Frank Zappa Greeted by US Navy Marching Band

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I agree with the thoughts of Alex Winter and Open Culture, many may have forgotten Frank Zappa

. That is sad. I shall always remember him as one of the most brilliant musicians of all time. His dark style of lyrics and breaking all the musical rules are simply the surface of his genius. He did all genre of music and it may be next century before we fully comprehend how brilliant his music is.

One great example of his musical genius is the track Rubber Shirt from the Sheik Yerbouti double album. The album became a huge hit when it was censored. The album is full of overdubs and is a masterful mix of songs. The Rubber Shirt track is an example of what Zappa called “Xanochrony”. The song is a mix of different musicians all recorded at different times, time signatures and tempos. The result sounds like a wonderful jazz improv.

The first video I am going share is one from Alex Winter’s project, Who the F*@% is Frank Zappa?. As I mentioned before, Frank loved all kinds of music, including the US Navy Marching Band. Check out the surprise they had for him in 1980.

Frank Zappa Surprise-Greeted by the US Navy Marching Band performing Joe’s Garage

Frank Zappa Rubber Shirt

While the music I am sharing here is not offensive, I thought it might be wise to warn the reader that much of Zappa’s music is not safe for work and far from politically correct.

Frank Zappa is surprise-greeted by the US Navy Marching Band performing “Joe’s Garage” at the San Francisco Airport in 1980.

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