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2016.01.11 – POD – National Milk Day


2016.01.11 – National Milk Day

Featuring Moo Moo Cow by Seamonkey

Today is National Milk Day. Personally, I stick with the soy stuff for anything other than baking and hot cocoa. However, milk is, in my opinion, at as American as apple pie. Especially since apple pie is best with a healthy scoop of ice cream.

If you wish te celebrate it by more than just downing a glass of the liquid.  Family Crafts has a list of activities.

2016.01.07 – POD – International Programmers Day


2016.01.07 – International Programmers Day

Featuring Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton

Today is International Programmers Day. You can take part by liking the Facebook page. I would urge you to check out their website and page. They have some very interesting and entertaining material there. Check out the “Lady JAVA” video I share after the break.

2016.01.06 – POD – Technology Day – DJ Trackstyle -Ambientasia


2016.01.06 – Technology Day

Featuring Ambientasia by DJ Trackstyle

Today is National Technology Day. Personally, I have a serious love-hate relationship with technology. I love to try to use it but I hate fighting with my old PCs to make them work.

DJ TrackstyleI also love applied technology when it comes to music. I am not one of those who feel that synth music is soulless. I have been around synthesizers since the days of monophonic patch cord Moogs. I still have a DX7 sitting my studio and love electronic music.

It seemed appropriate to go with a synth song today. I found this artist way back in the day at the now non-existent Podsafe Music Network. I am going to spin Ambientasia by DJ Trackstyle

While most of the links in my notes are now useless, a few Google searches showed me that the DJ is still out there. You can find DJ Trackstyle at the links below.

Thanks for listening and downloading. Please remember to support the indie musicians.

2016.01.05 – POD – National Bird Day


2016.01.05 – POD – National Bird Day

Featuring We Are Birds by Chris Ayer


Today, 5 January 2016, is National Bird Day. A day to honor our feathered friends. I don’t have much to say about this day “for the birds”. You can find out more about this day at the National Bird Day Website.

It seems appropiate to play We Are Birds from a singer, songwriter and actor, Chris Ayer. You can find, friend and follow Chris at the links below.


Remember to support the independent artists by buying thier music and merchandise. Additionally, you can help them by simpley spreading the word about their music.

2016.01.04 – POD – Blue Monday – I Don’t Want to Work Today by Beatnik Turtle


2016.01.04 – POD – Blue Monday, The Most Depressing Day of the Year

Featureing I Don’t Want to Work Today Music of Beatnik Turtle

Today is the first Monday of 2016 and it is, allegedly, the most depressing day of the year. This unofficial holiday is called Blue Monday. This day is celebrated annually on the first Monday of each year unless New Year’s Day happens to fall on a Monday.

However, one should note that there is no evidence that it actually the most depressing day. In fact, there is debate as to whether it should be the second or third Monday of January.

2016.01.03 – POD – A Hobbit Song for the Birthday of J. R. R. Tolkien


2016.01.03 – A Day to Toast the Birthday of J. R. R. Tolkien

Featuring Music from Marc Gunn

The title page, of the book "The Silmaril...

The title page, of the book “The Silmarillion” by J.R.R. Tolkien, edited and published by his son Christopher Tolkien. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On this date in 1892 John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was born. Most know him as, J.R.R Tolkien, the creator of Middle Earth, Gollum, and Bilbo Baggins. An alternate world fabulously crafted, spinning tales, an adventure that has entertained generation. The Hobbit has been selling books since 1937. The legendary works have become movies, inspired games and music.

Today, those who wish to honor Professor Tolkien, as asked by The Tolkien Society, will stand and offer a toast by saying “The professor!” at 9 o’clock today. The society also has a page where you can find out where others are toasting and to let others know where you will toast.

Since today is a day to toast the creator of hobbits, I thought Don’t Go Drinking with Hobbits by Marc Gunn would be a fitting song to close with. You can find Marc at the links below.

Also of note, there is another day associated with J.R.R. Tolkien. That is “Tolkien Reading Day“, annually on March 25th. Fans are encouraged to get together and read their favorite Tolkien passages.

2016.01.02 – Pick of the Day – National Science Fiction Day – Jeff Ronay – Open the Pod Door HAL


National Science Fiction Day – Jeff Ronay – Open the Pod Door HAL

Happy 2016 listeners and welcome to the first “Pick of the Day” for 2016. Today is National Science Fiction Day. The second of January has been because it also the birthdate of Isaac Asimov. I will let you know more about today’s artist, Jeff Ronay, after the break and some trivia fact about today.

2014.04.20 – Pick of the Day – National Pot Smokers Day

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Nice Peter

Nice Peter (Photo credit: RonHowardPhotography)

Toke Up, Its National Pot Day

Nobody is really sure about the meaning behind 420 but it has become synonymous with weed.  This Huffington Post article sheds some light on the topic.

Today’s track is certainly not safe for work.  I went with Smoke that Weed by Nice Peter.  You can find out more about Nice Peter at the links below.

2014.04.19 – Pick of the Day – National Garlic Day


Today is National Garlic Day


Personally, I almost never cook with out this famous bulb.  You can find out more about today at  Not only is it good for you but it keeps vampires away as well.


Today’s song is Garlic by Dave Silva.  You can find out more about Dave at the links below.

A bulb of garlic.

A bulb of garlic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2014.04.17 – Pick of the Day – Mustang Daddy


Today is Ford Mustang Day

English: AJAC award given to the 2005 Ford Mus...

English: AJAC award given to the 2005 Ford Mustang at the Canadian International Autoshow, Toronto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not only is today Ford Mustang Day but it is the fiftieth anniversary for the legendary automobile.  In honor of the later, Ford intends to place a 2015 Mustang on the observation deck of the Empire State Building.  This is not the first time.  They did the same back in 64 when they first released the car.

For today’s song, I went with Mustang Daddy by Jinx Titanic.  You can find out more about Jinx Titanic at the links below.

2014.04.16 – Pick of the Day – Stress Awareness Day


Today’s Pick is Jim’s Big Ego with Stress

Every year on the first workday after the dreaded IRS deadline, we celebrate National Stress Awareness Day.  I don’t think the day after timing is a chance occurrence.Jim's Big Ego

For today’s pick I chose Stress by Jim’s Big Ego.  You can find out more about the band at the links below.


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