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China Accidentally Invents Watermelon Mines

Marcia Ball at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage...

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I know it sounds like some type of an excuse you offer the wife when you were late at the bar or a really bad old batman episode. Maybe even a new twist on the cult classic “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”.  It is, however, real  and true news.  It seems that the over zealous, over fertilized Chinese crops are actually exploding.

Boing! Boing! points us to a story over at The Gaurdian which indicates the root of the problem stems from the fact that they used forchlorfenuron, a growth hormone. The article describes them as exploding like “land mines”.  So is this what they mean by ‘growing at an explosive rate”?


iiO featuring Markus Moser ~ Exit 110

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iiO featuring Markus Moser


Cover of iiO


iiO latest album [amazon_link id=”B004OKFJ44″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]EXIT 110[/amazon_link] hits the shelves on 19-April, as in tomorrow!  Jeff with   spoke with Markus Moser the man behind the music and compositions.  Markus has Made { Made Records } a name for himself with his own record label as well.  Working with the amazing vocals provided by Nadia Ali , she isn’t new to the music scene but has only been working behind the mic about 11 years, and has such an amazing voice.  Nadia left iiO in 2005 to pursue a solo career, Nadia and Markus worked on Exit 110 as their final project as iiO


iiO  ,  [amazon_link id=”B004OKFJ44″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Exit 110[/amazon_link] might be the final for iiO, but the music will always live on.  Don’t be surprised isf you hear more from Markus or whatever he may call himself .  Markus claims he is shy, he is a pretty awesome artist and has some killer mixes in Exit 110 and many more tracks he has composed, patched, and played (sorry ladies,  he is married too).  Part of this interview includes the entire track #1  [amazon_link id=”B004U8LEQ2″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]It’ll Be Like (feat. Nadia Ali)[/amazon_link] used with permission from Markus Moser.

I have always been a fan of music created electronically, house, trance, dance or whatever label you can put on it.  iiO does a fantastic  job to bring the vocal poetry of Nadia and the mixes from Markus into an amazing album.   I have a few favorite tracks but to be honest all of them are equally as great as the next.  We at indienation hope to hear of the success of this album, so we ask our fans to go purchase  it and support artists  like Markus and Nadia.

Buy this entire album and save a few dollars:

[amazon_enhanced asin=”B004OKFJ44″ price=”All” background_color=”FFFFFF” link_color=”000000″ text_color=”0000FF” /]

2011.03.30- Wednesday Night Live Part Four – Three Indie Artists


2011.03.30- Wednesday Night Live Part Four

[amazon_image id=”B003FGX1Z2″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Lost In Overdale[/amazon_image]

We start off, for the sake of continuity by replaying the last indie artists, Jamie Gray, from the previous show.  Keep in mind that Jeff, Steve and Lumpy do this live, mess up often, and just try to have fun with the listeners and, even more so, with those involved in chat and VOIP.

We seemed have finally talked ourselves out with the talk in segment three.  So let us just get to the music.


2011.03.30-Wednesday Night Live Part 3 – Mostly Tech Talk

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USSR stamp dedicated to Albert Einstein

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We started off by talking about the band, Lestat, that we closed out the previous show with.  The band recently played out live and Steve had a chance to see them.  We remind the listeners that you can find Lestat at FaceBook.

We also noticed that we were being joined by a scanner or AM radio.  At first we thought it was Jeff’s scanner but after almost a week of gremlin chasing, we narrowed it down to a patch cord acting as an AM receiver.  Once we got away from the scanner conversation, we had a nice long run of tech talk and news.  Eventually, we got back to music.

Jacob Barnet 12 year old genius tackles relativity

This kid is amazing, he taught himself algebra, geometry, triginometry, calculus and physics in a week. With an IQ of 170, Einstein need just move on over and give it up to the boy genius. He started attending Purdue at age 8 and the now 12 year old is about to leave Purdue to do astrophysics research. Pretty nice first gig eh?  While other children his age might be tackleing a paper route, Jacob Barnet seems to be topping that by light years.  The 12 year old slightly autistic genius may have advanced Einstien’s theory of relativity.  The scientists at Princeton are looking over the young man’s calculations and think he may be on to something!

