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2012.04.05-Pick Of The Day-John Christopher Thomas

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Pick Of The Day John Christopher Thomas

John Christopher Thomas

Hello indienation listeners Cleta is bringing you todays pick of the day and since today is April 5th 2012 and it is One day without shoes day. I thought this song Feet Don’t Fail Me Now was very fitting for this day it is from the very talented John Christopher Thomas This was quoted from his bio at

Born in Omaha Nebraska and raised in San Antonio Texas, John began playing piano at seven. His style developed in his early teens, while studying jazz piano. During the mid-80’s, John began to work with a variety of bands playing rock, funk, blues and fusion music. In 1991, after completing his Bachelor’s degree in art, John moved to South Korea to teach English. He eventually joined a Korean group called Joybox, whose pop single “Special” made it to #23 in the K-Pop charts in 2000. Now adding acoustic guitar to his instruments, John had hundreds of recorded demos to tweak and develop. After completing his MA back in San Antonio, he created the short-live blog “Sweaty”, to express the difficulty of those following an individual creative path. Constantly recording in his makeshift home studio, he was able to record tunes that reflected his earlier musical roots of low-fi indie songs with slight touches of folk and world.

I really dig this song I hope you enjoy it as well.
You can find John at:

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2012.03.02 – The LumpCast and the Spotlight on Various Artists

For this week’s episode of the LumpCast, I thought I would kick back to some of the musicians we have had the pleasure to get to know in the recent past, some locally from Cleveland and others from elsewhere.

I am playing short sets and spotlights for this show. Many of them are recordings I actually did with a Zoom H2 Portable Recording unit when these musicians played live at local clubs in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Listen in as Cleta, Omnidragon, Boz and Lumpy spin and eclectic mix of indie music.


2012.02.27 – Tech Net News and Opinion – Episode 011


We started tonight’s show off with some music from the wonderful Polina Kourakina.

We played:

  • Dance With Me
  • Not Done Dancing Yet
  • Liquor and Wine

You can find Polina Kourakina at:
Polina’s Web Site
You can buy her music at:

You can buy her CD at CD Baby:

Wikileaks Pairs with Anonymous to Publish Intelligence Firm’s Dirty Laundry

This is the de-facto flag of the organization ...

Image via Wikipedia

In a recent story, has announced that Anonymous and Wikileaks will be working together to release 5 million e-mails that were retrieved from servers at Strafor, a private intelligence firm.  Anonymous states that releasing this information on Wikileaks will allow for sifting through the mass of e-mails more efficiently.  In a statement from Stratfor, they claim that the e-mails should not publicly embarrass the company.

Our next news article came from

FBI turns off 3,000 GPS trackers after Supreme Court ruling

Andrew Weissmann, the general counsel for the FBI, announced that they are switching off thousands of GPS devices that are used for surveillance after the recent Supreme Court decision this past month.  The recent ruling states that GPS devices attached to the underbody of a car require a valid warrant.  The FBI is developing new guidelines in how they will use these devices.

Plesk control panel bug left FTC sites (and thousands more) exposed to Anons

A very serious vulnerability has been found in versions of Parallels Plesk Control Panel software.  This is very troubling due to the fact that this is one of the most popular control panel software programs currently available.  The vulnerability allows a hacker to make significant changes to user accounts and files.  This allows them to gain root access and install custom software.  Anyone that uses Plesk and does not keep their control panel up to date on a regular basis is encouraged to upgrade to the most recent micro-patch of your available version.

We went to some music by The Hush Now

  • Cameraphone
  • Sitting on a Slow Clock
  • The Glow

You can find The Hush Now at:
Mevio’s Music Alley

Google sells off Clearwire stake for $47 million reports that Google recently sold off their $47 million dollar stake in Clearwire.  Google has not made a public statement on why they have decided to unload Clearwire, but, the huge losses Clearwire has been seeing in recent years might be an indicator.  Clearwire is hoping that the 5,000 LTE sites it plans on having operational mid next year will change their current course.

Google Aims to Offer Kansas City TV


Image via Wikipedia

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Google, Inc. has applied in the past week to provide video service to residents of Kansas City, Missouri.  This sets the stage for Google offering a Cable-TV like service in addition to the high-speed internet service they plan on marketing later this year. This would place Google into competition with satellite and cable TV providers.  They are looking to launch this TV service in the coming months.

Google, Apple sued over Street View Technology

According to CNET, a recent lawsuit has been filed against Google and Apple stating that they infringed on a patent filed in mid-2003.  The patent covers an interactive system for displaying detailed view and direction in panoramic images.  The law suit claims that Google’s street view product is in violation and that Google and Apple were both aware of this before releasing their Street View product.  The company filing the suit is named PanoMap Technologies and they don’t even have a website.

