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Through Gamer Goggles News (TGGN) 4-16-2012

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Through Gamer Goggles News (TGGN) 4-16-2012

We kicked off the show with a few Celtic and Middle Earth themed tunes from Marc Gunn:

  • Gollum Blues
  • Don’t Go Drinking With Hobbits
Screenshot of Magic: The Gathering - Duels of ...

Screenshot of Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MTGO Goes Mobile

From Slide to Play:

“Well, it’s about time. Wizards of the Coast has announced that they’re bringing an official Magic: The Gathering game to iOS. While plenty of other card battling games have come to the platform (including Kard Combat, which was also made by the legendary Richard Garfield), we’ve been waiting impatiently for an official Magic: The Gathering game. The wait is almost over, as Wizards of the Coast is bringing Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 to the iPad this summer.”

Through Gamer Goggles News (TGGN) 4-9-2012

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In this episode of Through Gamer Goggles News we featured the music of Jonathan Coulton.



“Map Monsters is a free-to-play location-based adventure game designed by the venerable Richard Garfield, creator of Magic: The Gathering, Schizoid, King of Tokyo, and many other fantastic video and analog games.”

The Article includes a back story on the game before going on to gameplay.

The game uses location via GPS devices. Unlike other games the GPS device will be a secondary mechanic. In other words travel isn’t necessary, but those that do will progress quicker.

The world is the map

Virtual world travel, players will be allowed to travel the world from their living room.

You never know what you will find when you explore a new location.

Items will have a scarcity, or a rarity. Some items will be abundant in areas forcing players to travel in order to trade.

Players will be able to build mileposts, mines, and farms.

Create friends to trade with and use their roads and more.

It will be available for Ipad and I phone 1st.

The will be funded if they can find enough contributors to reach 40k.

More info at Bodsix

Bodsix on facebook

News – Steve Jobs resigns from Apple as CEO

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Steve Jobs resigns from Apple as CEO, this comes to no surprise to me actually.

Steve Jobs shows off iPhone 4 at the 2010 Worl...

Image via Wikipedia


Although Steve Jobs did not mention his health being a factor with the decision to step down as CEO, only one can assume that is in part the reason why.  Apple will survive on its own merit, its excellent customer service and its product lines.  The tech industry is fickle, Apple’s stock (APPL) did fall out 7% after this announcement, but it should be noted the entire market was down as a whole.   Change in companies happen all the time, this too is not the first time that Steve Jobs left apple (shortly after the release of Macintosh in 1984), but I don’t see him returning in the same capacity as before.

What impact does this have on us, the consumer?  Possible little to nothing actually,  Apple will remain strong in the market as a whole.

Did you like this article? Let us know! Comments are welcome,  you can send use a  tweet on Twitter @indienationfm with the hashtag of #apple or comment below.

an Apple a day, keeps the fanboys happy..



iPhone 4 vs Droid 3

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With all the hype of the iPhone 4, I thought I would mention a phone that actually performs better than the newest iPhone 4. Motorola has recently released the Droid 3 which is available on the Verizon network. The biggest difference between the two phones is the fact that the Droid 3 has a dual core 1GHz processor when the iPhone 4 has a single core 1GHz processor. In a side by side comparison the Droid 3 pulled up websites with its built in browser with a very noticeable speed advantage. It does not however scroll as smoothly as the iPhone does. Aesthetically the iPhone still has a leg up on the Android phones. The Droid 3 comes with 16GB of on-board memory with the capability of using up to an additional 32GB on an SD card. The iPhone 4 comes in a 16GB and 32GB version. One major difference that draws me to the Droid 3 is the 4” screen. It is noticeably different than the iPhone’s 3.5” display and they both feature a front facing camera for doing video calls. The other main reason I have stuck with Droid phones is the physical keyboard. I have spoken with a user of the Droid 3 and was told that the keyboard on the Droid 3 is much better than the previous Droid phones. The Droid phones run the Android operating system which is open source so a Droid 1, 2, or 3 phones are not your only option to take advantage of this software.

For more articles and podcasts check out my blog:

iPhone 4 vs Droid 3 Podcast.

Survey: iPad 2 attracts 70% new buyers

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Apple iPad 2

Apple iPad 2

According to a survey of customers buying the iPad 2 at its launch, 70% of them did not own an original iPad.

See more at Apple Insider.

70%?! That’s an impressive feat, especially considering the undisputed popularity of the first generation iPad.

You would think that all those who wanted an iPad would have one by now.

It really speaks to the appeal of the iPad, indicating that it is much more popular than current sales numbers would indicate. Apparently a significant number of people have always intended to get an iPad but decided to wait until the second generation was released.

Also, the iPad 2’s impressive features (such as the dual core A4 chip, faster graphics, cameras, and mirror display capabilities) have likely caught the attention of people who had not cared about the iPad before.

Will I get one? No. I personally would rather get a Kindle or Nook, as I am more interested in e-readers at the moment. Interestingly enough, 24% of the iPad 2 buyers surveyed own a Kindle, though only 6% said they intend to use their iPad 2 as an e-reader.

It will be interesting to see what the sales numbers are in the coming weeks…and whether they are impacted at all by the ongoing disaster in Japan.

(this post also published on my Lockergnome blog)

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