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An Interview with Danny O’Neill of Hammerdog Games


The Alpha Dog, Danny O’Neil

Warlord Chess

Warlord Chess

During this year’s Gen Con, I was fortunate enough to catch of with the “alpha dog” of Hammerdog Games.  Hammerdog games is an independent game company that focuses on releasing quality products at an affordable price.  While I confess I was not even aware of the company before the con, I now have several of their products very high on my wish list.  I also learned from casual conversation after the interview, that Mr. O’Neill and I share the opinion that Atari Warlords was the best multi-player video game ever.  Listen in as this game designer and I talk about:

  • The Chaos Chess Board and Warlord Chess, a multi-player chess game, pictured to the right
  • The Chaos Chess Cards which can enhance any chess game
  • The best GM screens in the industry (which Lumpy actually confused with a computer screen just to prove that he can both be geek and dumb)
  • Imajewels which are tokens or jewels for your gaming needs
  • A great new role-playing book The Grande Temple of Jing

One of the things that surprised me the Chaos Board only sells for 20 USD!  I feel, given the product quality, it would be a deal at 50 dollars.  Add to it that you can get the cards and the board for under 40 dollars.  In my opinion, the product line of this company was likely the best deal for your buck of all the booths at the 2014 Con.

An Interview with Marooned


 Drinking Songs, Irish Folk Music and Sea Shanties

Some of the Members of Marooned

Some of the Members of Marooned

This is one of the interviews we got while at Gen Con 2014.  I got to interview the members of the band Marooned.  Listen in and hear how it started with “I was really lit at a party…”

Don’t get it wrong, they are not all about parties, they also do charity work.  Again, listen in as “The Captain” and I chat for about 10 minutes.

The band has performed at the past 10 Gen Cons and, if you ever attend one in the future, you should put them on list of things to see and do. Amazingly, this band does all their work from different locations.  Gen Con has become the one annual event where all the members of the band make sure they all attend.

You can find out more about this awesome act at:

And you can buy their music at the links below:

Marooned: Dance Macaw
Marooned: Better Than Live
Marooned: Marooned
Marooned: Lost At Sea
Marooned: On the Scalding Sea

1A Games at Gen Con

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Tide of Iron

Tide of Iron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Tide of Iron and More!

I have to admit that I did not know much about this game company until I got to sit down with Chris Williams at Gen Con 2014.  I was interested in them because I thought they were the ones behind Tide of Iron which is very much a game I want to try.  Not only did I get the company name wrong but I also found out they are NOT the creator’s of Tide of Iron.  The game was created by Fantasy Flight but 1A Games is carrying on with the release and development of the game.

Be sure to check out this company’s website and be sure to check out their many Kickstarter Projects.

Devious Weasel Games at Gen Con 2014


Shadows of Malice and More

Dancers at The Devious Weasel Booth

Dancers at The Devious Weasel Booth

Listen in as Lumpy got to sit down to hear about Shadows of Malice with Jim of Devious Weasel Games.  The game if for 2-8 players and a cooperative group play game.  The game offers the users a few variables such as game length by varying the number of game tiles use.  The game is about 60 dollars suggested retail, is a high quality thick heavy board and is for ages 12 and up.

Another kewl thing they did is they had the three lovely women pictured at the right performing at the booth.

Break From Reality Games at Gen Con 2014

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Break From Reality Games at Gen Con 2014

Break From Reality Games

Eric Salyers of Break From Reality Games

This is an interview with Eric Salyers, the president and founder of Break From Reality Games.  They were one of hundreds of vendors at this year’s Gen Con and one of fifty participating in the Cheese Weasel ConQuest.  Listen in as we talk about their games and their most awesome game mat series, GripMat.

The company made quite an appearance at the con with a booth larger than most of the other vendors.  They had a good number of games available and their awesome game mats in many patterns and styles.

They also had some fuzzy things that make neat noises when you touch them.  Among the games we discussed or mentioned were: Ricochet Rock Jockeys, Damage Report, Disaster Looms and CEO & Corporations.  The one I found most interesting was the last mentioned because, unusual for a space game, there is no combat but still a very competitive game.

Sitting Down with Polina Kourakina

Polina Kourakina

Polina Kourakina

Indie Nation Listeners, we have a very special treat for you. We managed to catch up with the lovely and talented Polina Kourakina. An artists with a very unique and awesomely pleasant style. Listen in as we discuss her music.

Also, if you are in the greater Cleveland area, be sure and check out her FREE show at The Beachland Tavern. The fun show starts at 7:30 PM, tomorrow, January 26, 2013. Lumpy will be there and hopes to see you as well.

TGGN 8-13-2012

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Interview with Brendan Davis from Bedrock Games about Servants of Gauis.

Available at Drivethru RPG
Paper Miniatures from the Bedrock Blog

Servants of Gaius is an alternate history rpg cast in the historic period of Caligula.  Without telling you too much, the story tension is a war between Caligula and Neptune.  That may not seem like the most exciting setting, but there is a lot more to it than that; anything can happen.  For example Brendan spoke to us about one adventure that had werewolves.

In the second portion of the interview we discuss the game mechanics.  Brendan explains how the skill system is very important to the game.   Moving on we spent a good bit of time looking at character creation.  Which is the most unique system I have crossed to date.

The last portion of the interview was all about Brendan’s game play experiences.

Look for a review from me soon.

Interview with Tom Gee of the Tom Gee Band


An Interview with Tom Gee

Every once in a while we have the special honor of interviewing one of these hardworking starving artists that we call musicians and better yet the superstars of tomorrow. As we change the way the world listens to radio, Tom Gee sheds some light on what inspired him to devote his life to recording and touring all for the love of music.

2012.3.20 – Spotlight on Nigel Passey

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Spotlight on Nigel Passey

Today we shine the spotlight on Nigel Passey. A very talented musician we became aware of due to one of one of our programing directors Cleta. Listen in as, Lumpy, Cleta and OmniDragon, as we talk with Nigel Passey about his new
EP The Lights, The Sound and The People and all other exciting things he has coming up. Nigel joined us all the way from Leeds in the UK! via Teamspeak. This episode streamed live on indienation on March 20th 2012 Be sure and listen often for live on stream shows!

We started the show playing his wonderful song:

  • Change

Then we chatted with Nigel about where you can find him at:
Cleta talked with Nigel about who and what inspired him to start doing music. Then we talked about what inspired him to do the song Change. Nigel said hello to some of his Family and Friends. Lumpy chatted with Nigel about advice for anyone that wants to get started in music. Nigel told us you can buy his new EP The Lights, The Sound and The People on The Lights, the Sound & the People' - Single - Nigel Passey Nigel told us he may, be touring in the US soon. Then we play another one of Nigel’s songs
We played:

  • Don’t Run

Then we chat some more with Nigel as he gave more shout outs to his friends and family. Then Lumpy chatted some more with Nigel then he asked him what the song we closed out the show with was about.
We played:

  • Pick up the Pieces

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2012.03.19 – Spotlight on Jamie Gray


Spotlight on Jamie Gray

Jamie Gray – Anywhere

Today we shine the spotlight on Jamie Gray. A musician we first became aware of due one of our programing directors, Meshelly. Listen in as, our other programing director, Cleta and Lumpy talk with Jamie Gray about his music. We shall discuss his passion, poetry, beer and how you can get a copy of his latest EP!

Joining us in Teamspeak were Cleta, Omnidragon, Knowles217 and Matt… let us not forget Jamie.  This episode streamed live on indienation on 19 March, 2012.  Be sure and listen often for live on stream shows!

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