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2014.08.04-TNN – Alan Freed’s Remains No Longer Welcome at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Asked Alan Freed’s Family to Pick Up His Remains

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at sunset; Clevelan...

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at sunset; Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We at Indie Nation feel that this should be filed under the “just wrong” category.  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio, has asked the family of Alan Free, The King of the Moondoggers and the DJ who coined the term “Rock and Roll”,  to come and claim his remains previously interred at the museum.  At the time of our broadcast, the local news had announce that his family did indeed do just that.

Lumpy, a long time Clevelander and one who was active in fundraising and lobbying to have the hall in Cleveland and not New York, had a good bit to say on the matter.  We hope that the public speaks up on the matter and this ridiculous decision is somehow reversed.

While, as the Rock Hall stated, the public may not “understand” the exhibit, that is the failure and fault of the museum which should educate the public.  Furthermore, why are they so concerned with display space when they made room for non-inductee Beyoncé’s wardrobe?

Chairman Wheeler and the New Snake Oil or How to Kill Net Neutrality

Snake Oil, Smoke and Mirrors or Whatever, It is Just Bullshit by Another Name

I have followed the net neutrality issue closer than the average person. Personally, I think the public might comprehend and care more if we re-labeled the issue to net “equality”.  Nonetheless, what we are talking about is no tiered Internet access.  By that, we, the citizens, should have completely unrestricted access as far as delivery speed.  The Internet should not resemble a toll road where different vehicles pay different tolls.  Especially since the cost for bandwidth is constant regardless of who is using it and the cost of said bandwidth is decreasing with new tech.

Video – The Rise of the Patent Troll


Patent (Photo credit: brunosan)

This Video Explains How Patent Trolls Came to Be

If you listen to our news broadcasts here, you are very likely to hear stories about patent trolls and “copywrong” as Lumpy uses to refer to the current state of intellectual property law. It has reached the ridiculous point where trolls are laying claims to broad matters such as playlists and podcasting.  This is about as logical as patenting the alphabet. The video below, explains how old law and new tech combined to create software patent trolls.

What Do Your Facebook “LIKES” Say About You?

POSTED ON March 12th  - POSTED IN Community, Entertainment, news, Things that make you go hmmm

With an accuracy of between 75-88% women being on the lower end, research scientists from the University of Cambridge along with Microsoft Research can tell a lot about you. How much, and what you may wonder.

Based upon “LIKES” on the popular social networking site Facebook, researchers can tell, everything from your political affiliation, your intelligence level to sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious views and illicit drug use. Research was conducted by studying the “LIKES” of 58,000 volunteers.

Researchers found that those with a higher intelligence were more likely to “LIKE” things that concerned thunderstorms, science, the Colbert Report, and even curly fries.  While those with a lower intelligence were more inclined to “LIKE”  Sephora,  Harley-Davidson “I Love Being a Mom”, and Lady Antebellum.

Predictors of male homosexuality included the NoH8 campaign as well as Mac cosmetics and Wicked the Musical, while the predictors of male heterosexuality included the Wu-Tang clan, Shaq, and “Being confused after waking up from naps”

Researchers found that unlike their male counter parts, women’s sexuality was much harder to pinpoint but, with a 75% accuracy that’s still not too shabby.

So what do your Facebook “LIKES” say about you? As it turns out, quite a bit.

Naked Man Climbs London Statue

I had to take a few minutes to catch my breath after this one, I was laughing that hard. Tourists and residents in London’s government district, got an eye full when Dan Motrescu brought central London traffic to a standstill when he mounted the bronze statue of the 19th-century Duke of Cambridge on Nov. 23. Police were forced to cordoned off Whitehall, a street that is home to several government departments, as Mr. Motrescu climbed up and down the statue at one point squatting on the top of the statues head (did I mention he was naked?)

It took several hours for police to talk him down. Yes you read that right, several hours. 

Motrescu, a Ukrainian citizen of no fixed address, was convicted Tuesday of possession of an offensive weapon, criminal damage and a public order offense. A magistrate at Westminster Magistrates’ Court sentenced him to 12 weeks in jail.

If you thought this story couldn’t get any funnier; WAIT!

There’s video.

MegaUpload’s Cooperation Used Against Them

Image representing Megaupload Limited as depic...

Image via CrunchBase

This past Monday, live on the Tech Net News and Opinion, we had mentioned that the search warrants regarding the Kim Dotcom raid had been unsealed.  In our conversation, we had mentioned that numerous sites were reporting that there was no mention of any possible non infringing files  regarding the warrants.

While that is grave enough, an article over at TechDirt adds more stench to the stink.  It seems MegaUpload cooperated with the investigators in a previous investigation of NinjaVideo.  In short they cooperated by not removing files at MegaUpload that were put there by NinjaVideo, as requested by the authorities.  MegaUploaded cooperated only to have the same files used against them when it came time to go after MegaUpload.

I am curious.  Would that be some form of entrapment?

Germany Denies Seizure of MegaUpload Assets

Disclaimer – This Post is Mostly Editorial

While I do not endorse, encourage or in any shape or form endorse piracy, I extend that “unendorsement” to include any illegal activity.  I also consider illegal search and seizure and a lack of due process equally illegal.  I also believe one is innocent until proven guilty.

You are free to form your own opinion about Kim Dotcom and this entire MegaUpload issue.  I am pretty sure that some illegal activity did occur at MegaUpload.  However, I do not believe that all of the activity was illegal, nor do I have any information as to whether most of the activity was illegal.  Nonetheless, by shutting down and entire server, I am certain people who used the site completely legitimately were harmed as well.

