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Kick Ass Punk Rock from Sharks and Interview from Vans Warped Tour


Sharks – Hot Punk Rock from the UK

Sharks and Lumpy - Photo by Eric Leiser Photography

The date was July 20, 2011 and the temperature would have likely been cooler on the bright side of Mercury.  The only thing hotter than the weather was the music and energy at Vans Warped Tour. We wish to warn you now… you shall hear some material considered NSFW which is short for Not Safe For Work.

Turn About Time, Righthaven Hit with Class Action Suit

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According to a post at ARS Technica,  the many individuals that the alleged “copyright troll” company, Righthaven previously sought to sue have turned the tables.  The company produces no product and seems only to exist as a litigation machine. While a vulture is not exactly a predator, the preyed are now on the counter attack.

Righthaven has come under scrutiny lately because they are sueing people left and right, over 250 according to the article.  The article states that 57 plaintiffs, those of the 250 plus that originated in Colorado are fighting back and the claim states:

“Class Plaintiffs are victims of extortion litigation by Righthaven,”

Indie Soup 2011.05.05 – Funny Musicians

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Before we get started, this show is recorded live late Friday nights.  It is not safe for work or intended for children.  We spin parody music and sometimes it goes a good lunar orbit or two past any type of PG rating.  So get a glass of water and swallow our disclaimer pill and let us all freak and geek out on Friday nights.

Lately, the Yippie and I have been off on a bit of Dr. Demento Dr. Dementostyle mood.  Who knows maybe we make midnight Friday to do just that?  What else would a station indie music geeks and IRC addicts do on a Friday night?  Meshelly and I talk less frequently this podcast but stick around for a longer last call than usual where we ramble on about various news articles Indie Nation covered this week.

I am also starting to add affiliate links.  I know that many of you love this music, this show and these artist.  Please feel free to use the links to purchase CDs and MP3s and thereby support the artists and, at the same time, help the Lumpster reduce the cost dent of all of this.  As usual, we would like to remind our listeners that we find the majority of our tunage at Mevio’s Music Alley and you can get many of the tracks there for 99 cents.

iiO featuring Markus Moser ~ Exit 110

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iiO featuring Markus Moser


Cover of iiO


iiO latest album [amazon_link id=”B004OKFJ44″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]EXIT 110[/amazon_link] hits the shelves on 19-April, as in tomorrow!  Jeff with   spoke with Markus Moser the man behind the music and compositions.  Markus has Made { Made Records } a name for himself with his own record label as well.  Working with the amazing vocals provided by Nadia Ali , she isn’t new to the music scene but has only been working behind the mic about 11 years, and has such an amazing voice.  Nadia left iiO in 2005 to pursue a solo career, Nadia and Markus worked on Exit 110 as their final project as iiO


iiO  ,  [amazon_link id=”B004OKFJ44″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Exit 110[/amazon_link] might be the final for iiO, but the music will always live on.  Don’t be surprised isf you hear more from Markus or whatever he may call himself .  Markus claims he is shy, he is a pretty awesome artist and has some killer mixes in Exit 110 and many more tracks he has composed, patched, and played (sorry ladies,  he is married too).  Part of this interview includes the entire track #1  [amazon_link id=”B004U8LEQ2″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]It’ll Be Like (feat. Nadia Ali)[/amazon_link] used with permission from Markus Moser.

I have always been a fan of music created electronically, house, trance, dance or whatever label you can put on it.  iiO does a fantastic  job to bring the vocal poetry of Nadia and the mixes from Markus into an amazing album.   I have a few favorite tracks but to be honest all of them are equally as great as the next.  We at indienation hope to hear of the success of this album, so we ask our fans to go purchase  it and support artists  like Markus and Nadia.

Buy this entire album and save a few dollars:

[amazon_enhanced asin=”B004OKFJ44″ price=”All” background_color=”FFFFFF” link_color=”000000″ text_color=”0000FF” /]

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