15th Annual Indie Gathering – 2011

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Movies, makeup, writers and more…

Indie Gathering LogoThe 15th annual Indie Gathering 2011,  where East meets West.


This event includes Film FestivalsSeminars, Celebrity Parties, Free Lectures and more.  There is even a national competition for those in film,  stunt people, make up artists, FX (special effects).

All this amazing gathering in one place at The Westlake Holiday Inn  Aug 26 through Aug 28th.  Not only is Indienation.fm  all about indie music, but indie artists in any media.  This gathering of the geeks, yes geeks nothing wrong with a indie geek in our book, is expected to draw many thousands  of fans, guest and those in the industry.


So far the list of winners is growing!   You can read more on their site.  If we could list all the guest attending it would be several pages, but lets just sum it up from films like Live and Let Die, Dune, Spy Kids, Host of The Reel Show, a Grand Master in the Martial Arts and former US Olympic coach, and so much more.

We will be providing more about the Indie Gathering as Lumpy our un-boss runs around with his backpack, mic and water bottles!


Thanks to everyone one at the Indie Gathering for support independent  artists alike!




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