DJ Info

Everyone we are excited to offer DJ (disc jockey) positions to the general public.  A DJ can be someone live on mic, or pre-recorded where our BOT system plays your show at a predetermine day and time.

In the past we charged for this service, however we are offering this for free!.  Free you say, so what is the catch?  NONE other that you as a DJ are the promotional person for your show with Indie Nation.  Yes we need to have donations coming in, they are not required but that do pay the bills to offer great music and shows on the Indie Nation Network.

Every DJ or podcaster offers their talent and time on a not for pay and volunteer.  If you need more information, just review the terms and conditions in the DJ INFO drop down list.

Thanks!  We hope to see you soon on Indie Nation Network. Review the DJ HOW to for information on how to apply to be part of voices on the air.

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