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Happy Birthday Game from North Star Games


Happy Birthday

Yes is it unfortunately true, I am still editing interviews from Gen Con.  I apologize for how long it is taking but my ancient hardware is just not allowing me to be effective at all with post production.  (My newest machine is ten years old.)  Nonetheless, it is what it is and I will do better next year.  My 2015 motto is “new machine or bust”.

Happy Birthday is a card game that is similar to Apples to ApplesIt is a family fun game from North Star Games.  I really enjoyed watching the Happy Birthday Game demo.  It is a simple to learn and play game for almost any age.  Listen in as we play a game of it and talk to Luke about the game. You can also find North Star Games at:

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle, Games, Comics, eBooks, Audio Books and More

I thought I might take a few minutes to scribe a post regarding Humble Bundle. Brian and I often talk about bundles on the Tech Net News and Opinion show.  It certainly is in the spirit of what we believe in here at  Originally The Humble Indie Bundle, the company offers packages, aka bundles, with a pay-what-you-like model. The company is now a huge success.

Mia Morland, Owner of Morland Studios


Morland Studios


Mia Morland – Owner, Morland Studios

As far as gaming goes, there are many “things” gamers may need to actually game.  Some games require dice, cards, etc.,   In gaming, there are many games which require miniatures or models.  To some gamers, a group of enthusiast of which I am a member, who feel that the creation of the model is just as big as the game itself.  Some of us, even take it to the terrain level.   For those of us who love miniatures and terrain, we need places like Morland Studios. They do models and terrain.

An Interview With Matt Forbeck


Game Designer and Author, Matt Forbeck

Okay, so what happens when you are kinda getting back into gaming, don’t know it nearly as well as your totally involved brother and you go to the best four days of gaming in Indianapolis? You end up running into an individual huge in both gaming and writing.  The only problem is you don’t even know that he is that huge and big.

USAopoly Games at Gen Con 2014


USAopoly Games

I got to spend a few minutes at the Gen Con with Andrea of USAopoly Games. The company has been around for a few decades and has a large number of games available. They also will make custom games. They offer a number of themed Monopoly games. They are a family fun oriented game company.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • The company history
  • Some Walking Dead Games the company is releasing
  • How quickly they sold out of Walking Dead Bang
  • Some stuff for Firefly fans
  • A game based on the classic card game war

You can find USAopoly Games on the web at:


Wiggity Bang Games and Alpha Bandits


Mathew Rivaldi of Wiggity Bang Games

350px-gen_con_logo-svgMathew Rivaldi is the  president of Wiggity Bang Games and he was nice enough to sit down with me and talk about his company and it’s most recent release, Alpha Bandits. The company was also giving out print and play versions of the game.

The company has a history of award-winning games and I feel that Alpha Bandits may well make that list. While I am still too far behind on interviews to have played it yet. I can tell you from watching others play it at the Con, it is a really entertaining board game. Listen in as we talk about:

  • The company history
  • Alpha Bandits, a devious word game
  • Their competition at the Con
  • How to pre-order their Kickstarter funded game, Alpha Bandits
  • His advice to those who wish to create a game

You can find Wiggity Bang Games on the web at:

Below is a video showing you how to play Alpha Bandits


A Short Interview with Steve of The War Store


A Short Interview with Steve of The War Store

This may be the shortest inteview I did at this year’s Gen Con. While the interview is short, the list of items that this exhibitor carries is extensive. In short, The War Store is about anything and everything for table top gaming.  While I don’t think they had the largest exhibit at the con, it was pretty large and just packed with everything. If you are a tabletop gamer and you attend a future Gen Con, you need to add this store to your must visit list.

Listen in to this short interview as they talk briefly about:

  • How long they have been doing Gen Cons
  • How long the store has been around
  • What the store is about, everything tabletop
  • Some of the hotter games this year
  • Some of the upcoming cons they will be at

You can find The War Store on the web at:

An Interview with Talicor Games


An Interview with Todd L. Jacobs, President of Talicor Games

Talicor Games and Jerk at Gen Con 2014

Talicor Games and Jerk at Gen Con 2014

While there are many game companies at Gen Con, one could argue that Talicor might have the most to choose from.  I spent a few minutes watching some of the games played and even played a game of Jerk.  This company has been in business for forty years and offers over five hundred products.  In my opinion, they really know fun.

  • How long have they been attending Gen Con
  • The long time the company has existed, 40 years
  • The fact that they have over 500 product
  • We talk a bit about Jerk
  • Some of their award-winning games, Fifth Gear, Core, Stop and Go
  • His advice to those who aspire to create a game

You can find Talicor Games on the web at:

An Interview with Studio 9 Games


An Interview with C. Aaron Kreader of Studio 9 Games

350px-gen_con_logo-svgMr. Kreader is one half of the husband and wife team which is Studio 9 Inc. The company featured three games at this year’s Gen Con. Listen in as we discuss the following:

  • Their card game, Treasures and Traps, nominated for Origins Card Game of the year
  • Their village building game
  • Their Statego style game
  • The history of the company
  • Their expansion sets
  • The affordability of their games, some as low as 12.95
  • His advice to people who wish to develop a game

2014.09.15 – TNN – Gaming Edition


Tech Net News and Opinion Gaming Edition

Most of us at are gamers of one type or another.  In fact we have had several gaming news shows in the past.  Some will be returning in the future and a few new ones to be added.  Of course there are a lot of variants to gaming.  For the tech news show, we tend to focus on video and online gaming.  However, keep your browser and podcatcher tuned here as we roll out more shows themed around RPGs and tabletop games as we head into 2015.

An Interview with William Witt of Pajaggle Games


An Interview with William Witt of Pajaggle Games

William Witt of Pajaggle Games

William Witt of Pajaggle Games

There are many colorful displays at Gen Con but I think that Pajaggle may have taken the best of show for that department. The company was part of the Family Fun Pavilion and one of fifty participants in the Cheese Weasel Conquest. The colors alone make the game fun but listen in as William Witt and I discuss:

  • The game platform
  • How it is three games in one for ages 7 above
  • Some of the awards the game has received
  • The history of the company
  • His advice to those who would like to start a game company
  • What does the name mean?
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