When Robots Still Rule the World

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Thought Controlled Bionic Arm reports on a tech device that makes the TV series “The Six Million Dollar Man” look pretty realistic and, hopefully, not as pricey;

“A bionic prosthetic arm that is controlled by its operator’s thoughts and feels like the amputee’s lost limb went on display Thursday at a major US science conference. More than 50 amputees worldwide, many of them military veterans whose limbs were lost in combat, have received such devices since they were first developed by US doctor Todd Kuiken in 2002. The arm uses technology called Targeted Muscle Reinervation (TMR), which works by rerouting brain signals from nerves that were severed in the injury to muscles that are working and intact.”

One soldier who received such a prosthetic and was part of the demonstration said that, unlike his other prosthetic, the device trained to him.  He described need to train himself to the other prosthetic.  The article reports that the devices are very intuitive.

About this time we simply discussed robots and tech.  We also discussed rescue robots.  I mentioned that I had done a post on such in the past but, at the time, I couldn’t recall where.  It was at Lockergnome


Lestat - Vision of Sorrows

Vision of Sorrows Album Cover

We got off on tangents and talked all night, and mercifully finally closed with Lestat:

  • Baptism
  • Resurection
  • ?
  • Fallen Angel
  • Vision of Sorrows

Thanks for reading/listening/downloading and Lumpy promises to have less caffeine next week.  Feedback is welcome, leave a comment or get with the audio and leave a message at 818-81-INDIE.  That “so five minutes ago” email is info[at]indienatin[dot]fm.


Artist Spotlight: Ryan Darton

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Ryan Darton

Ryan Darton, formerly of the indie band Kid Theodore (and also a friend of mine) has released four demo tracks on his website and will be hitting the studio this April to record a new indie album to be released later this year.

As a core member of Kid Theodore, Ryan contributed to the band’s success in the indie world. Among the highlights of the band’s run, they made appearences at the 2008 and 2009 Sundance Film Festival, the 2008 and 2009 CMJ Music Marathon, and the 2009 South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas. They were also recognized by Billboard Magazine and TAXI as the 2008 Independent Music World Series Champions.

Using the momentum of this success to begin his solo career, Ryan’s latest demos showcase his great talents as a musician, both vocally and instrumentally. It’s quite apparent that Ryan was integral to Kid Theodore’s success and the unique energy they brought to their music and live performances. The melodies are memorable, the lyrics really resonate, and his live performances do not disappoint.

Ryan is more than happy to let us stream his demos, so keep listening, as we’ll be adding them to our rotation soon.

We anxiously await the release of Ryan’s new album!

In the meantime, head on over to and listen to his demos. If you sign up for Ryan’s email list you can download one of his tunes for free. You can also find Ryan on Facebook at, Twitter @RyanDarton, and YouTube at


After All These Years of Blaming the 8-track, Bon Jovi Clears it Up

Steve Jobs shows off iPhone 4 at the 2010 Worl...

Image via Wikipedia - The Slayer of the Music Industry?

I am not always the sharpest tool in the shed.  Often, I should be sentenced to a few hours at the sharpening stone.  This seems to be the case again.

I regret to inform the readers that since, 1976 we have all been misled.  It was not the 8-track piracy that killed the music industry way back in 1976.  Forgive my lack of composure as I try and collect myself from the shock of reality.

For decades, that answer made perfect sense.  We all wanted a tape device that had a reputation for eating its own magnetic guts and that added bonus of that sudden pause in the middle of your song as it attempted to change “tracks”.  Forget not the bonus of tape getting tangled in the player, stretching about six feet before it finally snapping to not only destroying the pricey low quality tape but assuring you the remnants remaining rendered the player useless as well.  I mean why would tech like that just vanish?  Obviously it was sentenced to oblivion by being made illegal.

To think, all this time, we believed that was what saved the industry from destruction due to piracy.  Danger music buffs!  We were wrong, it turns out that the 8-track was just crappy 1970 technology that we didn’t want any more.  It was never made illegal at all.  Then again, it was the 70s and I don’t think but a half dozen people actually remember them.

