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Tony Todd (Interview) – Midnight Spookshow

POSTED ON March 12th  - POSTED IN Entertainment, Midnight Spookshow

Actor, Tony Todd (Candyman, Night of the Living Dead, Hatchet) stops by The Midnight Spookshow to discuss his multi-genre career in cinema, working with bees, joining the Tides of Torture and sitting in the director’s chair for the first time. If you want to hear about all of Tony’s latest projects, then turn it up, and turn out the lights!

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East Coast Legion – Midnight Spookshow (Live)

POSTED ON March 2nd  - POSTED IN Entertainment, Midnight Spookshow

The Scream Team welcomes Mike Exler and Drew Seidler of East Coat Horror to the Midnight Spookshow, and they kick things off with a good old-fashioned geek fight! Also, Autumn returns to full health (and has plenty of things to disturb Tim with), Tim has no sympathy for kids and Zack sends in the clowns. Reviews include The Devil Inside, We Are The Night, The Woman in Black, The Innkeepers and more.

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Well Lit – Midnight Spookshow (Live)

POSTED ON February 17th  - POSTED IN Entertainment, Midnight Spookshow

Midnight Spookshow is back and better than ever with major announcements, geek fights and your  favorite members of the Scream Team! Okay, the BioGamer Girls couldn’t make this one, but Zack and Tim are always good for a laugh… Usually… Just turn it up and turn out the lights as these two review Stan Helsing, The Worman in Black, ABC’s The River and more!

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Monsters Pop Out – Midnight Spookshow (Live)

POSTED ON January 27th  - POSTED IN Entertainment, Midnight Spookshow

Autumn turns her computer into a fire pit, Tim becomes addicted to almonds (sponsor needed) and Zack can’t keep track of names, in this episode of the Midnight Spookshow! Reviews include Old Boy, Timecrimes, Underworld: Awakening and more! Plus the Scream Team talks about the first trailer of Resident Evil: Retribution.

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Dirty Minds and SOPA – Midnight Spookshow (Live)

POSTED ON January 20th  - POSTED IN Entertainment, Midnight Spookshow

Amanda prepares for Skynet’s takeover, Autumn plays with Dead Birds, Tim likes his planes with tentacles and Zack feels dirty in this episode of everybody’s favorite horror news podcast, Midnight Spookshow! Reviews include Pontypool, Altitude, Frankenstein: Day of the Beast, Contagion and more!

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The 2011 Spookies – Midnight Spookshow (Live)

POSTED ON January 6th  - POSTED IN Entertainment, Midnight Spookshow

Midnight Spookshow and BioGamer Girl is proud to present the first annual Spookies! 2011 was a great year for horror, but now it is time to decide who and what was the best of the best. Over the last two months, you have voted for your favorite horror films, television shows, video games and more. Now it is time to find out who is the spookiest of them all!

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