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Tony Memmel “Lord Knows We’ve Got Time” – New Video

POSTED ON July 9th  - POSTED IN acoustic, alternative, Entertainment, folk, music, news, Opinion, Press Release, rock, videos

Great Song, Great Video, and a Source of Inspiration

First off, kudos to @SeriouslySheila for bringing this artist to our attention.  Second, get a hold of us Sheila we would like to hear more from this talented artist.  Sheila sent us a tweet asking us to re-tweet this artist’s video.  After checking it out, we decided that it was well worth a post.  Listeners, check him out in the video below.

URL Badman from Lilly Allen

POSTED ON July 2nd  - POSTED IN Entertainment, music, Opinion, pop, videos

I Am So Glad Geek Is Kewl

Back in my day, being a geek met wedgies, being bullied and being the but of many a joke.   Fortunately one of the things I got geeky about is Aikido. I think that started to change when Gates landed a fashion model.

Lilly Allen give the geek a positive spin with URL Badman.  Check out the kewl effects in this video.

So remember, “a broadband champion” is an awesome thing to be.

Video – The Rise of the Patent Troll


Patent (Photo credit: brunosan)

This Video Explains How Patent Trolls Came to Be

If you listen to our news broadcasts here, you are very likely to hear stories about patent trolls and “copywrong” as Lumpy uses to refer to the current state of intellectual property law. It has reached the ridiculous point where trolls are laying claims to broad matters such as playlists and podcasting.  This is about as logical as patenting the alphabet. The video below, explains how old law and new tech combined to create software patent trolls.

After Ever After

POSTED ON March 14th  - POSTED IN Comedy, Entertainment, independent music, parody, pop, site, videos

Have you ever wondered what happened to the Disney Princesses, after Happily Ever After? How about why Ariel was in such a rush to get out of the ocean? No?

No worries, now you don’t have to, in a video that is nothing short of genius, Youtube sensation Paint gives you a glimpse into the lives of the Princesses after the credits roll.

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