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TGGN 4-2-2013 Zpocalypse

POSTED ON June 5th  - POSTED IN Through Gamer Goggles, Zombie

On this episode of Through Gamer Goggles News we enjoyed the company of the creators of Zpocalypse from GreenBrier Games.   We had a wonderful time discussing their semi-cooperative board game and its future.  Lend us your ear for a while and here what Zpocalypse is all about.



You can learn more about Zpocalypse at GreenBrier Games.

Through Gamer Goggles News

POSTED ON March 26th  - POSTED IN Gaming, Through Gamer Goggles, Zombie

Hey listeners it has been awhile since we have aired Through Gamer Goggles News, but we wanted to let you know it’s coming back.  That’s right next week, Tuesday April 2nd, we will return at 9:00 P.M. Eastern.   We will take a look at one of the recent Kickstarter project from GreenBrieR Games Zpocalypse.  Jeff Gracia from GreenBrier Games will be joining us live discuss the semi – cooperative board game and its future.

TGGN 8-13-2012

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Interview with Brendan Davis from Bedrock Games about Servants of Gauis.

Available at Drivethru RPG
Paper Miniatures from the Bedrock Blog

Servants of Gaius is an alternate history rpg cast in the historic period of Caligula.  Without telling you too much, the story tension is a war between Caligula and Neptune.  That may not seem like the most exciting setting, but there is a lot more to it than that; anything can happen.  For example Brendan spoke to us about one adventure that had werewolves.

In the second portion of the interview we discuss the game mechanics.  Brendan explains how the skill system is very important to the game.   Moving on we spent a good bit of time looking at character creation.  Which is the most unique system I have crossed to date.

The last portion of the interview was all about Brendan’s game play experiences.

Look for a review from me soon.

TGGN 8-6-2012

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New Digital Card Game

From Gary Games (Ascension) and Richard Garfield

“Gary Games announced today that it has partnered with Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield to develop SolForge, a new digital card game. The game is currently slated for a January 2013 launch on iOS, with a PC release to follow. Release on other digital platforms, including Android, is also being considered.”

You can read the full article at here IGN


Ghoulash from Pen and Paper



That is certainly wonderful to hear. We are very proud of Ghoulash as not only a board game but because of the history and mythos we have build up around the brand. Mike Suchcicki created the game concept back in 1982 as a simple pen and paper, two-man dungeon crawl where each player acted as the other ones game master, hiding obstacles and monsters (namely Ghouls) from his opponent . Several years Later, Joe Suchcicki took that same concept and adapted it to the board game format.


In the game the four players take on the identities of four characters from our Ghoulash Adventures web comic we have up on our site. The characters are Professor David Lake, an exobiologist and foremost expert on ghouls, Dr. Pamela Gray, the co-discoverer of the Ghoo formula (Ghoo being the only substance on earth that can harm a ghoul), Gen. Zone, the head of the military organization know as A.D.E.F. (the Aberrant Deterrent and Eradication Forces), and Cornealius, an expert ghoul hunter and ADEF appointed bodyguard to Professor Lake and Dr. Gray.

The game is played on four interchangeable tiles that can be placed in any conceivable configuration to insure that no two games are ever alike. Once the tiles are arrange players take turn placing the 36 tokens out on the board. The tokens are placed evenly (nine to a tile) and consist of the ghouls and innocent bystanders. The ghouls are the main objective of the game but the bystanders really have no function as of yet but to get in the way. The game also comes with what we call scenarios that add a little spice or flavor to each game also ensuring that each game is unique. The scenarios, which are completely optional, add certain things like extra guns or ADEF backup or even some personal security to ensure your cards stay safe.

The game itself is all about card strategy. Each player gets their own deck that consists of action cards, danger cards, rescue cards, value cards, etc. Each player also has their own specialty cards that are unique to that character and allow each a small advantage over the others. Every turn a player gets a hand of seven cards which they must use wisely because they only get those seven until it comes back around to their turn. During that time they must consider fighting their own ghouls, wether or not to disrupt another players turn or to protect themselves from getting disrupted. The object of the game is to be the first player to ten victory points based on the ghouls that you fight during the game. To fight a ghoul, you use your value cards in order to try and beat its strength. If you cannot defeat the ghoul you instead take wounds from the fight and if you get a certain number of wounds based on your character you lose.


We have been play testing Ghoulash for over a year now and have had amazing results wherever we take it, and are ready to try and release to the public. Any help we could get would be greatly appreciated. Our Kickstarter video has a more in depth explanation of the game. I tried my best to sum it up here as best I could, I hope that is enough to help get you started. You can also find more one our web page at Thanks again for your consideration and if you need any more information, do not hesitate to ask.


You can find Matt at

Through Gamer Goggles 




TGGN 7-30-2012

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Warhammer 40k 6th Edition Changes

Released June of 2012

450 pp rule book


Serious changes

Pre Game

Choose allies and fortifications

One HQ is now warlord who now gets warlord or psychic powers


Roll a random mission

roll a random deployment map

Roll for deployment zone – BEFORE PLACING TERRAIN. This is a huge change.

