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Stepford Autumn – Midnight Spookshow (Live)

POSTED ON December 30th  - POSTED IN Entertainment, Midnight Spookshow

Zack pictures a buff Dustin Hoffman, Tim vows to never get angry again and Autumn says the most stocking thing of all in this episode of The Midnight Spookshow! Plus the Scream Team reviews The Task, Sorority Row and Straw Dogs, and talks about the trailer to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.

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18 Minutes – Midnight Spookshow (Live)

POSTED ON December 9th  - POSTED IN Entertainment, Midnight Spookshow

Midnight Spookshow is finally live on the air after a four-week absence! Did you miss us? On second thought, don’t answer that. Instead, tune in as the scream team talks about such films as Primal, Mirrors and Dead Heads. Also, the gang discusses the Spookies nominees for one last time before the polls close on December 14th!

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When Feathers Fly – Midnight Spookshow (Live)

POSTED ON November 11th  - POSTED IN Entertainment, Midnight Spookshow

The Scream Team welcomes Wade Brown to the panel, Sarah returns with vengeance, Autumn plays with knives, Zack settles a score with a turkey and Tim is assaulted by a Moth Maniac in this episode of the Midnight Spookshow Also, Sarah and Wade make major film announcements, Zack shares about the first day of shooting Dark Worlds: Slasher and the team talks about the best horror film actors of 2011. This plus film reviews of Taxidermia, Yellow Brick Road, Thankskilling and more awaits, so turn it up and turn out the lights!

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Zack’s Wrong – Midnight Spookshow (Live)

POSTED ON November 3rd  - POSTED IN Entertainment, Midnight Spookshow

Autumn disturbs men everywhere, Zack complains about giant farting monsters and Tim has a surprise in store for all in this week’s episode of Midnight Spookshow! Also, the Scream Team reviews the films The Human Centipede 2, Teeth, The Howling: Reborn and reflects on the nominees for best horror film and director of 2011!

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100 Episodes and Only 1 Kill – Midnight Spookshow (Live)

POSTED ON October 28th  - POSTED IN Entertainment, Midnight Spookshow

Midnight Spookshow celebrates 100 episodes and the spookiest holiday of all in this two-hour Halloween bash! Featuring special guest appearances by Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th 7-10), Ashley Williams (Human Centipede), Dan Frisch (Hostel 1 & 2) and Nick Principe (Laid to Rest 1 & 2), just to name a few, this is an episode not to miss!

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Please Vote for Midnight Spookshow

Podcast Awards

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Indie Nation listeners, we are sure you are familiar with Moth Man and his team who grace this station with Midnight Spookshow each and every Wednesday night.  We are please to report that the show has been nominated for best film podcast at the Podcast Awards.

So please, get on over to the site and vote for this awesome podcast once a day between now and October 27, 2011.  (That’s right folks you can vote once per day.)

Exploding Alien Hookers – Midnight Spookshow (Live)

POSTED ON September 23rd  - POSTED IN Entertainment, Midnight Spookshow

Zack battles a time traveling telemarketer, Allen laughs maniacally at a Disco Inferno, Amanda is disturbed by John Winchester’s finger lickin’ good experience, Autumn discovers the explosive side of the New York night life, and oh yeah… Tim is dragged to HELL!!! In other words, it’s another typical episode of Midnight Spookshow.

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