DJ Terms of Use


Terms: , indienation network and staff are freelance and not for pay.  A DJ or broadcaster is considered a contributor and freelance and not a member of, its staff or administration.

COPPA (AGE) REQUIREMENTS: resides in the USA (United States of America), we will not accept applicants for DJ for for anyone under the ages of 16.  Those under the age of 18 must have written permission from their parents or legal guardian.   We will require photo ID, physical address (not just mailing address) contact phone numbers as well.  Consider this a job application but you are considered freelance (not for pay).

MUSIC OWNERSHIP: does not store, host or offer direct music downloads to the general public nor DJ’s.  We need to keep it legal in our market (United States of America).  It is best to read the information from Sound Exchange and the RIAA on music streaming and the legal use of music.    Because ownership of music does not imply or infer the right to broadcast, share, stream or distribute that music.  You must provide proof of ownership and proof that you have the broadcast rights to any and all music.   There are indie artists all over the world that will provide you with music, and the required documentation needed to stream or distribute their music.


If a DJ is transmitting copyrighted music tracks in part of whole, the DJ will be responsible for any and all royalty payments due to the music owner, distributor or sound exchange., its management and volunteers will not be held liable for a DJ or music that is copyrighted.  DJ access to stream on our network will be removed if the is challenged due to copyright infringement.

Your access will be terminated if you a no show for your time slot.  As with any job if you don’t show up, it is considered rude and unprofessional and tells the community that you are not interested in being a DJ.  We understand that you may need to miss your times slot, you must inform a staff member at least 8 hours prior to your scheduled times slot or it may be considered a NO-SHOW. staff may remove you from your DJ slot if you have 5 or more absences (excused or not).  We ask that you show up, support your own show and the community that can be built using


You must have a internet connection with 256kbps or better upload speed.  No exceptions!   Please see and provide the details of your speed test.  For those outside of the USA pick a server to test that is closets to the Colorado (USA) .  Why 256k upload speed?  The broadcast takes 128kbps, Irc (chat) takes 32kbps~96kbps, and you need room for overhead.  Test your connection based on the screen shot below.
email info at indienation dot fm with your test results, including the IP/host information.

SpeedTest Best Location for indienation


STREAM SOFTWARE: uses shoutcast for its stream servers. The DJ can use Winamp for Windows XP/vista/7 with the Shoutcast DSP plug-in installed to stream music. There is no cost for the software or DSP plugin. * Note windows 7 64 bit users may have mic/line in issue with winamp .  Alternative for linux and OSx exist, but the DJ will need to determine which is best for their purpose.


Although indienation is internet based we ask that programing be community oriented, meaning we must enforce a code of conduct.  We will not tolerate hate speech, Antisemitism, discussion of topics that are illegal, including but not limited to phreaking, hacking, bomb making.  The directors of have the final say, if you are ‘out of line’ you will be asked to stop your broadcast or to leave  We do allow content that normal AM/FM broadcasters would not allow due to regulations by the FCC .  Yes you can swear, have fun, be sarcastic on-air,  please review the 7 deadly words that we ask you to avoid using on air or as a common phrases.  We understand that some of these words or terms may be used in your daily speech, just use your best judgment while on-air.

PROMOTING YOUR SHOW: asks that the DJ and their followers promote the DJ and services. We do not provide promotions outside of twitter posts when a show/DJ is scheduled via our BOT.  The more the DJ brings to their show the more they and the community will benefit.  We believe that the community should share alike.


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