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2014.08.25 – Tech Net News and Opinion


2014.08.25 –  Tech Net News and Opinion

Sarah Donner

Sarah Donner

Brian thought it might be a good idea to try and break the news up into more organized groups.  After only one show’s worth of hindsight, I would have to agree that it seems like  a great idea.  It certainly seems to encourage more conversation from the chat room and I already know it made it much easier on the post edit.

We opened with some Sarah Donner. They were live tracks recorded with her permission at this year’s 2014 Gen Con. The tracks were Going Under and Fossil Girl You can find out more about her at:

Naked Man Climbs London Statue

I had to take a few minutes to catch my breath after this one, I was laughing that hard. Tourists and residents in London’s government district, got an eye full when Dan Motrescu brought central London traffic to a standstill when he mounted the bronze statue of the 19th-century Duke of Cambridge on Nov. 23. Police were forced to cordoned off Whitehall, a street that is home to several government departments, as Mr. Motrescu climbed up and down the statue at one point squatting on the top of the statues head (did I mention he was naked?)

It took several hours for police to talk him down. Yes you read that right, several hours. 

Motrescu, a Ukrainian citizen of no fixed address, was convicted Tuesday of possession of an offensive weapon, criminal damage and a public order offense. A magistrate at Westminster Magistrates’ Court sentenced him to 12 weeks in jail.

If you thought this story couldn’t get any funnier; WAIT!

There’s video.

Cinderfella by Todrick Hall Rewrites A Classic For A Great Cause

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Todrick Hall has rewritten the classic fairy tale Cinderella

In Cinderfella Todrick tells the classic fairy tale from a young Gay man’s point of view, with an amazing cast, Cinderfella will give you goosebumps throughout the video with the blend of 40’s classics and Disney music as well as some of today’s hits sung to an original beat. The message of this video is clear, and powerful (and if for some odd reason you miss the point Todrick makes sure you get it at the end of the video).


Queers United Has listings of LGBT Advocacy Groups by State

Wipe out Homophobia has an extensive listing of suicide help numbers as well as a way to contact them by email

Just remember my Lovelies, you are NOT alone.

You ARE Loved.

You are PERFECT exactly as you are.

It’s Okay to be Gay, or Lesbian, or Bi, or Pansexual, or Transsexual or what ever you may be

I Love you all

2012.01.30 – Tech Net News and Opinion – 007


Tech Net News and Opinion – Episode 007 – 2012.01.30

Greetings Listeners,

The Hush Now at The Roc Bar

Wi-Fi Signal logo
In this week’s episode of Tech Net News and Opinion, we discuss, Newt Gingrich being sued for IP law violations, a super hot X-ray laser, capturing Wi-Fi passwords and fake projects at Apple.  So tune in enjoy the music and our chat about the various news items.

Wrong Man Elected


Typo Elects Wrong Man

Derby, Connecticut

Image by dougtone via Flickr

According to ABC Blog, a Derby, Connecticut man was elected to an office due to a typo.  It seems that the officials put James J. Butler on the ballot for the town’s Board of Apportionment and Taxation.  He received the most votes and won the election.  The man is to be sworn in on 3 December.

2011.08.11 – Pick of the Day – Jonathon Coulton – The Presidents

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Jonathan Coulton (and Paul and Storm) at Union...

Image via Wikipedia

The good news is that President Obama has finally created some jobs.  The bad news it that they are all in India (Source)

Fear not listeners who still have faith in hope and change and those who are still hoping for a job and some spare change, I am jesting for today is Thursday, 11 August 2011 and it is Presidential Joke Day.  According to began in 1984 with a remark from President Reagan.  The president who thought he was doing a sound check said “My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes.”  The president was, in fact, transmitting to a live feed… and I thought I could put my foot in my mouth.

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