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Welcoming back the Mythbusters for the new Season!!!

One of the best shows on the Discovery Channel. From Urban Legans to Everyday myths, the Mythbusters have tested just about everything.   Hosted by Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage — and co-hosted by Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara — the MYTHBUSTERS mix scientific method with gleeful curiosity and plain old-fashioned ingenuity to create their own signature style of explosive experimentation. Everyday They are looking to have more people submit a myth to test so if you have anything interesting that could be tested send it in. Click Here to send a myth in.

I have been watching this show Ever since Episode 1 and I can’t get enough I am a huge fan. Let me know in a comment  if you are a fan as well and what was your favorite episode and why.     I hope you are catching New Episodes Every Wednesday at 9 PM E/P   On the Discovery Channel.


Hope to See your Favorite Episode…

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Tech Geek News – When Robots Rule the World

POSTED ON April 3rd  - POSTED IN Entertainment, Featured Podcast, news, Opinion, Podcasts, Robots, Technology

When Robots Rule the World Episode

We opened the show with a favorite of many indie nation listers Housy Grooves, an awesome long, recorded live, jam by Dr. H. P. Wnkler.  The track was originally released on a net label which, regrettably, is no longer in existence.

Tonight’s show involved four on-air participant and many in chat.  Those on air were:

  • Jeff – Indienation’s Tech Director
  • John “Lumpy” Lemke – Indie Nation Owner and Unboss
  • Steve – Cleveland local music buff, used to DJ at several Cleveland stations
  • Dallin – Indie Nation and Lockergnome blogger, owner

Dallin, Lumpy and Jeff brought the new and Steve brought some sweet tracks from a few local Cleveland Bands.

Before we got started we  on robots and music, we suggested that those wishing to help out Japan should use the Red Cross by texting 90999.  We also cautioned the listeners that the scams are at a record high regarding this tragedy.

Teaching Robots To Move Like Us

Researchers at Georgia Tech are teaching robots to move like humans. Why, one might ask, would one teach a robot to move more like a human? Do the researchers have secret aspirations of entering the bot in “You Think You Can Dance?”

Seriously though, according to an article at

“‘It’s important to build robots that meet people’s social expectations because we think that will make it easier for people to understand how to approach them and how to interact with them,’ said Andrea Thomaz, assistant professor in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech’s College of Computing.”

I can see where that makes sense. The more human something appears, the easier it is for most of us to interact with it. The research involves having humans observe a robot and, based on the robots movements, describe what the robot is doing. The traditional jerky, start/stop movement of a robot like that of RoboCop are not a very good “human” impersonation.

Reworking joints and how the robot moves allowed the research bot, Simon, to move in a more human-like manner. The more human-like motion allows humans to better perceive what the robot is doing. The longer term focus is to actually have it perform the same motion in a somewhat different manner. After all, no human wave is “exactly” the same twice… it is believed that introducing slight variations will make the motion even more human.

We all ramble bit and discuss androids, more about robots, network assisted vehicles, robots that communicate, about being touched by robots and then got back to music.

We moved on to The Mercury Project with four tracks by this Cleveland, Ohio trio; Solar Flare, Gimble Lock,  Gimble Lock, Intelligent Life and Soviet’s First.

Although we did not discuss the next two stories on the air, we opted to leave it in the show notes… kinda a bonus if you will.




Howie Long and NASA Robot to Predict MVP Winner?

POSTED ON February 5th  - POSTED IN NASA, news, Robots, Technology
"JSC2009-E-155300 (28 July 2009) --- Robo...

Image via Wikipedia

Super Bowl Sunday is practically a holiday in the United States.  It is a big day for players, fans, advertisers and broadcasters.

It is also going to be a big day for a robot called “R2”. Good thing space robonauts don’t get nervous.  The space bot will appear on the Fox pre-game show this Sunday.  The Robonaut 2 Program is a NASA partnership with GM.  It is a humanoid shaped robot and, as the “2” implies, it is a much improved version of a previous design.

The choice for a humanoid robot eliminates any need for specialized tools.  The robot is to perform with better dexterity than gloved humans.  The goal is to use this robot as a helper without having to modify connections and carry additional specialized tools.  You can check out many photos of this bot at Flickr

The bot’s twin is already packed aboard the shuttle scheduled to launch this month.  The earth bound robot is still busy learning better dexterity and his knowledge will be uploaded to his brother on the shuttle.  NASA has wisely allowed the bot some time off.  He is spending some of it with Howie Long.

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