Then, we had music from Beatnik Turtle
We played:

  • How Did I Google This?

You can find Beatnik Turtle at:
The song of the

Then, we played some music by Tom Smith:

  • Cruisin’ For Chicks On Google Maps

You can find Tom Smith at:
Tom Smith
Mevio’s Music Alley
Tom Smith at The

Then we had some more music by Beatnik Turtle

  • Beatnik Turtle – On Her Blog
  • Beatnik Turtle – Cube Farm

Buckyball Solids Found In Space

Extragalactic Space Balls

Image via Wikipedia

Last year, scientists found gaseous clouds of buckyballs.  Astronomers have now discovered these carbon balls in solid form about 6,500 light-years from earth.  Buckyballs are microscopic spheres where 60 carbon atoms are arranged with alternating patterns of hexagons and pentagons in a football like pattern.  This makes the structures incredibly strong and perfect for making superconducting materials, medicines, water purification systems, and armor.  The particles they have discovered are miniscule and are much thinner than the width of a human hair.

Faster-Than-Light Neutrino Results May Be Due to Bad Cables

This one comes from  In past broadcasts, we discussed tests that claimed to have sent neutrinos faster than the speed of light.  This, however, seems to not be due to a scientific breakthrough, but, due to bad cabling.  The issue they detected was a faulty fiber optic connection that brought the GPS signal to the experiment’s master clock.  This caused the GPS to provide the wrong timestamps during the synchronization between events.  The OPERA collaboration is looking to perform new measurements of the neutrino velocity as soon as they continue operations in March.
Then, we played some music from Chris Ayer. 
We played:

  • Starfish In The Front Yard
  • Evaporate
  • The Center Ring

You can find Chris Ayer at:
Mevio’s Music Alley

Code Hero raises over $100,000 for shooter that teaches Computer Programming

Our last news of the night was from  Code Hero recently completed its Kickstarter project and successfully raised over $170,000.  Over 7,400 backers showed support for the product and are able to download and install a beta version of the game.  Code Hero is a co-op first person science shooter that allows you to manipulate code with a code gun.  Code Hero uses a gaming atmosphere in an educational manner to teach programming concepts.  The game uses the Unity Game Engine and is actively being developed.

Next we played some music by Bill Mecca

  • Grover’s Tune

You can find Bill Mecca at:
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Artist Spotlight on Polina Kourakina


Talent and a Unique Style, Polina Kourakina

Today we have spotlight on an artist and we bring you the wonderful Polina Kourakina who joined Lumpy in the studio. He and Cleta had the chance to talk with Polina about the show she played at the Beach Land Tavern and other exciting things she has going on and Lumpy was able to record the show she did there. The songs she played were from her Wanderlust EP:

  • Catching the Port
  • Dying to Meet You
  • Liquor and Wine
  • Don’t Tell My Mom

Polina is a talented singer/songwriter who is currently in the greater Cleveland area. She is of Russian decent as you may have guessed by her name. She has a beautiful voice that will just melt your heart.

You can find Polina at:

2012.02.20 -Monday Night Tech Net News and Opinion – Episode 10


2012.02.20 -Monday Night Tech Net News and Opinion – Episode 10

English: Sick of Sarah – The Roxy Theatre on 5...

Image via Wikipedia

We started off tonight with some music from Sick of Sarah that was, recorded live at The Pirates Cove in Ohio.

  • Kick Back
  • Over Exposed
  • Hello, Good Morning (Sent out to Lumpy)

You can find Sick of Sarah at:
Sick Of

We started the news with a, article from

Future Chrome Version May Choose Your Passwords, and Change Them when You’ve Been Hacked

In a story from Ars they report that in a future release of Chrome users will be able to generate passwords and change them if you’ve been hacked. You will be able to create and change the passwords on a site by site basis, but, they are looking to create a system where the user will be able to change all of their passwords at once. Currently Google is looking for a way to “authenticate to the browser to enable this feature”.

We have some more news from

English: Google Logo officially released on Ma...

Image via Wikipedia

Google Public Dns Prevails as the World’s Largest Service

According to Google’s Public DNS service is handling more than 70 billion DNS request per day. This makes it the largest public DNS service on earth according to Google. Their Public DNS service was, launched in December of 2009 in order to encourage a faster Internet experience to users of the service. Google has also expanded their servers to new countries such as Australia, India, Japan, and Nigeria.

We played some music by Nigel Passey From his new EP The Lights, The Sound and The People

  • Change
  • Don’t Run
  • Pick up the pieces

You can find Nigel Passey at:

We had another news story from

Anonymous Antisec Hackers Break into and Bring Down Ftc Website

In this story from Arstechnica they report that members of Anonymous’s “Antisec” have attacked the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection website server. They were able to hack into the server and deface the sites that are, hosted on it. The members of Anonymous posted a log from the hack to and it shows the server’s directories, user account names, encrypted passwords, and the MySQL databases. In an announcement, from Anonymous they state “if ACTA is,signed by all participating negotiating countries… We will systematically knock all evil corporations and governments off of the Internet”.

