Elessar Thiessen – A Rainy Week in Paradise

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Elessar Thiessen – A Rainy Week in Paradise

A Rainy Week In Paradse

A Rainy Week In Paradise

Elessar Thiessen is a Winnipeg singer/songwriter. His “day job” is a producer. However, he is certainly not a musician who “shouldn’t give up his day job”. He has more than enough talent to give up producing and just play. According to his bio, he got his first guitar at age 8 and has played ever since. It also said that the Canadian weather kept the young musician indoors. One thing for sure, whether due to weather or just talent, his latest work shows off not only his production skills but also his talent for composing and playing.

While he does get some help from other artists on some tracks, he is basically the musician on this album. (And, naturally, the producer.) His latest work is a showcase of how many things he can do well, very well or exceptionally well. His voice is excellent. He uses it well, capitalizing on rhythm, tone, and amplitude to powerfully and emotionally deliver the song. The lyrics and their delivery add more, he knows when to simply repeat lines for emphasis, pump it out with more soul, slide it off his tongue in smooth jazzy style and,use expression and words to paint a picture in the listener’s mind’s eye.

Musically, the work is top shelf, eclectic in style, but not to the point where it seems a compilation and not an album. One of the things I enjoyed much is how well the album flows from track to track. It is a great album to put on to listen to from start to finish… so much so that I have yet to do anything but. Speaking of the track list, here it is:

  1. Another Love Song
  2. I Need a Woman
  3. Lover Dear
  4. I Don’t Wanna Go
  5. You Girl (feat. Alexa Dirks)
  6. When the World Ends
  7. Without Him
  8. Truth
  9. A Rainy Week in Paradise
  10. Sister
  11. The Perfect Bloom

Additional musicians on the album are

  • Cam Friesen – Drums, Percussion
  • Brody Britton – Percussion
  • David Landreth – Bass
  • Jordan Jackiew – Organ/Piano on Track 5
  • Alexa Dirks – Vocals on Track 5
  • Catherine Wylee – Supporting Vocals on Track 3
  • Elessar Thiessen – Vocals, Guitar, Organ, Piano, Programming

You can find Elessar Thiessen at:

It would not be fair to mention that he has releases previous to A Rainy Day In Paradise.  I urge you to check them out as well for they are also noteworthy. Additionally, if you check out his live release, I feel you shall agree that he sounds like a great live performer so be sure to check out his show dates.If you wish to add some great music to your collection, this artist is a great one to start with. Finally, if interested in his work as a producer, check out these links:

Also, be sure and check out the video (and links to more) below:  

More videos:

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