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2011.08.02 – Pick of the Day – J-CLX – Night Out

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Today is National Night Out Day

Today is a day for us to take back our streets.  It is the 28th Annual National Night Out, a night for communities through out the United States to get out and a night focused on crime prevention and drug awareness. To be frank and honest, I have never really been aware of this event in my neighborhood.  I live in Cleveland and it is a shame for my neighborhood is in desperate need of this type of focus. This is the first year I noticed any publicity regarding this great idea.  I happened to notice a sign promoting it outside my local Target store.  Target is a sponsor for tonight’s event.  According to the event’s web site it is intended to:

  • Heighten crime and drug prevention awareness;
  • Generate support for, and participation in, local anticrime programs;
  • Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships; and
  • Send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.

The event is to be celebrated with block parties, cookouts, visits from local police and sheriff departments, parades, exhibits, flashlight walks,  contests, and youth programs.  The same web site stated that over 27 million individuals participated in 2010.

Kick Ass Punk Rock from Sharks and Interview from Vans Warped Tour


Sharks – Hot Punk Rock from the UK

Sharks and Lumpy - Photo by Eric Leiser Photography

The date was July 20, 2011 and the temperature would have likely been cooler on the bright side of Mercury.  The only thing hotter than the weather was the music and energy at Vans Warped Tour. We wish to warn you now… you shall hear some material considered NSFW which is short for Not Safe For Work.

5 Years of the Mothpod

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To mark the five year anniversary of The Mothpod, show creator Zack “The Mothman” Daggy is proud to bring you “5 Years of the Mothpod,” a free 16 track compilation album containing a cross-section of fan-favorite tracks spanning the last half a decade. These are the artists that made the show what it is today, so be sure to turn it up and enjoy!

Download 5 Years of the Mothpod FREE!!!


  1. Ten Year Vamp – Never Know
  2. Derek Nicoletto – Hustler with a Rescue Plan
  3. Simon Wilcox – Eyes On You
  4. Darius Lux – XtraOrdinary
  5. Kim DiVine – Raining
  6. Phil Ayoub – White Feather
  7. Mark Lassiter – 10,000 Years
  8. Lily Sparks – Where Are We Today
  9. Lisa Bianco – As Good As It Gets
  10. Matthew Ebel – Drive Away
  11. Geoff Smith – Set The Music Free
  12. The Clintons – Fan of the Bean
  13. Ron Rutherford – Freak Flag
  14. Noctura – My Last Goodbye
  15. Jordan Reyne – Karlsruhe
  16. Lovespirals – Motherless Child

2011.08.01 Pick of the Day – Candye Kane – Superhero

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Sling a Web and Swing, It’s Spiderman Day!

Candye Kane - SuperheroToday is a holiday Lumpy can easily get excited about.  A holiday in honor of one of his favorite superheros.  Today is Spiderman Day! w00t!

I am not sure exactly what one is supposed to do to celebrate such a day but I am sure going to see if my library has any of the movies on the shelf.  I had thought about rigging up a way to swing about the neighborhood but the staff here has warned me that the sight of me in a tight brightly colored suit would likely land me in mental ward.  If any hot red heads out there are willing to try that upside down kiss thing, drop me a line.

2011.07.28 – Pick of the Day – The Two Man Gentlemen Band – Chocolate Milk


Today’s Day is a Battle for Your Tummy

Today is Chocolate Milk Day… Yum!  It is on the long list of holidays pushed by the National Confectioners Association.  Also of note, it is chilli dog day.  I don’t know about you but I would rather have a glass of the sweet moo moo juice over the indigestion on a bun.  Then again, maybe you can have both and see which one wins in the battle of the anatomical bulge.  After all, it is not like either of the concoctions are low fat, cholesterol free foods.  We can save that treat for February 6 which is frozen yogurt day.  Besides, when are the tasty things in life ever good for you?

Despite any health concerns, both edible indulgences are old time American favorites.  I thought is would be appropriate to go with some old school music… something you might have heard at a Vaudeville show.  Quoting the bands bio from Music Alley:

The Two Man Gentlemen Band delivers original circus-country and dixieland-swing with plectrum banjo, string bass, dueling kazoos, foot percussion, & a triangle. Tight harmonies, matching suspenders, and good old Vaudevillian charm!