Our next news story tonight was from

Malicious Backdoor in Open-source Messaging Apps Not Spotted for 3 Months has reported that a backdoor has been found in the Horde Groupware and Webmail application. The malicious code has been in the Horde version 3.3.12 product, Horde Groupware 1.2.10, and Horde Groupware Webmail 1.2.10 for the past 3 months. It allowed hackers to run remote commands on the server. Horde says that the releases were altered, after unidentified hackers breached the FTP server that was used, to distribute the installation packages.

We had another news segment from

High Orbits and Slowlorised: understanding the Anonymous attack tools

In another story from they discuss how Anonymous is staying away from their product known as Low Orbit Ion Cannon and are starting to use a new product names High Orbit Ion Cannon. The Low Orbit Ion Cannon or L.O.I.C. was a website and the new H.O.I.C. is an actual application. The main power of H.O.I.C. is that it can be, customized for each attack target easily using their simple GUI.

We moved on to some music by Jamie Gray from his new EP Anywhere

  • With you
  • Everytime you fall
  • On A Sunny Day

You can find Jamie Gray at:
Reverb Nation

We then moved to a news story from

Takedowns Run Amok? the Strange Secret Service/Godaddy Assault on Jotform

A popular site named JotForm was taken, down recently by the US Secret Service without any warning. The site became unreachable which made over two million user-created forms unusable. Customers blasted the site and many cancelled their subscriptions. Many commenters blame the company for using GoDaddy and are now on NameCheap and Hover. The Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary has tools Ars Technica that they are launching and internal investigation to verify that proper procedures were, followed.

Then we had another article from

Verizon Turns on 4g Lte in Five New Cities

On January 19th Verizon customers in 5 U.S. cities will have access to their 4G network. The nations largest LTE carrier has added service in Glen Falls and Utica New York, Lawton Oklahoma, Brownsville and McAllen Texas. Also Spokane, Atlanta, and Houston will see expanded service. Verizon’s LTE blankets more than 200 million users in 195 markets. Verizon is on track to complete its 4G rollout by the end of 2013

We played some music by Boggie

  • Cheesecake Blues
  • Crosscut and Saw Blues
  • East Chicago Blues
  • Snatch It and Hold It Blues

You can find Boggie at:
Mevio’s Music Alley
And next we covered a, article from

Hot Nanotubes Blast Chemo-resistant Cancer Cells into Oblivion has an encouraging article about nanotubes and using them to blast chemo resistant cancer cells. This particularly diffuclt to control breed called Cancer Stem Cells are difficult to kill because the divide so slowly.Cancer drugs have been proven to, be ineffective and they are also resistant to heat therapies. Tests of nanotubes being injected into tumors and then being exposed to laser light for 30 seconds from outside the body have shown promising results. This causes the nanotubes to vibrate and create heat which stop the growth of the cancer stem cells.

Our next news article was from

How Much Would It Cost to Build the Death Star?

On a lighter note some geeks have taken the time to calculate how much it would cost to build an actual Death Star. They modeled warship. According to calculations it would take 833,315 years to produce the amount of steel and the final cost would be 852 quadrillion American dollars at 2012 prices. Their would be 13,000 times the current world’s GDP. I would not expect to see a Death Star being built, in the near future.
Our last news tonight was from

Online Role-playing Can Zap Marital Happiness, Survey Finds

Researchers have found that gaming has an effect on marital satisfaction. Among couples that were willing to, be studied, researchers found the biggest problem when gaming enters a relationship is not so much the time spent, but the arguments resulting from the disrupted bedtime routines and the lost time spent doing activities or engaging in serious conversation.

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2012.02.13 – Monday Night Tech Net News and Opinion – Episode 009


Monday Night Tech Net News and Opinion Episode 009-2012.02.13

Image via Wikipedia

Hello, IndieNation listeners! Tonight, we have news about Googleplex expansion, Google TV’s YouTube app update, How to Download a Copy of The Pirate Bay, and we discussed about how Microsoft’s store site in India was, defaced.

We started tonight’s news with an article from

Googleplex Expansion to Include ‘experience Center’ Test Labs

Google is planning on adding an Experience Center to their Mountain View headquarters. It is, expected to, be a 120,000 square foot Google Experience Center that will act as a private museum and meeting area. It will also be an area to test secret projects such as the new at home entertainment device.

Then, we moved to,

Google TV’s YouTube app update to surface more videos

Google TV now has an update to their YouTube app which contains a new Channel page. This page will help users to browse and find content throughout YouTube based on topics. According to Google, this is just a hint at some bigger things that are coming soon.

