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A Tribute to George Harrison

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English: I took this years ago at Wembley, Geo...

English: I took this years ago at Wembley, George is singing “Here Comes the Sun”. Category:George Harrison Category:The Beatles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many Musicians to Join the George Harrison Tribute Concert

While John was my favorite of the “Fab Four” as a soloist, there is a strong argument that George may well be the most respected as a singer-songwriter.  The simple fact that the man settled for one or two tracks competing with the Lennon-McCartney duo certainly says much about his commitment to the group.  Regardless of how I feel, it is clear that many musicians have tons of respect and admiration for the man. reports that Brian Wilson, Wayne Coyne, Weird All, members of Weezer, Cold War Kids and more will all be performing at the show.  All proceeds are going to Sweet Relief.  Sweet Relief is a non-profit that provides monetary support for struggling musicians.

After the break, there is a video of the DVD of a previous tribute concert to the former Beatle.  I have a friend who is a total Harrison fanatic and she was kind enough to let me watch the entire set.  I can say two things about the work.  First, it is amazing how much his son looks like him. So much so that it actually confused Paul.  Second, it is an excellent line up and performance.  The boxed DVD set has a  lot of material, all of which is very enjoyable.

The FuMPFest 2014

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Elmo and Bert play the Ramones at FUMP MusicFe...

Elmo and Bert play the Ramones at FUMP MusicFest #iwannaeatacupcake (Photo credit: nworbleahcim)

More than just another festival… FuMPFest is near!

English: Dr. Demento at B.B. King Blues Club &...

English: Dr. Demento at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in New York, NY on August 15, 2004. Photo by David Rossi User:Elvis9227 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know many of you love The FuMP (,short for Funny Music Project).  For those of you who are unaware, The FuMP is a hilarious troop of assorted comedy musicians.  If you are a regular listener to Indie Nation, I am certain you have heard at least some of their music.

I am sorry that I got word of this event after the early registration deadline.  However, I think it is still a steal at the regular price…. especially if you take into the account that Dr. Demento will the guest of honor. This year’s fest will be in Wheeling, IL on June 20-22 and registration is 45 dollars.

Concerts, panels and games! Seriously, how can you beat that?  For more information and to register go to  I am sure that once you check out the schedule, you shall be as enticed by the event as I.

2011.12.16 – Pick of the Day – Greg Spero


Great New Album Released, Two Day Showcase to Celebrate

Greg Spero

Today’s Pick of the Day is Greg Spero, a musician who, on this date, celebrates the US release of his album “Acoustic”. Greg was kool enough to, not only get us a very early release of this awesome album, but gave us some of his time for an interview and has actually joined Lumpy on the live stream.

Today is also day 1 of a multi-day showcase. It will start today, 16 December, 2011, and continue until this Sunday at 1 AM. There will be three sets of Greg Spero and his band both Friday and Saturday. The winner of the Make Hills, Win Bill$ Video Challenge, a video competition, associated with the album.

2011 Indie Gathering Interview – William McGrath, Indie Film Buff


This particular interview is with William McGrath who is an indie film buff. This is one of many in a series of interviews at the 2011 Indie Gathering. It is an annual international event usually held at the Westlake Holiday Inn in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. This was the event’s fifteenth year.

William was kind enough to give us about 20 minutes of his time.  Time he could have used doing what he loves to do, watching indie films.  He was attending this event courtesy of WCSB.  This was Mr. McGrath’s third year attending this awesome event and he was kind enough to give us his thoughts on the event and also give us his opinion on the following films:

2011 Indie Gathering Interview – Taylor Trimarchi


An Interview with Producer, Writer, Director, and Cinematographer, Taylor Trimarchi

This particular interview is with Taylor Trimarchi (IMDb). He is a producer, director, writer, cinematographer and editor.  This is one of many interviews at the 2011 Indie Gathering. It is an annual international event usually held at the Westlake Holiday Inn in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. This was the event’s fifteenth year.

Taylor Trimarchi

Taylor’s had two films in this year’s competition. He placed first in both the micro horror and short drama/comedy categories. Taylor has been doing quite a bit in indie film for a good number of years. Taylor is also the director of The Reel Show. You can find out more about the films he has created at his Vimeo Page. You can follow and connect with Mr. Trimarchi on Twitter and at LinkedIn.

Taylor also works with  Shoot It Already Films and director Zac Jones.  He also participated, as a cinematographer, in this year’s 48 Hour Film Project with the entry “Blanket Party”. You can also check out his newest endeavor, a web video comic series, “Cannibals and Kings” which is expected to launch very soon.

2011 Indie Gathering Interview – Put On the Spot – Actress Giorgiana Lascu Interviews Film Score Composer Danny Ryan


On the Spot and Not on the Couch

This particular interview is a bit different. While it is another one of many in a series of interviews at the 2011 Indie Gathering which is an annual international event usually held at the Westlake Holiday Inn in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area, it is different from all the others in one respect.

What makes this one different is that it is not conducted by Lumpy. I know from much experience with “wannabes” that out of 100 people who come to me wishing to learn how to podcast less than 10 will actually follow through and do a single show. After that, less than 1 will actually stick with it long enough to put 7 shows under their belt. Most end up fading away with excuses about jobs, family, bad microphones and “the dog virus ate my podcast”.

Danny and Georgie

Danny Ryan and Georgie Lascu

When I met Georgie, as she likes to be called, she had expressed and interest in interviewing folks involved in indie film. I also know from years of teaching people the best way to get them going is to get them doing. Let them sit on the couch too long, they loose motivation to boredom and being “taught” too much. If the spark starts something smoldering, one best put wood on it while it is still hot.

