.G. Wells spin-off series that everyone was talking about. Well, no need to be worried, as we’ve been told by Warehouse 13 executive producer Jack Kenny that the spin-off is still in development.


Actor/director Saul Rubinek at the Big Apple C...

Image via Wikipedia















From and I hope everyone is with me to scream YESS!!!

Please Vote for Midnight Spookshow

Podcast Awards

Image via Wikipedia

Indie Nation listeners, we are sure you are familiar with Moth Man and his team who grace this station with Midnight Spookshow each and every Wednesday night.  We are please to report that the show has been nominated for best film podcast at the Podcast Awards.

So please, get on over to the site and vote for this awesome podcast once a day between now and October 27, 2011.  (That’s right folks you can vote once per day.)

Being an upper extremity amputee and a candidate for a hand transplant

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This isn’t a geek topic, however it is this geek’s topic.

Being an upper extremity amputee means there are challenges in everyday life doing things that most people take forgranted such as washing dishes tying your shoes or even driving a car. There are many things that I am just unable to do because they honestly require the use of two hands (just try cutting a steak one handed)

The things that I am unable to do are the least of my worries though, because becoming an amputee by traumatic accident also means phantom pain.

If you have never heard of phantom pain this is what it is and what it entails: phantom pain is not a physical pain although it feels like it, when you are born your brain is programmed with the ability to recognize your body as a whole and has the ability to send signals to every part of your body and receive information back in return.

After amputation by traumatic accident your brain still has a complete image of your body even though your body is no longer whole, the result is your brain sending signals to a part of your body that no longer exists and those signals bounce back to your brain, these bounce backs confuse your brain and the only way your brain can understand them is by interpreting them as pain which is why phantom pain is considered a neurological disorder.

Phantom pain can be as simple as feeling like your amputated extremity fell asleep, you know that little pins and needles feeling that everyone has had at least once in their lives.
That however is at the best of times, at it’s worst phantom pain can make you feel like you have the worst itch you have ever felt in your life, with no way to scratch it because it doesn’t truly exist.

Phantom pain can also cause pain so extreme that it feels as though your amputated extremity is being crushed or on fire sometimes even both at the same time.

Pain that doesn’t truly exist can make it feel as though it is impossible to go on, but there is no choice you must go on you have a life to live and you have to live it.

There are other things related to being an amputee that are a little harder to describe, but I will do my best to try.

The first thing is the reaction, what I mean by the reaction is what people do when they see you. For me this has ranged from the very polite “May I ask what happened to your arm?” which I am always happy to answer, to the not so polite “Oh my GOD, what the F@#%* happened to your arm?” which I am equally happy to reply to, the person however may not be too happy to hear my answer.

There have been times when I’ve been discriminated against without have been given a chance to even try “I don’t know if I should hire you, I don’t think you could do this job” is the one that stung the most.

There are also times that I’ve felt more love and compassion from people than I ever have in my entire life.

The most exciting thing that has happened recently is my candidacy for a hand transplant, after 7 years of being an amputee and trying to live my life the best way I can one procedure would have the ability to change everything.

A hand transplant would end not only the grieving for my lost limb but the phantom pain as well. It would mean I would once again be able to be self reliant and do everything on my own, not that I can’t accept help from others it’s just different when you have no choice in the matter. A hand transplant would also mean that I could go back to school and back to work allowing me to be off of disability and allowing me to once again become a productive member of society. This is what I want in the bottom of my heart and soul.

I want more than anything to feel complete once again, to have both hands to touch with, to feel with, to be able to do every day tasks with. This is my dream.

Dreams can be a wonderful thing being a dreamer IS a wonderful thing.

I dream of one day being able to walk down the street with my husband and my son and holding both of their hands.

15th Annual Indie Gathering – 2011 update 28 Aug

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The 15th annual indie gathering update #1

Indie Gathering Logo

Update for Saturday and Sunday:

So far many awards have been issued for film scores, scripts and the films as well.  A broad array of type of films where showcased both including the music related to them as well. From Comedies, Drama, Sci-fi and Documentaries the list is detailed on The Indie Gathering website.  The list of the 2011 winners including email addresses for each winner that was honor,  this is a great way to network with those involved in the craft of Independent films and music production.  Where else can you find such information and contacts but at the Annual Indie Gathering.   Wow!  awesome stuff to be able to network with the many groups and individuals  involved in such a large project and sharing their talent with the public.

Truly International:

The Annual Indie Gathering was truly international  with members from The United States, Canada, Europe, and more.  Such an event just get bigger each year.  Sci-fi fans as well had their spot as part of the event on Sunday will showcase Sci-fi,  this on top of the FX and make-up competition that was shown on Saturday.  So much going on and trying to stay up to date in real time is impossible, but at the same time @lumpy is having a blast and will sure come home with tons of pictures and interview segments.

Who will be the next Jackie Chan?

There were stunt people performing live fight scene as part of the competition.  Talk about 15 minutes of fame, some of the competition were showcased with two minutes of less. All ages competed in different events, under 12 years old and 40+ years,  who will be the next Jackie Chan you never know with the talented people that puts some of the current action movies to shame.

What’s next?

Trying to summaries such an event in a few paragraph doesn’t do justice to the Annual Indie Gathering.  We will do our best in the coming day to share what saw and heard.   Just you need to be there to truly grasp how large this event is.


15th Annual Indie Gathering – 2011

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Movies, makeup, writers and more…

Indie Gathering LogoThe 15th annual Indie Gathering 2011,  where East meets West.


This event includes Film FestivalsSeminars, Celebrity Parties, Free Lectures and more.  There is even a national competition for those in film,  stunt people, make up artists, FX (special effects).

All this amazing gathering in one place at The Westlake Holiday Inn  Aug 26 through Aug 28th.  Not only is  all about indie music, but indie artists in any media.  This gathering of the geeks, yes geeks nothing wrong with a indie geek in our book, is expected to draw many thousands  of fans, guest and those in the industry.


So far the list of winners is growing!   You can read more on their site.  If we could list all the guest attending it would be several pages, but lets just sum it up from films like Live and Let Die, Dune, Spy Kids, Host of The Reel Show, a Grand Master in the Martial Arts and former US Olympic coach, and so much more.

We will be providing more about the Indie Gathering as Lumpy our un-boss runs around with his backpack, mic and water bottles!


Thanks to everyone one at the Indie Gathering for support independent  artists alike!




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