From an article at

We then went on to some music by Automatic Static.

We played:

  • Someday

and you can find them at:
Mevio’s Music Alley

Then we played a song by Aluminum Forest

  • Cold

You can find Aluminum Forest at:
Web Site
Mevio’s Music Alley
And we played a song by The Really Rottens

  • Aqua Man

You can find The Really Rottens at:
Mevio’s Music Alley
Reverb Nation
Garage Punk

Then, we moved to more news with an article from Arstechnica

Microsoft’s Store Site in India Defaced; Hackers Find Plain Text Passwords

Chinese hackers recently defaced the homepage for Microsoft’s India store on February 12th The site is still currently off, line and according to the hackers they were able to gain user names and passwords from the site. They are calling themselves “Evil Shadow Team” and stated on their blog that the site had poor security and also commented that the passwords were, stored in plain text in the database.

Then we moved on to some more great music by Tom Smith

  • Cruisin For Chicks On Google Maps

You can find Tom Smith at:
Mevio’s Music Alley
The FuMP
His Web Site

Our next news story of the night comes from a, article at

Download a Copy of the Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has released copies of its site for download recently, and due to new technology, the file is only 90 megabytes. If you would like to download this file, feel free to head over to  The Pirate Bay has recently announced that they will stop hosting torrents. Instead, they will be using “Magnet Links” which will require minimal bandwidth to run a proxy site.

Our next song was by Acid42 feat. Yu:Mi

  • Sitsiritsit Alibangbang

You can find Acid42 at:
Mevio’s Music Alley
Reverb nation

We played some music by Dan-O

  • Permafrost

You can find Dan-O at:
Mevio’s Music Alley
Music by

We read another article from

Why Pirate Bay Changed Their Name from .org to .se

The Pirate Bay Moves to .SE Domain To Prevent Domain Seizure After the court case against the founders of The Pirate Bay concluded, the operators quickly moved the site to change from .ORG to the .SE just to prevent the US authorities seizing the domain. This was a serious risk just because the court case has completed. They did find the owners of the Pirate Bay to, be guilty of certain things. Earlier today, Sweden’s Supreme Court announced its decision not to grant leave to appeal in the long-running Pirate Bay criminal trial. This means that the prison sentences and fines against the defendants are now final.

The Pirate Bay website itself, however, wasn’t part of the trial and will remain operational as normal. That is, unless the U.S. government chooses to intervene.

Another article about Pirate Bay at

The Pirate Bay avoids walking the plank, for now

Can The Pirate Bay exist without torrents? The future of the Swedish torrent tracker arrives on the last day of February, which is when the site administrators have announced that they will be phasing out torrents in favor of magnet links. Although it sounds like The Pirate Bay will be closing, the move is, designed to ensure that the site continues on.

We ended with this song Butterfly Effect by Lamb-Sounda Alien Spy Remix Sounda.

You can find Sounda at:
Mevio’s Music Alley
Reverb Nation

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2012.01.30 – Tech Net News and Opinion – 007


Tech Net News and Opinion – Episode 007 – 2012.01.30

Greetings Listeners,

The Hush Now at The Roc Bar

Wi-Fi Signal logo
In this week’s episode of Tech Net News and Opinion, we discuss, Newt Gingrich being sued for IP law violations, a super hot X-ray laser, capturing Wi-Fi passwords and fake projects at Apple.  So tune in enjoy the music and our chat about the various news items.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid, The LumpCast has Returned…..

Yes, some things may best be left dead, but The Ol’ LumpCast is not one of them.  Be sure and tune in weekly on Fridays at 10 PM for the podcast that started it all for Lumpy.

I know it has been a long while and the LumpCast has been more or less defunct. Now that Meshelly and I have our groove down on Indie Soup and others at Indie Nation are learning to do more, it is time to bring it back from the dead. Join me as I spin all kinds of music but lean more to house and dance.

More at The LumpCast

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2012.01.23 – Pick of the Day – Heart to Heart


Often, I feel totally overwhelmed by my in-box.  If I took these companies up on their offers, my schlong would be so large that I would need a wheel barrel to walk about, I would know secrets that would make any woman want to choke on it, and I would be able to keep it stiff for weeks on end. I would also be debt-free and obscenely wealthy likely by helping people in Nigeria funnel millions from estates with no living heirs.   That, however,  is not the type of mail I am talking about though, Thunderbird eats that stuff like bees do nectar.

2012.01.20 – Spotlight on Polina Kourakina


Polina Kourakina

Today the spotlight is on Polina Kourakina, a young talented singer/songwriter who is currently in the greater Cleveland area.  As you may have guessed from her name, she is of Russian decent.  Regardless of where she is at or where she is from, she is a wonderful guitar player and has a beautiful voice.

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