So what killed the industry?  Well praise be to the omni-knowing, big rogaine haired, wish-we-got-inducted-to-the-rock-hall Jon Bon Jovi for correcting us.  One thing for sure, it involves a bad apple.  Turns out the “death” of the industry that is making more money than ever before is the fault of Steve Jobs:

Kids today have missed the whole experience of putting the headphones on, turning it up to 10, holding the jacket, closing their eyes and getting lost in an album; and the beauty of taking your allowance money and making a decision based on the jacket, not knowing what the record sounded like, and looking at a couple of still pictures and imagining it…. God, it was a magical, magical time… I hate to sound like an old man now, but I am, and you mark my words, in a generation from now people are going to say: ‘What happened?’ Steve Jobs is personally responsible for killing the music business.

Bon Jovi clears the matter up nicely… I mean why should a consumer ever want to know what they are going to buy?  Why don’t we just stop labeling things period?  It would simplify inventory, ordering and shipping.  If your only choice was to order a “mystery box of something”, it would be impossible to get the order wrong or ship to the wrong person.  Even if you did ship it to the wrong person, they would never know since they have no idea what they are getting.  And yes, imagine the excitement  and magic when you open it not knowing whether you are getting a sterling silver silverware set or a box of medical waste!

Call me boring but I want pictures on my menu and, furthermore, I expect my order to look like the picture.  How often do you walk into a resturaunt and just say… “gimme something, anything, cooked any way you wish”?

I have a “magical” idea, let us take every check due to every musician in the world, put it in one really big hat.  Of course, some would be for pennies and others only for a small amount greater around 146.5 million, some would even be payable to bankrupt musicians for negative amounts… So do you think Bon Jovi would like the reaching in for a random payment amount blindfolded?  Of course, if they got Hammer’s check they would find themselves “Livin’ on a Prayer”.

So what does this aging Bon Jovi band do to cope with this “dead” industy?  Why they tour of course…

Rockers Bon Jovi have grossed $146.5 million from their North American shows in the past 12 months, making them the highest-earning touring band of 2010.

And you all thought Metalica got screwed?  I mean a paltry 146.5 million for 12 months work?  Steve, you greedy bastard how could you drive these poor sad excuses for musicians into poverty?  Rumor has it that a Porsche may soon be replaced by a BMW.  I mean can you imaging the embarrassing looks people like MC Hammer will give them?

Let us all hope that the superior talents of  Bieber can save this destitute business from the evils of innovation and technological advancement.  Maybe it is time for “bigger than the Beatles” Oasis to make a come back?

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Indie Band’s Album Tops 1 Million Downloads via BitTorrent

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Sick of Sarah – The Roxy Theatre on 5 June 2009

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BitTorrent has been making waves in the news, lately!

Yesterday I wrote about Paramount releasing a feature film via BitTorrent. Also yesterday, TorrentFreak broke the news that indie band Sick of Sarah had broken a BitTorrent record by making their album 2205 available for free via their service.

The album reached 1 million downloads in just 18 days. It may have had something to do with the fact that BitTorrent bundled the album with their software and users had to opt-out if they didn’t want the album.

Still, a download is a download, and topping one million is an impressive feat. Clearbits tracker reported 82,943 seeders as of March 16th, for a music torrent that is unheard of.

One of the reasons Sick of Sarah went with BitTorrent to distribute their album is wanted to reach a greater audience and hoped it would attract people to their concerts and merchandise.

Only time will tell if they actually see an increase in concert attendance and merchandise sales, but it’s safe to say that Sick of Sara has put themselves on the indie music map – and the Internet map in general – simply by being open to distributing their music via BitTorrent.

You can hear Sick of Sarah’s music on


Kewl Concept – Petri Dish CD

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Compact Disc player carousel for three CDs.

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I got word of this from Boing! Boing! and thought if rather novel.  An independent musician who is also a physicist, has released a CD with some awesome and novel packaging.  According to Boing! Boing!:

“A micrograph of stained penicillin is printed onto the CDs, which are presented in an attractive Petri Dish setting. The album sleeve notes come in the form of a 20-page scientific paper, telling you all you could ever wish to know about the origins, methods and results of this art/science endeavour, as well as full lyrics and some scientific background to explain the songs.”
I thought I might purchase one so I surfed on over to the artist’s site and I discovered , as noted in the comments, that it has also been done before!  Nonetheless, a CD, a research paper and a petri dish still seems like an awesome combo to this indie music geek.