Deploy the fortifications

Set terrain



Night fight is

Night Fight! – Every mission includes the Night Fighting rules. Before the game, on a roll of 4+ Turn 1 has the Night Fighting rules. It only lasts for Turn 1. If you don’t start with Night Fighting, then on turn 5, roll a 4+ and you have Night Fighting for the rest of the game; same for turn 6, etc. Doing the calculations, if a game runs 6 turns then there is a 87.5% chance that at least 1 turn will be using Night Fighting. The good news for most armies is that Night Fighting is limited to only the first turn, or the last couple turns of the battle.


What does Night Fighting mean? – Units cannot be targeted if more than 36″ away. Units between 24″ – 36″ have the Shrouded rule (+2 to cover save . . . 5+ save if not in cover or 2+ if in Ruins!). Units between 12″ – 23.9″ away have Stealth (+1 to cover save . . . 6+ if in no cover). Units up to 12″ away can be targeted like normal.


Units with Night Vision completely ignore these restrictions. Go Dark Eldar!


Night fight is the potential fix to the game ending on turn 1.


Reserves units can no longer charge or assault the turn they hit the table

Hurts My DE Web Way portals



some knew objectives have been added, secondary and mysterious. Basically 2ndary obj. are for either player while myst are only used in special scenarios.



The change in Movement

Movement now modified by terrain

Warhammer 40K battle in progress, showing unit...

Warhammer 40K battle in progress, showing units, positioning and terrain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4 basic types



dangerous – changed in 6th ever model rolls d6 on 6 they are wounded

lethal- impassable


Most movement types are unchanged


Mysterious terrain is quirky at best generating random effects.




Pre measuring is in OK by me

done to compensate for random charge distance.



Snap fire allows HW weapons to fire and move at bs 1

template and blast weapons do not use this rule

Applies to cruising speed of vehicles though



Cover is a totally new game

If a model is obscured (25%) cover then it can’t be seen.

Applies to vehicles

This also includes vehicles, so you only have to hide 25% of a vehicles frontage to claim a cover save. It can get even better, too! If the frontage that an enemy is facing (in the front arc of a vehicle) is totally out of sight, but they can see part of the vehicle that they are not in its arc (standing in front arc, but can see the side arc), then the vehicle gets the cover save is at +1. So vehicles can possibly have up to a 3+ cover save if their front is hidden but their rear sticks out!


Most things only get a 5+ cover save now


Wound allocation

Wounds are now allocated to a model closest to the firer and wounds keep getting allocated on that model until it is dead. And of course you can only wound models you can see


Rapid fire can now mv and sh



can select targets

Words with Shelly From Wizards of the Coast at Gen Con

POSTED ON August 27th  - POSTED IN games, Gaming, Through Gamer Goggles, videos

One of the cooler things we had a chance to do at Gen Con 2012 was visit with Wizards of the Coast and talk with them about the Rise of the Underdark.    Shelly shares with us the information we need on the two new board games set in the Underdark, the approved play program, and some of the books in the setting.    While hanging out at their booth we also had a chance to video a tour of Dungeons and Dragons online.


Here is the interview




For more information visit Wizards of the Coast here

TGGN 5-7-2012


2012.05.07 – Through Gamer Goggles News

Greetings Listeners,

Welcome to another episode of Through Gamer Goggles News. This week we will be focusing more on video games than normal but it also converges with the set of Warhammer 40K. Listen in as we discuss the latest gaming news. We opened this show with You’ve Got Hogwarts by Robert Lund who is a member of The Funny Music Project or The FuMP for short.

New chat Box from Chatwig for 40k

The Warhammer 40K franchise has already reached thousands of players all over the world. This can be proven by looking at various Warhammer 40K websites and blogs. The fan base is still growing because Warhammer 40K’s story is not yet concluded. This major gaming niche never missed the eyes of Chatwing’s developers. This is why they created a website chat tool that can help Warhammer 40K fans connect with each other and share their gaming experiences.


From PRWeb

”The Warhammer 40K franchise has already reached thousands of players all over the world. This can be proven by looking at various Warhammer 40K websites and blogs. The fan base is still growing because Warhammer 40K’s story is not yet concluded. This major gaming niche never missed the eyes of Chatwing’s developers. This is why they created a website chat tool that can help Warhammer 40K fans connect with each other and share their gaming experiences.”

FFG LAunches New Player finder/Social Network

From Purple Pawn

“Calling it the Community Wizard, Fantasy Flight Games has launched a new online tool that allows gamers to record their collection, connect with other gamers, find retailers, and register for events. Officially still in the beta testing phase, the tool is currently accessible by all registered users on FFG’s website. Unfortunately,Community Wizard is limited to FFG games. Nevertheless, I’m impressed with how easy it is to use, how focused it is on getting players in to more games, and how much support it offers to retailers and games clubs.”

Talisman Blood Moon Expansion June 1
Talisman overview

Blood Moon

100 new cards for the classic Talisman board game. New spells and characters, alternative endings

Blood moon will add a gripping layer of gothic horror to the game.
In addition to new challenges Blood Moon will bring two new mechanics: Time alternates between “day” and “night”, and a bloodthirsty Werewolf prowls the land.

A new time card id placed at the center of the board. Whenever a player draws one or more Event cards he/she flips the card to mark the passage of time. Night and Day have various gameplay effects. Like being turned into a werewolf. Werewolves have special rules.

To close we went with a zombie themed set.

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