David Bowie the Impersonator

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David Bowie the Impersonator

David Bowie, Ekeberghallen, Oslo, Norway

David Bowie, Ekeberghallen, Oslo, Norway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No doubt we have all heard a lot about David Bowie of the late. But have you heard of David Bowie the impersonator? Certainly the multi-faceted talent could become any character. Glam rocker, Star Man, Tesla, a goblin king or any other role, he always seemed to nail it.

He did it perfectly and made it look easy. To the point where people are already wondering who can replace him in a rumored Labyrinth 2.  Most performers become remembered for a particular character or role.  

In my opinion, we are going to remember David Bowie for exactly the opposite.  The man could become any character.  He truly was flexible and elastic able to bend, shrink or expand to become whatever the role demanded.  I remember first seeing him as Tesla and my reaction was “wait, is that David Bowie?”.  

Check out how well David Bowie, the Impersonator, nails fellow musicians in the video after the break.

David Bowie the Impersonator

If you would like to find out more about the story behind this audio, the story at Open Culture. And one last thing, good news all they are leaving The Labyrinth alone for now.  Personally, I would not mind a tastefully done sequel.  The original was a great production, performance, and story.  However, I have my doubts who could replace Bowie.  Maybe Johnny Depp?  I am still not so sure.

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