She seemed genuinely interested and motivated. I asked her if I could put her on the spot and she agreed. Not only did she do a great job on this, he first ever, stone-cold-on-the-spot-with-no-prep-time interview, she is now one of our stations newest interns and still motivated as ever.  While she did actually sit on a couch for this particular interview, she is not a couch-sitter like the 99% percent who spend most of their life dreaming and wishing.  Georgie did a “georgous” job by “doing” this interview.  She also placed second in the acting competition.  You can get in touch with Georgie at and friend this young talented actress on Facebook.  You can also soon see her act in a soon to be released episode of The Black Ice Chronicles.

Speaking of young and talented, opposite on the couch from our green staff member, sat an equally young and talented film score composer.  While I did not get to check out much of Danny Ryan‘s work at the event, he was nice enough to give me a DVD of his work.  I have watched it three times since the event and absolutely love how he adds much emotion to the scenes he scored. There is a difference between background music and a film score.  Background music is just that.  A film score adds drama and impact to a scene.  This young man really gets that.  I particularly like the “alphabet soup” scene.

Film Score Composer, Danny Ryan, showing his work at the 2011 Indie Gathering

Danny and Georgie may not have technically done the best interview.  I have taught Georgie much about using the Zoom since her first five minutes of exposure to it.  However, they are both excellent examples of advice given by many producers, actors, writers, directors and almost every single individual I interviewed at the event.  You become a writer, director, producer, actor or whatever by writing, directing, producing, acting or whatevering.  I know that if you listen to this interview, you will see that they both have fire and passion in them for what they do.  I don’t see these two fading away.

I must confess, that I often get frustrated with all the wannabes out there.. they burn me out and wear me down… they make me feel like I am wasting my time.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a hater, it is not like that.. each to their own. All I ask is that one act in  honesty and stop teasing with false promises.  It seems that more like to live in denial and avoidance than reality.  Get off the dam couch.

It is just nice to see something like this ignite to something more.  I am confident that you will hear more from both of these young “doers”.  It was a real joy and pleasure to meet both of them and watch an idea actually grow into something more.  Hippies like myself live for those moments.

Regarding The Indie Gathering, the  event is a must attend for anyone in the independent film industry. Whether you score movies, act, edit, direct, do make-up, costume or special effects, this is an event that you should mark on your calendar each and every year. The event features many, many screenings in three simultaneously running screening rooms, many seminars and demonstrations for all who attend and contests for those who enter. You can find out more about this event over at

Though many participate and coordinate this gala film festival that usually books most of the hotel, it is largely the work and efforts of Kristina Michelle (IMDb) and Ray Szuch.

You can find Ray at the IMDb, MySpace (as a martial artist), MySpace (as a stunt man), and as a producer, at LinkedIn

Ray is involved in or responsible for:

2011 Indie Gathering Interview – Robert Fadeley – You Didn’t See Anything Productions


Here is another instalment of our coverage from the Indie Gathering 2011 that Lumpy got to attend and cover for us to bring us these great interviews. This interview was with Robert Fadeley of You Didn’t See Anything Productions. Interested in alien abductions? If so, this interview may be right up you alley.

2011 Indie Gathering Interview – Corissa Gay – Young Talented Actress


An Interview with the First Place Actress in the 14-17 Year Category, Corissa Gay

This particular interview is with Corissa Gay, a young talented actress. This is one of many in a series of interviews at the 2011 Indie Gathering. It is an annual international event usually held at the Westlake Holiday Inn in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. This was the event’s fifteenth year.

Corissa Gay - First Place in Age Group in the Acting Competition

Corissa Gay is a 17 year old actress from Columbia Station, Ohio.  While you might not expect a wanning teen to have experience, this young talent started out young and has almost a decade of acting under her belt.  You may also recognize her voice for she is the one in the intro for these interviews who says “way over the top” and the Russian fortune teller in the series outro. She is also the festival’s First Place winner for the acting competition in her age group.

2011 Indie Gathering Interview – Noah Cooper – Ninja Zombies


Noah Cooper Interview, Writer and Director of “Ninja Zombies”, Overall Best Feature Film at the 2011 Indie Gathering

This particular interview is with Noah Cooper.  Noah wrote and directed “Ninja Zombies”.  This is one of many in a series of interviews at the 2011 Indie Gathering. It is an annual international event usually held at the Westlake Holiday Inn in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. This was the event’s fifteenth year.

This was the first Indie Gathering Noah Cooper attended but he did compete and win with a short film, “Underground Sonata” , in last year’s competition as well.  This year he entered a feature film “Ninja Zombies” which won first place in the horror/comedy category and also won Best Overall Feature Film for the festival.  Congrats and kudos to Mr. Cooper and his entire team.


2011 Indie Gathering Interview – Joel David Anger – Actor


An Interview with Joel David Anger at The 2011 Indie Gathering

Joel David Anger

Joel David Anger

This particular interview is with Joel David Anger. This is one of many in a series of interviews at the 2011 Indie Gathering. It is an annual international event usually held at the Westlake Holiday Inn in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. This was the event’s fifteenth year.

Joel is a fairly new arrival to the indie film scene.  In the interview, he states that he started acting just 10 months ago.  However, as you listen to the interview, his knowledge and enthusiasm seem to span many more years than that.  (more…)

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