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The Great Luke Ski is Performing at Gen Con 2014


Podcaster, Musician, Cartoonist and an Awesome Dude – The Great Luke Ski

The Great Luke SkiBefore we even get started, I am not biased… I just have good taste and recognize amazing talent.  I have been a fan of this man an his work for as long as I have been a DJ who spins indie music.  I don’t think I am exaggerating, below are a few reasons why:

The Colored Parade

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The Colored Parade – … And the Walls of the City Will Shake

As usual I am way behind on my album reviews. My inbox is overflowing.  Artists and agents please be patient, I am listening and typing as fast as I can.

Today, I am pleased to introduce you to The Colored Parade.  The album … And the Walls of the City Will Shake is a great piece of work.  If I had to use just one word to describe this album it would be eclectic… other than that, I am at a loss for words.

Melvoy – Irrelevant Elephant

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Introducing Melvoy – A Great Mix of Sound



I am on my third full listen of Melvoy’s new album.  I am as pleased with it as I was on the first listen.  The music is a nice blend of surf, rock, and Latin.  The music and vocals are wonderfully solid and full.  The work is well produced and has a terrifically thick sound. While it is hard to assign a genre to this artist’s work, it certainly deserves the label of excellent.  The 11 track release, Irrelevant Elephant, is something I think you should check out.  It is impossible to listen to this album and not allow some of its amazing energy to positively impact your mood.  In short, if you even remotely enjoy this style of music, you are going to fall in love with this album.  Put your ear buds in and get the salsa ready!

Press Release – EGrooves Vol. 1

An Album to Promote the Music of Africa

Most people are barely aware or completely unaware of African music.  I honestly wonder how many people actually know which instruments commonly attributed to Spanish and Cuban music are in fact African in origin.  This is why I was glad to get the following press release in my inbox.

A Band Called Quinn – A Scottish Man

A Scottish Man, A Five Minute Theatre Piece

The piece below is part of The Great Yes, No, Don’t Know Show.  Quoting the email from Louse Quinn:

National Theatre of Scotland

National Theatre of Scotland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

National Theatre of Scotland’s The Great Yes, No, Don’t Know, Five Minute Theatre Show, was co-curated by David Greig and the late David MacLennan & featured over 840 performers, including one dog and two sheep, from eight countries, presenting a series of live scenes, songs, skits, rants and dramas, as a democratic dramatic response to the theme of “Independence”. The show celebrated a momentous year and provided hundreds of answers to one very important question; allowing individuals to discuss what independence, means to them, and not purely in a political sense.  The Great Yes, No, Don’t Know, Five Minute Theatre Show, was performed at various locations across Scotland, the UK, the world and the web, streaming live over 24 hours on 23rd June 2014, from 5pm

A Band Called Quinn live on Camglen Radio

A Band Called Quinn live on Camglen Radio (Photo credit: cameronjking)

Five Minute Theatre makers included poets, primary school pupils, film-makers, families, community groups, teenagers, visual artists, professional theatre-makers and expectant mothers, with ages ranging from three months to 80 years old. Their five minute dramas were broadcast from across the globe from towns, cities, states and countries including Rutherglen, Govan, East Timor, Los Angeles, Lancaster, Texas, Thurso, Leeds, Istanbul, New Jersey, New York, South Australia, Edinburgh, Mumbai, Inverness and Paris. Locations included a garden, a field, a car park, schools, bedrooms, a toilet, a pub, a library, a hospital,  a beach, and the Falkirk Wheel, all streamed on the

virtual stage for a global audience.

Full details at


Monogroove’s New Release, Echos in the Glass

This is a request to review an album that I was really glad to receive.  It is was, unlike many, great to listen to.  The tough part will be deciding on a favorite track.

First, a little basic information on Monogroove, according to their Reverb Nation Bio is:

Monogroove is the Los Angeles based female fronted dual vocal Power/Pop Band Performing in and around the LA circuit, Benefits, Charity/fundraisers and private gatherings

The Members are:

  • Rin Lennon – Vocals and Guitars
  • Andrea Ireland – Vocals
  • Brad Myers – Bass
  • Kenny Cratty – Drums

Yes, the gender make up is the same as the Mamas and the Papas.   Musically they do have somewhat of that sound.  However, being a fan of the famous foursome, I think that this release offers a much more eclectic mix of sound.

Monogroove - Echoes In The Glass

Monogroove – Echoes In The Glass

Echoes in the Glass is a very solid album of great music.  From the catchy sax rift that kicks the album off with the first track, When You Went Away, with a sound much like Mo-town, to the last track, the band does a good job of providing the listener with 17 tracks that you will want to listen to.  They even tossed in an awesome cover of Tomorrow Never Knows, a tune that, in my opinion, is a tough one for any band to cover.

The band is excellent vocally with some beautiful harmonization on almost every track.  It is definitely the vocals that I feel is the band’s strong suit.  However, I want to make it clear that the music is also great.  Another thing the band does well is to keep a certain style of their own while still giving the listener a good dose of eclectic music.  There are funky songs, mellow songs, sad ballads and just down right happy tunes on this collection.

You can find out more about this band at the links below:

You can buy their music at (affiliate links):

Monogroove: REAL
Monogroove: Five Minute Cat Wash
Monogroove: Echoes in the Glass
Monogroove: Sexy Never Knows

Girl Band Giving It Away for Free

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What Were You Thinking?  I Hope a Free Music Track

Sometimes things are not what you might first think.  For one thing this band is giving away a two track release at bandcamp.  For another thing, the name Girl Band is rather deceptive, according to their Facebook Page, they consist of the following members:

  • Dara Kiely – Vocals
  • Alan Duggan – Guitar
  • Daniel Fox – Bass
  • Adam Faulkner – Drums

Ionia’s EP Captain Humility is Out!

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Captain Humility Released

One of the things I love about being at Indie Nation is that I get all these awesome press releases.  I got one from Behind the Curtain Media this week that I think is particularly noteworthy.  Part of it reads:

New York City’s very own IONIA is proud to release their debut EP entitled “Captain Humility” today! The five-piece dynamic band delves deep into your psyche with powerful lyrics and resonating music. Their upcoming music video, for “Captain Humility” will be released July 1st. The video was written, directed and produced by singer Blaise Beyhan and is a continuation of the storyline from their first video “Mutiny”. The addition of film adds an entirely new dimension to their already spine-tingling music

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