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How to Get in Contact with Indie Nation

Depending on what you wish to contact us about, there are several ways to contact the staff at  It is imperative that you use the right email address.  The staff here at are all volunteer and very busy.  They all have families, jobs etc., and they volunteer for very specific roles. We have a very carefully planned and structured system of notification to make things work right and efficiently. If you use it right, your email gets to the right party.

Lumpy is the owner not station email forwarder. He currently, due to several on-line involvements, receives just under 200 emails per day.  He heavily uses auto-filtering because he has to.  This means that if you use the wrong contact address, your email gets filtered to the wrong place and likely lost.

If you send the email to the wrong party, you’re telling them to be your secretary. Indie Nation does not have a secretary.   If you send the email to the wrong party, as per Lumpy’s instruction, no action shall be taken.

We do not consider chat, Twitter, Google, or Facebook to be an appropriate place for requests.  Song requests and shoutouts should go to our Google Voice which is (818)81-INDIE.

If, after reading all of the above, you still can not figure out who to contact, use the form below.


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