2012.05.18 – Stupid As Charged


2012.05.18  –  Stupid As Charged

Bardus est ut Bardus Does

This week’s “Stupid As Charged” consists of four stories which all share the theme of stupid, dumb, strange, weird, or in some other way are worthy of a dunce cap rating. In particular this episode; being sure to use all applicable discounts with that stolen credit card,  how not to use a motion detecting camera, a coffee bandit,  and, what no more fish?

2012.05.11 – Stupid As Charged


2012.05.11-Stupid As Charged

Bardus est ut Bardus Does

This week’s “Stupid As Charged” consists of four stories which all share the theme of stupid, dumb, strange, weird, or in some other way are worthy of a dunce cap rating. In particular this episode; a no money robbery, a police station hold up, a hot dog honey, and stealing from a police charity event.

2012.05.03 – Stupid As Charged!


2012.05.03-Stupid As Charged

Bardus est ut Bardus Does

This week’s “Stupid As Charged” consists of four stories which all share the theme of stupid, dumb, strange, weird, or in some other way are worthy of a dunce cap rating. In particular this episode; stupidity even after conviction, sorry officer I am in hurry I need to sell my weed, when mailing weed check the address and if your dope is hacked dial 911.

2012.04.19-Stupid As Charged


2012.04.19-Stupid As Charged

Bardus est ut Bardus Does

This week’s “Stupid As Charged” consists of three stories which all share the theme of stupid, dumb, strange, weird, or in some other way are worthy of a dunce cap rating. In particular this episode; A Facebook Thief, Robber with a fake gun, and A 911 emergency that you will have to hear to believe.

Facebook picture reveals a crime against police


A 20-year-old man in Letcher County admits he stole gas from a police cruiser as he posed for a picture while the hose was in the police crusier‘s tank as he waved at them with an obscene hand gesture and I don’t think that he was saying they were number one.  This, quoted from Baker,

“We was just standing there and thought it would be funny to take a picture and then post it on Facebook.”

Baker’s girlfriend snapped the picture of him that she says was meant to be a joke. But, it wasn’t so funny when the cuffs were put on Baker and he was put in the back of a police cruiser.  “We don’t steal anyway, but we’re sorry,” said

Joann Sandelin, Baker’s girlfriend.  At first the duo was reluctant to talk, but as the interview continued, Baker loosened up and his honesty might surprise you.

“I got a little bit of gas. I ain’t gonna lie.  But, not much.  I couldn’t get much.  I tried, but there wasn’t much in it,”

said Baker.  A little gas or a lot of gas, it is still the same crime in the eyes of law enforcement.  “If they’re going to do it to a police car, they’re going to do it to just about anybody,” said Jenkins Police Chief, Allen Bormes.  Baker spent a night in jail for his offense and was charged with theft by unlawful taking, but he says he is not sorry for what he did.  Officials at the Jenkins Police Department say they are taking necessary precautions to avoid another event like this one and plan to have lockable gas caps in the near future.

This story won a unanimous vote of 4.5 on the Dunce meter.

We went with this song from Cody:

  • Facebook Phoney

Ex-con allegedly targets cops for robbery

An ex-con allegedly tried to rob two people in New York, police said, but didn’t notice his intended victims were police officers — in uniform.

Police said 33-year-old Jermaine Washington allegedly was so intent on robbing someone Saturday that he pulled a fake handgun on the two uniformed armed police officers as they walked through Riverside Park, The New York Daily News said.

“It was stupid criminal tricks,” a police source said.  “The guy didn’t even look to see who was coming.”

After Washington allegedly pulled his fake gun, the two officers drew their real weapons and Washington surrendered after a short but tense standoff.

This story won an unanimous vote of Five on the Dunce meter.

We chose this song from Red Murphy:

  • Bulletproof

911 Help!! I Gotta Pee!!


Does a bear pee in the woods?  That’s an easy question.  Does a Florida meth-head pee in the woods?  That’s apparently a more complicated question than one could ever imagine.  Marcia Usher, 32 of Hudson, Florida, called 911 and reported that she was lost in the woods and didn’t know where to pee.  Maybe Usher is a bit more pee shy than us, because we’d assume the woods was one big urinal.  Turns out, however, Usher wasn’t even lost in the woods at all.  According to WTSP and the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded Wednesday night to Usher’s house to find her nowhere near the woods, but rather in her own front yard.  She seemed intoxicated and was drinking a beer.  After receiving permission, officers searched a nearby cooler.  Usher said that there was a knife inside.  Instead they found a handgun placed on top a bunch of cold beer.  After a brief struggle, Usher was handcuffed.  During a strip search at jail, authorities discovered a small vile with meth residue on Usher’s person.  Usher now faces charges of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, possession of methamphetamine, introduction/possession of contraband in a detention facility, and resisting arrest without violence.

No word on whether she ever found anywhere to pee.

This one won a 4.5 dunce meter rating with 2 votes.

We chose this very fitting song for this story.

Background music provided by Gavin Salkeld. Gavin is kind enough and with the new media order well enough to provide Indie Nation with all it’s background music for IDs, themes and promos. You can find out more about Gavin and his music at Salkeld Music.

The song “Stupid as Charged” is by Carrie Dahbny (also check out Bad Rapport) and Devo Spice (also at The FuMP) of The FuMP which is short for Funny Music Project. Also, many of the artists we feature on Indie Nation can be found at Mevio’s Music Alley.

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