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2012.01.03 – Pick of the Day – Rob Montague


Rob Montague and The Flat Earth Society, January 4, 2012  at The House of Blues, Cleveland, Ohio

Rob Montague photo by Eric Leiser Photography

We don’t really need a reason to do a pick of the day, short of having a reason to do one.

It could be that the artists is just good, they might have a track that is relevant to what day it is, or they might be doing a show.  Maybe we just felt like it… The only standard is the, same as at the station, it must be great independent music.

In the cast of Rob Montague and The Flat Earth Society, it is a case of two out of three. He is playing a live gig in Cleveland tomorrow and he is a very good musician. Join us for this pick of the day as we feature his songs; And She Said Hello and Brand New Day from his Album “Farewell Song”.

2011.12.27 – More Christmas Music


Christmas Music, One Last Show

Some material may not be considered safe for work (NSFW), children and arachnids over 3 feet tall

Cleta, Knowles217, OmniDragon and Lumpy were still up for spinning some Christmas music. This one, as well is about the music and not talk. We didn’t cover any news. We simply spun Christmas music and told you what we played. We hope you all had a great holiday season last year and hope you are starting off having a great new year. Enjoy the last in the Podcast of Christmas here at

Christmas Day Podcast


What Did You Do on Christmas? We did another “Podcast of Christmas !”

Scrooge's third visitor, from Charles Dickens:...

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For Lumpy, Christmas is for the children. My family celebrates it on Christmas Eve and I spent most of my Christmas Day organizing Christmas Music. This podcast originally streamed live on Christmas Day, it is Christmas Music with only a tad bit of chat in between. Merry Christmas and enjoy: Special kudos and thanks to Cleta and Knowles217 for joining me on this holiday special. Here is a list of what we played in three and half hour show.

The Hush Now at The Roc Bar in Cleveland, Ohio


Interview and Live Recording of The Hush Now on 2011.10.07

The Hush Now - Memos

Three of our staff were fortunate enough to catch up with The Hush Now at The Roc Bar in Cleveland, Ohio.  The band, management and the club were kewl enough to set us up with and interview and recording the band. We must confess that our staff was very excited with being able to catch this great band. Special thanks to Rachel Miller of Big Picture Media for setting all of this up for us.

The Boston based band consists of Noel Kelly (vocals/guitar), Adam Quane (lead guitar), Barry Marino (drums), Pat MacDonald (bass) and, the latest addition, John Millar (keyboards).  Join us as Georgie, Boz and Lumpy sit down with them for both a casual and chaotic interview.

Interview with Daria Musk and RAM – Part 2


As I mentioned in the notes for part one of this interview, I am not keeping things in the same order as we did them live on the stream.  In this segment you will get to hear something we kept going back too, how the Internet community, mainly Google Plus, impacted these to artist in a positive way.  One of the things that I am sure every listener will notice is that Daria Musk and RAM really appreciate their fans and the Google Plus community.

I have often mentioned that what I enjoy the most about being a podcaster is being the middle man between the artists and the listeners.  However, with today’s recent tech advances, that particular role may well be on it’s way to obsolescence.   Musicians can now simply interact directly with listeners… even perform hangout concerts on the Internet… I so love the new media order.

2011.08.16 – Pick of the Day – Daria Musk – Plus One Me

POSTED ON August 16th  - POSTED IN acoustic, independent music, interviews, music, Pick of the Day, Podcasts, pop, rock

How About a Daria Musk Day?

Daria Musk

“Pick of the Day”  was not originally about what day it was.  To be honest, it still isn’t.  It is an excuse to promote and share an independent artist.  With so many organizations choosing this day and that day, why can’t a streaming radio station pick one of it’s own?

With that in mind, I am going to make this day Daria Musk Day.  I am doing so because I intend to spend most of my day editing a long interview with her and RAM.  Both are talented musicians and composers who blessed us with over two and a half hours of their time.  Her and RAM created on heck of an Internet buzz when they streamed live via Google Hangout.  They had over 9000 viewers from over 100 countries as they streamed live and interacted with fans for seven and a half hours.

Stupid as Charged – Episode 004- Bad Tattoos, Money, Breath and Hair


Stupid as Charged – Episode 004- Bad Tattoos, Money, Breath and Hair

Man Tattoos Murder Details on Himself


Today’s first five dunce cap nominee is officially convicted,  according to a Reuters article at Yahoo Odd News, a 25 year old man was convicted for a 2004 murder and, at least part of the case against him was a tattoo.  Unlike that television series where the one thug had a tattoo of the prison to escape though, it was far from any type of map to freedom.  In fact, it worked just the opposite.  He became suspect when he was arrested for a suspended license in 2008. The tattoo, according to the article, depicted a helicopter shooting a peanut man outside a store.  Apparently, a peanut is a rival gang member and the man convicted had a gang nickname of “chopper”.  An AOL article includes a photo and states that the tattoo was a replica of the crime scene and that is what allowed police to make the connection.  Lumpy ranks this one with five dunce caps.

Indie Soup 2011.05.05 – Funny Musicians

"R" rating of Motion Picture Associa...

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Before we get started, this show is recorded live late Friday nights.  It is not safe for work or intended for children.  We spin parody music and sometimes it goes a good lunar orbit or two past any type of PG rating.  So get a glass of water and swallow our disclaimer pill and let us all freak and geek out on Friday nights.

Lately, the Yippie and I have been off on a bit of Dr. Demento Dr. Dementostyle mood.  Who knows maybe we make midnight Friday to do just that?  What else would a station indie music geeks and IRC addicts do on a Friday night?  Meshelly and I talk less frequently this podcast but stick around for a longer last call than usual where we ramble on about various news articles Indie Nation covered this week.

I am also starting to add affiliate links.  I know that many of you love this music, this show and these artist.  Please feel free to use the links to purchase CDs and MP3s and thereby support the artists and, at the same time, help the Lumpster reduce the cost dent of all of this.  As usual, we would like to remind our listeners that we find the majority of our tunage at Mevio’s Music Alley and you can get many of the tracks there for 99 cents.

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