2011.07.27 – Pick of the Day – Andrew Dean and the Farm Machine – The Price

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National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day

While yesterday was a day to think about peace, an idea I truly endorse, I am also a veteran and feel that we should never forget those who sacrificed life, limb and mental well being in battle.  To quote our president as reported today at E-News Park Forest:

We will never forget that America owes its liberty, security, and prosperity to the heroic acts of our service members.  We must also remember that their selfless sacrifices have had a profound impact on the promotion of freedom across the globe.  On National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day, we recommit to supporting our venerable warriors and their families, and we pay our deepest respects to those who laid down their lives.

Big Hands, Big Feet, No… How About Finger Ratio?

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Distribution of penis length in inches.

Image via Wikipedia

It seems that there may be some truth to the “big hands, big feet” myth… While my typical comedic response was that it only met big gloves, big shoes… However, an article at medical express indicates that there may be some truth to the myth.  Quoting the article:

The ratio between the second and fourth digits is linked to stretched penile length according to a study published online this week in Asian Journal of Androgyny. This finding suggests that digit ratio can predict adult penile size and that the effects of prenatal testosterone may in part explain the differences in adult penile length.

In other words, they believe that they can predict how long an infants schlong will be.  So are expecting mom’s of the future going to have t-shirts made saying my boy is going to be hung? I dunno maybe it will give a male advanced warning to save up for enhancements.

We shall close out this one with “Enhanced It” by Devo Spice.  Devo is a member of The Fump which is short for The Funny Music Project.  He and many other belly busting musicians can be found over at and Mevio’s Music Alley.  You can also find Devo at and his page at Mevio.  Devo Spice music can be purchased at Amazon, and Devo Spice His “Gnome Sane” CD is available at Devo Spice – Gnome Sane? CD and CD Baby (image link below).

2011.07.26 – Pick of the Day – Craymo – One Love, One World, One Voice


One Voice Day – A Day To Make Peace Happen by Starting with Yourself

Today is One Voice Day.  A day on which people all over the world are supposed to unite an The Universal Peace Covenant.  The covenant was created in 1996-7 by over a dozen spiritual teachers and officially signed at the College of Metaphysics in 1997.  The covenant is intended to be read by people around the world today at1 PM.  The philosophy is simple and makes much sense. While there is a lot to this covenant, the part this author likes and totally agrees with is that peace can only be achieved when we, that means all of us, think peaceful thoughts and desire to live in a peaceful manner. The goal is that, if enough people read and participate in this, the collective mind set of the world will change.  The document is available in many languages at the Peace Dome Site.

Mothpod 226 – Eating Crow

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This week at The Indie Music Source

Allen Sale debuts a new song from G Tom Mac, brings you new tracks from The Clintons and Noctura, (both of whom have new albums), unleashes the full track by Letters VS. Numbers found in the Fright Night trailer, and scores a critical hit with the SJ Tucker gem D&D on this, Allen’s final episode as your host. Allen has enjoyed his time guiding you through the wonderful world, the ever expanding universe of independent music. He will be conjuring up more audio awesomeness at Astral Audio Entertainment if you want to enjoy the experience. Turn it up and enjoy!

Check It Out At!

2011.07.25 – Pick of the Day – Carousel by Jana Mashonee


Time to Go Round and Round

Jana Mashonee While our Senators, Congressional Representative seem to be going round and round in and ugly way regarding the debt crisis, it is actually a day to celebrate something that actually should go round and round. Today is National Carousel Day.  According to, it was created to honor the invention of William Schneider of Davenport, Iowa.  He is the man who is credited with the invention of the now staple amusement park ride by patenting it in 1871.

While many of the original, hand crafted “merry go-rounds” have fallen victim to time and gone down the same road as the rotary phone, it is nice to know that there is still a day to honor this beautiful and awesome older tech.  For those of you interested in learning more, check out The National Carousel Association.

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