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If you are interested in becoming a DJ, podcaster or staff member here.

There are only few basic prerequisites.  First, and foremost, we are a volunteer community that exists due to participation of said volunteers.  That means you must have TIME to volunteer.  If you are going participate, we define that as a minimum of one produced show per week.

While Lumpy loves to be an “unboss”, that being he does not like to tell you what to do.  He is more than willing to help with what, when and how type of questions.  He will not spend time nagging you about posts, showing up or doing things.  That part is what YOU must bring to us.  If you can bring that, then read below;

How to become a DJ

  1. You must read and understand the DJ Terms as stated on
  2. You must be at least 16 years of old ( if you are under 18 it requires written permission from parents).
  3. A high speed internet connection that can support 192kbps upstream or faster (non bursting, sustained speed). Testing here [click a test site in Colorado – USA-]
  4. Knowledge of shoutcast DSP, or shoutcast streaming tools for Windows, Linux and/or OSx.
  5. Submit a 15 to 60 second ‘demo’ of your show (mp3 format only) with you talking about your show and what you would like to do with indienation.  Email
  6. Have fun!
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