Christmas Cast One – Instrumentals

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A Christmas card from 1870
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I have been a very busy boy gathering up Christmas Music.  I decided to do a few Christmas podcast. I am pleased that the amount of Christmas music  has increased dramatically in the past few years.  You will hear from many independent musicians in this one hourish show.  Nice to see a niche actually developing in the new media order.

I thought it would be nice to do different styles in each show so here we go.  This one will feature an eclectic mix of instrumentals. I only play one song with any real singing in it. While the music, mostly,  is traditional and familiar, the styles are eclectic. So get your yule on with stuff from harps, pianos, synthesizers, and who knows what else. Merry Christmas!

You can find many of these awesome independent artists over at Mevio’s Music Alley. If the artist has a page at Music Alley, the “(MMA)” will link you there.

  • Kicking it back to the old skewl days of computer music, 8 Bit Peoples who are also available at The Internet Archive
    • The First Blip Blop Noel
    • Let It Snow
    • Xmas Songs (Plastic Sputnik Arcade Punk Remix)
  • A Couple I did on some of my MIDI instruments;
    • Away in a Manger
    • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
    • Oh Christmas Tree
  • A Few from Kevin MacLeod
    • Bethlehem
    • Angels We Have Heard on High
    • What Child is This?
  • How about some metal? Christmas at the Devil’s House (MMA)
    • Greensleeves
    • We Three Kings
  • Derek K. Miller (MMA)
    • Greensleeves
    • We Three kings
  • Two Harps (MMA)
    • God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen
    • What Child is This?
    • We Three Kings
  • Hairy Larry also available at Internet Archive (MMA)
    • Hark the Herald Angel Sings
    • O Come All Ye Faithful
    • O Little Town of Bethleham
  • The Oilville Christmas Dynasty
    • Oilville Christmas Dynasty – I’ll Be Alone Christmas Time (The only song this show with lyrics)
    • The High Balls – A Fistful of We Three Kings
    • Funbunny – The Little Bunny Boy
  • I closed with John Stebbe with a nice jazzy version of Silent Night

Thanks for listening, feel free to comment, and, of course, Merry Christmas.  Remember you can also leave feedback at our Google Voice number 818-81-INDIE.

Special thanks to

Merry Christmas!

2010.11.20 – Indie Soup – Demented in Cyberland

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Dr. Demento at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in...
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This one was a lot of fun.  I have a thing for parody music, always have, always will.  If not check and see if aliens have taken over my body, then again, that might explain why I like such music.  I am not alone in this like, Yippie rather likes it too… as do many of you.  So this week, it shall be done in the spirit of the legendary Dr. Demento.

Although we are not worthy of a candle next to his spotlight, we can still present a musical argument that these parodies and comedy tunes are less lame and pale than the original pop versions. (We also play a mash up, something we rarely do. However, this mash up is actually the performering and his clone band doing several tunes, at the same time.)

I must also caution you the this is not a podcast that would be safe for work.  While we feel that there are appropriate times to maintain a G Rating, midnight EST on Friday night/Saturday morning are not one of them.  While there is nothing totally shocking, we do have some material that may make your boss unhappy, or your parents.  So if you are in one of the two categories, wait for a safe for work and kids show.

Yippie and I often do G Rated shows.  The “format” of Indie Soup is pretty simple, we pick a loose theme, spin indie music, attempt to play a few tracks by any given artists and try and keep our banter to a minimum.  Usually we stream the show live.  I do not record the actual live show but only the portions where we speak. I use Audacity to give the listener a show that does not suffer from any of the winamp shoutcast auto-fades. Not usually an issue for live shows but in this case, I used many sound effects in the show, the auto-fade can chop them.  In short, you get a better show.  Live is a bit different.

We don’t use all the banter from the live show in the recorded version.  Other times, we just record the show as we stream it.  It just depends.

If you wish to catch us live, tune in to Indie Nation, Friday at Midnight EST for Indie Soup.  Thanks for listening.

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