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2014.08.25 – Tech Net News and Opinion


2014.08.25 –  Tech Net News and Opinion

Sarah Donner

Sarah Donner

Brian thought it might be a good idea to try and break the news up into more organized groups.  After only one show’s worth of hindsight, I would have to agree that it seems like  a great idea.  It certainly seems to encourage more conversation from the chat room and I already know it made it much easier on the post edit.

We opened with some Sarah Donner. They were live tracks recorded with her permission at this year’s 2014 Gen Con. The tracks were Going Under and Fossil Girl You can find out more about her at:

Introducing Bubby Jackson

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Wanna Know from Bubby Jackson

This artist sent me an email with a few tracks to sample from his recent release.  I think it some good music and suggest that listeners here check it out.  But first a little about Bubby, from his bio:


Bubby Jackson - Wanna Know

Bubby Jackson – Wanna Know

My name is Bubby Jackson. I’m a guitar player and songwriter from northeastern Maryland. I’m excited to be releasing my first indie collection, “Wanna Know”. This is a retrospective of sorts, and encompasses unreleased songs from the last ten years or so. Some of these have been demoed or performed live by myself and bands I’ve been part of, but this is the first time you get to hear fresh studio recordings updated for 2014. We did the recordings at Harlem Parlour in New York with producer/drummer extraordinaire, Sammy Merendino (Cyndi Lauper, Billy Joel, Hall & Oates, Kinky Boots Broadway, etc.) and engineer/co-producer, Derik Lee (everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Matchbox Twenty to Britney Spears to Broadway everything). Bass guitar and some additional recording was handled by my long-time friend, Ross Troy. I have tried to include a variety of song styles which showcase all of the different musical genres I enjoy – and I hope you’ll find something you like, too.

Personally, I agree, you are going to find something you will like.  You can find out more about him at his web site and the links below:

The Colored Parade

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The Colored Parade – … And the Walls of the City Will Shake

As usual I am way behind on my album reviews. My inbox is overflowing.  Artists and agents please be patient, I am listening and typing as fast as I can.

Today, I am pleased to introduce you to The Colored Parade.  The album … And the Walls of the City Will Shake is a great piece of work.  If I had to use just one word to describe this album it would be eclectic… other than that, I am at a loss for words.

Melvoy – Irrelevant Elephant

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Introducing Melvoy – A Great Mix of Sound



I am on my third full listen of Melvoy’s new album.  I am as pleased with it as I was on the first listen.  The music is a nice blend of surf, rock, and Latin.  The music and vocals are wonderfully solid and full.  The work is well produced and has a terrifically thick sound. While it is hard to assign a genre to this artist’s work, it certainly deserves the label of excellent.  The 11 track release, Irrelevant Elephant, is something I think you should check out.  It is impossible to listen to this album and not allow some of its amazing energy to positively impact your mood.  In short, if you even remotely enjoy this style of music, you are going to fall in love with this album.  Put your ear buds in and get the salsa ready!

Eternally Dizzy

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Introducing Eternally Dizzy, A Powerful Trio

I don’t know much about this new band from Columbus, Ohio. What I do know is that I like what I hear very much.  I first heard of this band over at Record, Rewind, Play.  I checked out what they had to offer over at Bandcamp and liked the 90s alt-rock sound.  This trio’s members are:

  • Andre’ Vanderpool – Front Man
  • Joe Camerlengo – Bass
  • Jeremy Skeen – Drums

Tony Memmel “Lord Knows We’ve Got Time” – New Video

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Great Song, Great Video, and a Source of Inspiration

First off, kudos to @SeriouslySheila for bringing this artist to our attention.  Second, get a hold of us Sheila we would like to hear more from this talented artist.  Sheila sent us a tweet asking us to re-tweet this artist’s video.  After checking it out, we decided that it was well worth a post.  Listeners, check him out in the video below.


Monogroove’s New Release, Echos in the Glass

This is a request to review an album that I was really glad to receive.  It is was, unlike many, great to listen to.  The tough part will be deciding on a favorite track.

First, a little basic information on Monogroove, according to their Reverb Nation Bio is:

Monogroove is the Los Angeles based female fronted dual vocal Power/Pop Band Performing in and around the LA circuit, Benefits, Charity/fundraisers and private gatherings

The Members are:

  • Rin Lennon – Vocals and Guitars
  • Andrea Ireland – Vocals
  • Brad Myers – Bass
  • Kenny Cratty – Drums

Yes, the gender make up is the same as the Mamas and the Papas.   Musically they do have somewhat of that sound.  However, being a fan of the famous foursome, I think that this release offers a much more eclectic mix of sound.

Monogroove - Echoes In The Glass

Monogroove – Echoes In The Glass

Echoes in the Glass is a very solid album of great music.  From the catchy sax rift that kicks the album off with the first track, When You Went Away, with a sound much like Mo-town, to the last track, the band does a good job of providing the listener with 17 tracks that you will want to listen to.  They even tossed in an awesome cover of Tomorrow Never Knows, a tune that, in my opinion, is a tough one for any band to cover.

The band is excellent vocally with some beautiful harmonization on almost every track.  It is definitely the vocals that I feel is the band’s strong suit.  However, I want to make it clear that the music is also great.  Another thing the band does well is to keep a certain style of their own while still giving the listener a good dose of eclectic music.  There are funky songs, mellow songs, sad ballads and just down right happy tunes on this collection.

You can find out more about this band at the links below:

You can buy their music at (affiliate links):

Monogroove: REAL
Monogroove: Five Minute Cat Wash
Monogroove: Echoes in the Glass
Monogroove: Sexy Never Knows

Girl Band Giving It Away for Free

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What Were You Thinking?  I Hope a Free Music Track

Sometimes things are not what you might first think.  For one thing this band is giving away a two track release at bandcamp.  For another thing, the name Girl Band is rather deceptive, according to their Facebook Page, they consist of the following members:

  • Dara Kiely – Vocals
  • Alan Duggan – Guitar
  • Daniel Fox – Bass
  • Adam Faulkner – Drums
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