Eric Simons, Anthony Ly and Joel Anger at the 2011 International Indie Gathering

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This particular interview is with Eric Simons, Anthony Ly and Joel Anger. In one way, shape or form they were involved in the film “Gotta Light?” which placed second in the short comedy film category. This interview falls into the comedy category and must also be tagged NOT SAFE FOR WORK.  This is one of many in a series of interviews at the 2011 Indie Gathering. It is an annual international event usually held at the Westlake Holiday Inn in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. This was the event’s fifteenth year.

Sometimes a person conducting an interview loses control of those he or she is interviewing.  Sometimes, one just gives up control… Once the first occurred, I simply chose to “go with the flow”… The four of us had a lot of fun with this one.

Tony Ly wrote and played the main role in the film. Eric Simons directed it.  Last but not least, Joel Anger improved a crazy man in the film.  The improv in this interview is a great indication of what you will get in the short comedy, “Gotta Light?”, you are going to laugh pretty hard. (I also interviewed Joel separately the day before.)

If you wish to find out more about the film, you can check it out on the groups Vimeo page and/or at Nautical Bear on YouTube. Personally, I found it to be worth the 9 minutes on YouTube and thought both Joel and Tony gave great performances. While you may get the impression that these guys are just a bunch of clowns from this interview, you will see that they take their film work very seriously when you check the film out.  You can also cyberstalk them individually as follows:

Eric Simons

Anthony Ly

Joel Anger

Again this one is not safe for work and, I must warn you, it may make you crave flour and/or a smoke.

The Indie Gathering is a must attend for anyone in the independent film industry. Whether you score movies, act, edit, direct, do make-up, costume or special effects, this is an event that you should mark on your calendar each and every year. The event features many, many screenings in three simultaneously running screening rooms, many seminars and demonstrations for all who attend and contests for those who enter. You can find out more about this event over at

Though many participate and coordinate this gala film festival that usually books most of the hotel, it is largely the work and efforts of Kristina Michelle (IMDb) and Ray Szuch.

You can find Ray at the IMDb, MySpace (as a martial artist), MySpace (as a stunt man), and as a producer, at LinkedIn

Ray is involved in or responsible for:

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