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2012.02.04 – Indie Soup Live with Guests, “Dear You”

2012.02.04 –  Indie Soup Live with Guests, “Dear You”

.. who knows what you will hear next!

This week we are pleased to have musical guest, the members of the band, “Dear You”. Listen as we talk with them and spin some of their most excellent music. Louis Moore (drums), Danny Davis (guitar), and Mason McDonald (vocals/bass), 3 of the bands 4 members, were kewl enough to take some time our their schedule and join us via VOIP for an interview.


2012.01.27 – Indie Soup Live – More FuMPy!

.. who knows what you will hear next!

Sorry we are so far behind, Shelly and Lump have had too much other stuff going on. We promise to get them all caught up very soon.  Remember, you can catch us almost every Friday at Midnight EST on

For now, enjoy this episode of Indie Soup… where we continue with our “fumploration”, a lumpismic word meaning”exploration of The FuMP.  They have so much music to explore, we may stay on this deviation of our normal show format for a good while.



2011 Indie Nation Impromptu Christmas Party


Greetings and Happy Christmas Listeners,

Welcome to our first annual Christmas party, held both on-line and in the Cold Crank Studio in Cleveland, Ohio. At one point in time during this three and a half hour live stream almost every member of the staff was able to join us.

The party thought started rather impromptu when some of us locally got together to do some Christmas IDs for the stream. Then Cleta got busy at geekshed and got in touch with a few of the other regulars. Regrettably we did not manage to contact everyone due to the impromptu nature of it. So if you didn’t get and invite, don’t be offended, that is just the way it worked out this time.

2011.11.05 – Indie Soup – Whole Lotta Talk

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Well it is midnight.  It is dark in both locations we broadcast from and it is time for Saturday’s Live Stream of Indie Soup which streams live weekly form 00:00 to 02:00 hrs on Indie Nation.  We must warn the listener that this streams late at night and may contain material offensive to even those who have the lowest moral standards.  It should be considered NOT SAFE FOR WORK or NSFW. 

New Indie Soup Post and New Indie Soup Domain

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Meshelly and Lump hope you are ready for this week’s episode of Indie Soup.  It is also the first fresh post at our new home.  While we are still certainly part of Indie Nation, we just thought it time to bust out our own domain.  Welcome to!

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Indie Soup 2011.05.05 – Funny Musicians

"R" rating of Motion Picture Associa...

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Before we get started, this show is recorded live late Friday nights.  It is not safe for work or intended for children.  We spin parody music and sometimes it goes a good lunar orbit or two past any type of PG rating.  So get a glass of water and swallow our disclaimer pill and let us all freak and geek out on Friday nights.

Lately, the Yippie and I have been off on a bit of Dr. Demento Dr. Dementostyle mood.  Who knows maybe we make midnight Friday to do just that?  What else would a station indie music geeks and IRC addicts do on a Friday night?  Meshelly and I talk less frequently this podcast but stick around for a longer last call than usual where we ramble on about various news articles Indie Nation covered this week.

I am also starting to add affiliate links.  I know that many of you love this music, this show and these artist.  Please feel free to use the links to purchase CDs and MP3s and thereby support the artists and, at the same time, help the Lumpster reduce the cost dent of all of this.  As usual, we would like to remind our listeners that we find the majority of our tunage at Mevio’s Music Alley and you can get many of the tracks there for 99 cents.

2010.11.20 – Indie Soup – Demented in Cyberland

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Dr. Demento at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in...
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This one was a lot of fun.  I have a thing for parody music, always have, always will.  If not check and see if aliens have taken over my body, then again, that might explain why I like such music.  I am not alone in this like, Yippie rather likes it too… as do many of you.  So this week, it shall be done in the spirit of the legendary Dr. Demento.

Although we are not worthy of a candle next to his spotlight, we can still present a musical argument that these parodies and comedy tunes are less lame and pale than the original pop versions. (We also play a mash up, something we rarely do. However, this mash up is actually the performering and his clone band doing several tunes, at the same time.)

I must also caution you the this is not a podcast that would be safe for work.  While we feel that there are appropriate times to maintain a G Rating, midnight EST on Friday night/Saturday morning are not one of them.  While there is nothing totally shocking, we do have some material that may make your boss unhappy, or your parents.  So if you are in one of the two categories, wait for a safe for work and kids show.

Yippie and I often do G Rated shows.  The “format” of Indie Soup is pretty simple, we pick a loose theme, spin indie music, attempt to play a few tracks by any given artists and try and keep our banter to a minimum.  Usually we stream the show live.  I do not record the actual live show but only the portions where we speak. I use Audacity to give the listener a show that does not suffer from any of the winamp shoutcast auto-fades. Not usually an issue for live shows but in this case, I used many sound effects in the show, the auto-fade can chop them.  In short, you get a better show.  Live is a bit different.

We don’t use all the banter from the live show in the recorded version.  Other times, we just record the show as we stream it.  It just depends.

If you wish to catch us live, tune in to Indie Nation, Friday at Midnight EST for Indie Soup.  Thanks for listening.

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